Chapter 18:

Chapter 5: A Saturday To Remember Part IV

Dragonoid Chronicles

Chapter 5: A Saturday To Remember Part IV


No one came to the fireworks show. In fact, Ash had listened to them the whole time going off in the distance. The explosion of colors raining on his back, yet no one from Squad S was there. And whenever he checked his PDA, no red dots showed their location, not even Tuvira’s. They had all blocked him.

But Ash stared at the starry sky once the fireworks were over and tried connecting to them again. He wanted to know what he should do. What could he do? How was he supposed to fix it? Yet not a single response came. Honestly, Ash wasn’t sure if he was even doing it right. Apparently, there was a feeling he had to have, an emotional connection that the Stars had to accept to commune with them. It made no sense to him. Or rather, he didn’t want to believe it. Did his parents really not want to talk to him?

So Ash simply sighed and headed back to his dorm room after cleaning up the blood that was warm to the touch.

“Damnit, I just bought these too….”

Ash sighed as he looked at the red stains on his clothes, but there was nothing he could do except change for the time being. Yet the door to his dorm was locked for a change.

Hilarious, that was the first time Ash had ever needed the key to his room. It was late, and he didn’t want to wake them—assuming they were even in the dorm—so with his trusty mini tool kit in hand because you never know when you’re going to need it. Ash picked the lock and entered the empty room.

“Figures they were still out….”

Ash muttered as he realized that late for them and late for him aren’t even on the same scale. And having no school meant Ash had no clue when they’d return. There were still tons of students hanging out around the Mall when he left.

“At least that means I have the place to myself….”

Ash got ready to bed with a shower, hiding away his bloody clothes to wash another day, and ate some of his leftovers from his earlier lunch date with Tuvira. Then he finally went to sleep. Only to find he couldn’t as he tossed and turned, feeling uncomfortable from how silent the night was. That lasted well until 5 A.M, when his Squad, or rather Squad S, returned.

“I cannot believe you were out with a MILF all day Scotty.

“A-Alexis…. Can you not call her that… She’s just a nurse. I don’t think she has kids.”

“Oh, so you’re not ruling out the possibility that you’d want to—”

“Why in Dragon’s name are you here? Go be with your new Squad. Traitor.” Lissandra’s entire mood plummeted the moment she saw that Halfbreed sitting up on his bed.

“Well, it’s not official yet, so he still has to sleep here,” Baron said, standing in front of Lissandra in case she got any ideas about killing Ash. Then they really would be kicked from the school and possibly even turned into Faceless as killing a teammate went beyond the death penalty.

“Sheesh, the least he could’ve done was pack our things,” Alexis said, scooting past Baron to get to her bed.

“Is it true?” Scott said with widened eyes like the innocent clear sky.

“What do you mean is it true?” Lissandra snapped. “I heard him say yes. He accepted her proposal. He is leaving us. Because that’s what Halfbreeds do. They lie. They only care about themselves—”

“I want to hear it from him!” Scott’s outburst made everyone silent especially as horns grew from his head and he grew… wings?

“Wait, you’re afraid of heights but can fly?” Ash said as a grin formed on his face.

“That’s not funny. And I’m being serious. I’d appreciate some respect!”

Ash hopped down from his bed and walked up to Scott in a way that only he could tell: Ash was trembling. He was scared. That Scott was getting noticeably dizzy from staring at him without his goggles on while in his Draconic State. So with a tap on Scott’s forehead Ash looked him straight in the eyes as he said:


That eased all the tension in Scott’s body, and he relaxed out of his Draconic State.

“Of course not.” Ash gave them a grin filled with sorrow yet held a deeper, warmer emotion that he couldn’t put into words. “I’d never leave you guys. What Lissandra heard was an accident. A misunderstanding. I didn’t know she’d ask me that. And I’m sorry if I hurt you guys—”

Scott jumped into Ash with tears in his eyes, crying more than enough for both of them. “Hahahaha, I knew it! I knew you’d never do anything like that!”

“Yeah… it did seem like a misunderstanding,” Baron said, no longer walling off Lissandra.

“Nice!” Alexis laid back onto her bed, ready to catch some Zs. “Now, I don’t have to pack.”


Everyone stopped and stared at Lissandra, whose face burned red as she had definitely jumped the gun with the whole eavesdropping on them. But she was just way too shocked with how close they were then how he said yes to her proposal. Anyone would have behaved like Lissandra if they were in her shoes. Still, she felt she had to say something. At least for the heartache she caused her Squad.

“If it wasss jussst a misss under ssstanding. Then it’sss fine. I ssshouldve heard you out…. And I’m sssorry.”

The silence continued for a moment as they just let it sink in that not only did they get an Ash apology but also a Lissandra apology. Then Ash broke the silence with his laughter which soon Alexis, Baron, and Scott joined in. The only person who didn’t get it was the Princess of Fire herself.

“Wh-what’sss ssso funny!”

“How could we not laugh when you show us this side of you,” Ash said, wiping his eye as if he had cried. “It’s cute.”

“What!” Before Lissandra could rip out Ash’s throat, Scott chimed in as his laughter died down.

“I agree, Lissandra is cute when she’s like this.”

Alexis nodded. “Yup, Liz is such a cutie.”

“The cutest.” Baron coughed out only to receive a glare from Alexis that could cut through his scales like butter.

“That’s going too far Bear….”

Once more, the room roared with laughter, with Lissandra joining in as the unofficial—pretty much official couple—were having a lover’s dilemma, and all was right with the Squad.


If only the same could be said for the lone monster, who overheard it all within the abyss of her room.

The rest of Squad T wouldn’t return until Monday because they decided that returning to the dorm room was too much of a hassle when they could just book a hotel at the Mall. Avoiding their official leader, leaving her to sink deeper into the depths where even Ash’s knocking the next day didn’t reach her.

The only thing that did was a message from Cinder.

Hey Tuvi, you know I saw Ash hanging out with Lizzie today. Does that mean things didn’t work out with your prince? Don’t worry though. You can always get him back. Just challenge Squad S to a Squad Battle in front of Mr. Fireheart. They’d have no choice but to accept your demands. That way, you can make them all pay. Just a tip from a friend. TTYL <3

T.K. 月狐