Chapter 12:

First Day at the Academy

Death's Rhapsody

I put my arms into the sleeves of Galdia Academy’s uniform as I walked down the hallway. I slightly moved my arms arounds to test the feel of the uniform. The fabric is sturdy and comfortable. It’s easy to move around in. There’s also a capelet hanging on my shoulders as part of the uniform. I thought it would be difficult to walk around with that thing on but I guess it’s fine.

I heard that the uniform’s design had undergone multiple alterations throughout the many generations of students. When I heard that, I wondered what my parent’s uniform looked like when they were students. Oliver-san told me that they were also students here before, which was around the time that the kingdom was in war.

“Rather than a knight, it looked like it was based on the uniform of a magician.”

Setting aside how the previous generation of student’s uniform looked like, the design is quite simple but also stylish in a way. Just like how it is on earth, the boys wore pants while the girls wore skirts.

Is this it?

I stopped at a door of my supposedly assigned classroom. I opened the door and an indescribable silence fell over the classroom’s commotion.

“...Excuse me.”

The classroom was quite spacious considering it had to hold 40 students for each block. The teacher’s podium sat on the front, facing the desks that were fixed in rows. 

I nervously looked around and noticed two familiar faces. I saw someone with short rosy hair seated on the back next to the window. At first, I wasn’t sure if it was Alyss-san since she was surrounded by a lot of students but that was until she noticed me. Around the center of the room was someone with long light blue-hair. Her name is Ami Leihart, someone who I had met by chance yesterday.

I moved to an empty seat right at the front and lowered myself into the seat. Back on earth, I always sat at the back next to the window since I thought it was a good spot but now, it would be better to be closer at the front since it would be easier to focus on the class.

As I sat, I felt gazes stab through my back.

“Hey, isn’t that the one who got a perfect score on the exam?”

“He even beat princess Alyss.”

“I heard that princess Alyss surrendered though.”

So on. Students were conversing curiously behind me as if they thought I couldn't hear them. It seemed that rumors were already starting to spread among the class or maybe even the whole academy. Well, I took care not to look and quietly sat down on my seat. I’m sure those rumors will soon dissipate if I just ignore it quietly.

“He has silver hair. Is he a noble?”

“He’s cute.”

“I kinda want to talk to him... “

“He has this mysterious aura like telling us not to get close... Kyaa! So cool!”

The girls added comments about my appearance and such like they were evaluating me.

H-huh… Everything will calm down right? I’m starting to doubt my own words as I continue to hear the assortment of conversations behind my back. I couldn’t help but feel a tingly sense of worry. Suddenly, I sensed someone walking towards my back as I heard the sound of footsteps closing in.

“Ara, looks like we're in the same class, Hiro-san.”

No, no. Didn’t you check the results yesterday? I’m sure you should’ve seen my name right above yours...

“...Uh, right.” I said awkwardly while I glanced at the group of students behind. “Um, how about those students back there... I think they want to talk to you... “

“Ah, it’s fine. We were just talking and I mentioned that we were acquaintances.”

“Right... “

“What? Are we not?”

“No, no, no, I didn't say anything about that!”

Her eyes were glaring at me when I said that. I just couldn’t help but reply nervously when there’s so many stares gathered on me.

“Anyway, princess Alyss—”

Once again, she glared at me, more intensely. Hmmmm? Did I say something wrong?

“Uhm... ?”

“Why are you being so formal all of the sudden?”

“That is, of course, you are a royalty so it’s only natural for me to show respect.”

“In this academy, status doesn't matter so you won’t need to bother with any of that.”

Alyss-san said, her voice was loud enough that everyone could hear. “And I already told you yesterday, right?”

Everyone was calling her princess so I thought it wouldn’t be right for me to keep addressing her casually. At least now while anyone is around but there was something to her that wouldn’t let you disobey her no matter what. I guess that is part of her being a royalty.

I nodded lightly “Yes, uhm... Alyss-san.”

“Good.” she smiled. “Anyway it’s fine, right?”

“Hm?” I cocked my head wondering what she meant.

“You can come now,” said Alyss-san.

I heard a number of footsteps behind me. And all of a sudden I was surrounded by a group of students.

“Hey, hey, can I call you Hiro-san?”

“Is it true you defeated princess Alyss on the last test?”

“Hey! I’m the one who talked to him first!”

Alyss-san briefly twitched her cheeks as she walked away from the group. Uhm... Alyss-san? I glanced at her and hinted that I needed help, but she simply grinned and went back to her seat.

“It’s only fair that you also get to experience that.”

A while ago, she was the one surrounded by students. Don’t tell me... 

I was being bombarded by questions mostly about my results on the exam and sometimes some completely unrelated things like if I’m dating someone or my relationship with Alyss-san.

Soon, the door opened and what looked to be our assigned teacher arrived. After that, everyone hurriedly went back to their seats. I sighed wearily in my heart at how uncomfortable that was. Well, at the same time, I’m glad that was over with.

“Good morning everyone,” the female teacher said, who apparently is the same teacher that was assigned to my group yesterday. She walked to the center and stepped up to the teacher’s podium. “My name’s Olivia Diaz. Today onwards, I’m going to be your assigned homeroom teacher. A pleasure to meet you all.” She bowed showing great manners of dignity.

She briefly scanned the students until her eyes landed on the very front seat.

"Now that I have introduced myself,” said Olivia-san. “It’s time for your introductions as well. The student at the front please come forward.”

Olivia-san looked at me and I moved myself to the front. I took a step forward and properly introduced myself.

“It’s my pleasure to introduce myself. My name is Hiro Laurent. I have been fortunate to be able to attend this honorable academy and I’ll do my utter best to meet anyone’s expectations. Please treat me well.”

I finished my introduction with a bow. Was that too much? I thought. I do have my fair experiences of introducing myself to a big crowd but nonetheless, it still makes me anxious whenever I do so. Well, I guess this level of modesty is just right when it comes to the most prestigious academy in the kingdom as well as being in the presence of students who most likely came from nobility, not to mention, one of them being royalty.

There was brief silence over the class before everyone began whispering.

“Amazing, maybe he really is a noble?”

“Laurent? I don’t know about that family name.”

“He’s too polite.”

It seems that I have sparked yet another gossip between the students which I probably don’t necessarily want to hear and know. At the very least, I could tell that my introductions didn’t bring any dissatisfaction as Olivia-san beside me nodded to herself with a smile.

“A splendid introduction. Now I’m looking forward to those who will be next!”

“Gueh...” the students reacted in unison. I’m sorry?

After that, I returned to my seat and at the corner of my eye, I noticed Alyss-san’s lips

twitched before lowering myself. Well, I guess I can't easily please someone of royalty with that kind of introduction. I thought.