Chapter 10:

A Fleeting Moment

Death's Rhapsody

In a certain room, a woman laid out on a four-poster bed. Her long rosy hair ran straight up to her waist as she stared at the outside scenery through the window with distant eyes.

A knock came from the door followed by a voice that called out.


A smile passed across the woman’s lips as she heard the familiar voice. The door opened and a girl with short rosy hair identical to the woman came in.

“How are you feeling, mother?”

“Did you come all the way here just to check on me, Alyss?” she chuckled.

Aisha Galdia, the kingdom’s queen as well as Alyss’ mother. Aisha sat on her bed as she smiled towards her daughter.

“Mother, you know full well why I’m here.”

“Ara, isn’t it because you love me so much that you can’t wait to see me?”

Aisha pushed herself against Alyss and engulfed her with a hug.

“M-mother!” Alyss pouted.

“You're so cute, Alyss!”

Aisha tightened her hug despite Alyss' struggles.

“S-stop it, mother... “

Alyss then forced her way out of her mother’s arms. An expression of relief on her face as if she had just avoided a crisis.

“Too bad.”

Alyss sighed. “I guess it was pointless for me to even worry...”

Aisha stood up from her bed and puffed out her chest.

“As you can see, I’m all full of energy!”

“I can see that but mother, please don’t push yourself. You're troubling them...”

Alyss glanced at the maids who had a worried expression on their face. Aisha, who had noticed it, obediently sat on her bed.

“Then, what did my lovely Alyss come here for other than seeing me?”

Aisha smiled nonchalantly while Alyss twitched her cheeks. She then expresses herself with a sigh again as if she had given up.

“Mother, I came here because they said that you were not feeling well...”

“That’s right!”

“Did you perhaps forget?

“No. Of course not.”

Alyss had a tired expression on her face as she peered through her mother’s face.

“A-Alyss-chan, you're making a scary expression right now...”

But then Alyss gave up seeing as there’s no use of probing any further.

This was the day before the entrance exam. Alyss, who had just returned from her trip to the city, was then suddenly told that her mother was not feeling well. And so, she hurried over to her mother’s room but...

“So you were worried about me! Mother is happy!”

“Of course I would be worried!”

“Take it easy.”

“Then? You have something to tell me right?”

Aisha glanced at the servants who were standing by and motioned them to go outside of the room. Alyss wondered as she watched the servants gracefully leave the room.

“You’re going to do the entrance exam for the academy tomorrow right?”


Although Aisha wore the same expression, Alyss felt like the air suddenly changed and was surprised.

Aisha tapped the spot beside her several times urging Alyss to also sit on the bed. Aisha sat closer to her until their shoulders were touching. Alyss was about to complain but then held herself back.

Aisha held out her hand then a faint light glowed on her palms.

“This is...”

Aisha grabbed Alyss’ hand then the light faintly wrapped her hands. As it did, Alyss felt her essence increase as the light warmly engulfed her hands then disappeared.

“It’s a good luck charm,” said Aisha.


“‘Why’ you say... you're gonna do the entrance exam tomorrow right? It’s not going to be that easy, you know? Which is why I provided you with some of my essence.”


Alyss looked worried as she stared at her hands. She could feel the essence that she had received and even though she thought she should be happy, something was bothering her mind.

Aisha leaned Alyss’ head into her shoulder and hugged her with an arm.

“You wanted to be stronger, right? That’s why you are going to the academy.”

Alyss slightly nodded.

As the princess of the kingdom, it was only natural for her to study in the academy. A place where those who had gained talent and success were nurtured. But for Alyss, it was more than that. Somewhere within her, she had set something as her goal and is trying her best to reach it. Aisha as her mother sensed that and which is why, as her mother, she had to support her.

Alyss realized that too and so she did nothing to say anymore.

“That’s right!”

Aisha clapped her hands as she remembered something.


Alyss was a bit surprised from the sudden change.

“Alyss... you were walking with a man today right?”

Alyss widened her eyes. “...Why do you say that?!” there was a delay in her voice which only confirmed Aisha’s thoughts.

“I knew it! Tell me who it is?”

“No, it’s not like I'm hiding it, okay? Wait, why do you even know that?”

“Well, of course I told Lisa to report to me immediately after you came back.”

Alyss stared at her for a moment then realized something, putting her hand against her head..

“That’s why...” She smiled wryly.


“You also told Lisa to call me right? Making her do that... no wonder she had a troubled face when she talked to me.”

“Nevermind that! So? Who’s that man?” Aisha peered closer to Alyss as she interrogated her excitedly.

Alyss, who already knew that once she gets like this, she would never stop. And thus, she summarized what happened when she walked through the city and how she met a boy named Hiro.

“Alyss... showing such unlady-like behavior in front of a stranger. Moreover, forgetting your money... “

“I-it can’t be helped! I just couldn’t hold myself back and didn’t notice that I forgot to bring my wallet...”

The last part of what she said gradually sounded smaller until she just looked like muttering to herself.

“I didn’t know Alyss grew up like this... I’m a failure of a mother.” Aisha put her hand against her cheeks as if she was trying to look sad.

“S-stop it, mother!”

Alyss knew she was being teased and couldn’t hide her embarrassment.

“You’re so cute, Alyss~!” Aisha hugged her again.


“Then, what do you think of him?”

Alyss tilted her head. “What do you mean?”

“I mean if you like him or not?” said Aisha casually.

“N-no! I only met him literally just today! Of course I wouldn’t think of him anything like that! I’m only grateful to him that’s all.”

“My Alyss is so pure.”

And thus, both mother and daughter spent their time talking to each other until it was late at night. A knock came to the door pulling them back from their own world.

“Alyss-sama.” one of the servants who was waiting outside called out.

“Ara, it's this late already.”

“That’s because you kept on asking me random questions...”

Alyss still had an exam to take tomorrow after all. Which is why she had to prepare early and woke up in time as well. Perhaps talking to her mother made her forget but nonetheless, she didn’t find it bothersome. In fact, she was happy. Alyss stood up and headed towards the door.

“Then, I still need to prepare for tomorrow so I’m leaving for now mother. See you next time.” She smiled happily as she left. The servant slightly bowed at her.

“Next time, huh...?”

“Aisha-sama...” The servant wore a sad expression as she stared at Aisha.

Aisha noticed that and smiled. She then stared at the night sky shimmered with stars through the window as she felt the cold wind enter. The servant who had been watching her said nothing and lightly downcasted her eyes.

Utter silence engulfed the room.