Chapter 15:


A Love So Sweet, I Get Confused

Mitsu ruffled his hair in his close up to the mirror before stepping back and admiring his outfit. Tonight, was a mixer from his class and tonight was the night he was going to confess his feelings to Tomo. A little bit of liquid courage and the enjoyable atmosphere made for a successful night. Taking the inspiration from the story his dad tod now was as good as time as any to take the next step. Then once Tomo was his, he could have ‘Hana’ break things off with Akio. “Oh, but you don’t want that,” ‘Hana’ mocked appearing in place of his reflection.

“No I do,” Mitsu fought back, pointing finger to ‘Hana’, as if almost to threaten them.

“Oh please,” ‘Hana’ scoffed, crossing her arms. “You’ve been feeling oh so lovey dovey around Akio lately. You can’t keep hiding that you’ve developed feelings.”

“No,” Mitsu said sternly. “I’ve been sympathising with him! He has to work with my sister after all.”

“Not the fact that he’s helped you realise w much you’ve been holding back since you mom’s death or how he’s treated you kindly without a second thought or how he-”

“I get it,” Mitsu screamed, slamming his dresser.

His door flung open, Emi’s hair tied up messy, a piece of pokey hanging loose from her mouth. Her stare one that could kill in an instant. “While I know you do not accept the road I am going down in life,” She mumbled. “Please refrain from screaming at yourself while I try to work!”

Her voice got louder as she spoke, before slamming the door shut behind her. “Your sister is a headache,” ‘Hana’ commented and Mitsu nodded. An immature headache.

Ignoring the incident in his bedroom, Mitsu was able to go to the mixer and just relax. He sat opposite Tomo, paid no mind to the other boys and seemed much more interested in gossiping with the girls. This made Mitsu smile as he took sip of the drink, the coolness feeling more refreshing with each sip.

He felt the bench beside him dip, noticing a young blonde girl, clearly a little bit tipsy. Her cheeks where flushed, as she grabbed hold of Mitsu’s arms, her large chest pressed firmly against his arm. Mitsu gulped, trying to pull away from her tight grasp.

Maybe he alcohol some extreme strength or maybe it made him weak but Mitsu struggled to get out of the girl’s grip. “Hey cutie,” She giggled, cleaning her face into his. All the while, Mitsu feeling himself panic should Tomo be watching. “What you doing here all alone?”

“He’s clearly making stupid decisions,” Mitsu looked to where Tomo was sitting, noting she wasn’t there anymore. Then looked up, just hovering above the girl, Tomo stood with her arms crossed and tapping her foot.

The girl turned around, the pressure of her chest lifting away and finally allow Mitsu some breathing space. “And who are you?” The girl whined. “His mom or something.”

Tomo sighed, ignoring the girl and pulling Mitsu up by his forearm, causing him to spill what was left of his drink. “Worse,” Tomo snapped back. “I’m his best friend!”

The glass Mitsu was carry fell out of his grasp as Tomo pulled him away from the mixer. She had decided that it was time to leave. Tomo’s footsteps where heavy, Mitsu worried, not seeing Tomo this annoyed since they were kid. As they walked, Tomo had eventually let go of his forearm and continued to lead the way to what seemed to be the park. The park huh? Mitsu questioned himself. This is where Akio kissed ‘Hana.’ Mitsu shook his head, why is he thinking about Akio right now? This is his perfect opportunity to confess. “You always seem to be up to something when I’m not looking,” Tomo smiled brightly, turning back to Mitsu. Her smile brought about the flowers Mitsu would usually see around her. Tomo was still radiant as ever. “I don’t even et why you came to the mixer.”

“Because you were going,” Mitsu answered honestly, keeping a smile on his face. “I wanted to be able to talk to you today and guess I needed some liquid courage.”

Tomo laughed, moving to look Mitsu dead in the eye. Mitsu’s heart began to race, was this mutual? Was Tomo going to confess too? “I needed to speak to you too,” Tomo said. This was actually happening. Mitsu felt like his heart was about to burst and he could cry. “I’ve done a lot of thinking and well-”

Tomo seemed to lose the courage, her gaze moving to the floor. T help cam her nerves, Mitsu grabbed both of Tomo’s hands, bringing them up and taking deep breathes. Tomo looked back up, taking a couple of deep breathes also. “I’m here,” Mitsu assured. “I’ll listen to what ever you have to say.”

“Okay then,” Tomo laughed nervously. “I’ve decided I’m going to study in America for a while.” Flowers disappeared, hands feel to their retrospective owners’ sides and the sound of glass shattering rung through Mitsu’s head. “I know it’s sudden but it’s my dream to work with sea creatures and an exchange programme came up and-”

“Dream?” Mitsu growled, his face scrunching up. Why are people’s dreams taking them away from him? Tomo took a step back, feeling afraid of what Mitsu might do. She gasped, seeing how Mitsu started to cry. “Why is everyone leaving me? All because of a dream.”

Tomo tried to reach out, only for Mitsu to pull his body back. “Don’t you remember,” Tomo called out, thinking that she could reach out to Mitsu’s old feelings. “Remember, you used to dream of being an actor.”

“Dreams get people hurt,” Mitsu screamed. “My mom’s dead my sister is chasing a dead-end that will get her nowhere in life.” Tomo’s blood ran cold at Mitsu’s brutal honesty. He was her childhood friend, her best friend she would confide in no matter what. She always thought Mitsu would do the same. She felt a tear run down her cheek. She was wrong. “I was going to tell you I liked you tonight.” This time Tomo’ heart broke and she used a hand to muffle her gasp.

Not wanting to expose his feeling further, Mitsu turned and ran. Where he was running, he wasn’t sure as he continued to ignore the cries from Tomo to come back and speak more. He panted heavily, falling to the floor, finding a near by wall to rest against. Finally alone, he allowed himself to wail out his feelings. He felt alone. In this moment he didn’t want to want alone. He wanted someone to hold him and tell him everything would be okay. Sniffling he pulled out his phone dialling the only contact who might just be able to help. He placed the phone to hi hear, listening for a couple of rings before hearing the phone pick up. “Hey,” he sounded defeated as he spoke. He had sunk this low. “Think you can come get me.”