Chapter 14:


A Love So Sweet, I Get Confused

Proclaiming that you are going to confess your love is one thing, actually doing it is another. Mitsu was no in a spiral, trying to work out the best possible way to achieve his desired answer. But how does one confess? How does one proclaim his love in such a way that it doesn’t lead to being left rejected and heartbroken? Sighing, Mitsu tapped his pencil to his notepad as he sat at the kitchen island while his sister continued to make dinner for the evening.

Akio had the evening shift which meant Emi was free to spend time at home and work on her novel. Though she would still take time out for her family tonight. Tonight, also included, “Hey there Mitsu!” Karasu. Karasu had a goofy smile on his face as he danced into the kitchen and leant over the other side of the island to gander what Mitsu was doing. Mitsu swiftly moved his hands as to cover his plans. “Being all secretively I see.”

“Yeah well,” Mitsu laughed nervously. Then he realised. He needed ideas on the perfect confession. He looked up, seeing Karasu no standing beside Emi, trying to help with what dinner preparations he could. “Who confessed out of you guys?” The pair looked at each other before turning in unison to look at Mitsu. Had they really never told the story of how they had gotten together? “You guys’ kind of just showed up one day and announced you were dating? What was up with that?”

Karasu laughed, pulling up a chair to get comfortable. He finally understood, Mitsu was working on his confession and needed advice and well, Karasu had confessed his love and was a walking success story. “Why don’t I tell you, the story of how I confessed?” He offered.

“You confessed?” Mitsu questioned, pointing to Karasu. “Not Emi?”

Emi appeared behind Karasu, playfully tapping the back of his head. “You’ll find I approached you first,” she scorned. “If I hadn’t approached you first, we wouldn’t be together today.”

The two continued to bicker back and forth, the other convinced it was them who ultimately made the first move but the way Mitsu saw it, it didn’t matter. He could see, even when arguing the two of them truly loved each other. “What are they arguing about?” His dad seemed to appear from thin air beside him, making him jump.

Mitsu ignored his dad’s questioning, smiling as he came up his own. “Dad, how did you confess to mom?”

The bickering stopped and everyone gathered at the island, eagerly wanting to know the tale of love that led to the birth of Mitsu and Emi. Their dad chuckled, leaning on the counter with folded arms, thinking back to his wife’s beautiful face. “Hana was a special lady I met in my last year of university,” his voce had a hint of sadness as he spoke through the smile. “She was wild and eccentric and I just wanted to live a peaceful life and get a good job.”

“Heard that before,” Emi laughed, gesturing to Mitsu who paid no mind to the comparison.

“I was trying to get through my interviews and land a half decent job with at this rate any firm,” their dad continued to speak. “I wasn’t all that interested at first until the day we went to a mixer.”

“A mixer?” Mitsu raised a brow.

“I had one too many drinks,” Their dad laughed. “After your countless failed interviews, anyone would be finding solace in the good drink. Hana decided to take it upon herself to be the person to look after me. She took me outside, held my back as I vomited against the wall and then got me some water and a burger from the restaurant across the road.”

“Then what?” Emi asked, her eyes sparkling as the story was told.

“We got to talking,” Their dad answered. “She was eccentric sure but she also knew what she wanted. The day I managed to pass my interview; she gave me a ‘reward’. We talked seriously about our hopes and dreams. She confided in me, she wants to be a doting wife and mother.”

“She was an awesome mom,” Emi praised.

“Her dream changed when we hand you kids,” Their dad wrapped an arm around Mitsu, pulling him close. “She wanted to help you kids achieve your dreams.”

Mitsu’s mood damped. “But look where that got her,” he said, just loud enough to be heard by everyone.

Their dad coughed, pulling back and trying desperately wanted to change the subject. “Anyway,” he said, dinner smells good.”

“Yeah, I’ll get it finished,” Emi’s tone had taken a drastic drop as she turned to turn off the hob. You know, I made a new friend named ‘Hana’.”

“Oh really?” Their dad piped up, Mitsu feeling pang in his stomach, needing to aware of where this conversation was going. “You should bring her around sometime.”

And there it was. An invitation into his own home.