Chapter 20:

Chapter 6: A Clash of Wills!!! Part I

Dragonoid Chronicles

Chapter 6: A Clash of Wills!!! Part I

“This wasn’t supposed to happen. This wasn’t supposed to happen.” Pacing around the changing room was none other than Dr. Torchedgaze, whose eyes had failed him spectacularly. Which only made his faithless aide, Rhodes, laugh at the geezer’s spiraling.

“They were supposed to have a month, not a week. That was nowhere near enough time for them to prepare….” Dr. Torchedgaze continued. “She was only supposed to challenge them for Ash. Not wiping out the entire Squad. Why did she ever say yes to that? Is my little Lizzie being corrupted by stupidity or—You!”

“Me?” Ash said, walking into the arena’s changing room alone.

“Why are you always late! Even for an important event such as this which literally has your future along with your Squad’s hinging on it!”

“Wow, old man, I’m not sure if all that yelling is good for your heart.”

“You-you-waste of Dragonshit!” Dr. Torchedgaze roared, engulfing Ash in fire.

“Alright,” Ash said, dusting himself off as he felt better than ever. “I take it back. Maybe it is good for you.”

Before entering the arena, both squads had to pass through the changing room because Dr. Torchedgaze had to heal them before the fight. Wiping away ailments like sleep deprivation and any injuries that could have come from training. The fight had to be fair, after all, and ensuring the contestants were in peak condition made it more entertaining for the audience. The only thing the fire didn’t take away was the hunger in Ash’s stomach.

“You think this is funny? But I want you to hear me out. If you listen to Lizzie. I believe you can win this—”

Ash let out a loud yawn. “Sorry but listening to the Princesss. That sounds like the opposite of fun.”

“I know you’re not tired, you piece of wyvernshit.”

For a moment, they both stared blankly at each other as Ash got caught in a lie but to make up for it, he told a truth.

“Anyway… I’m not going to let Lissandra have her way. If I did, I’d be in the back of the formation. And I am not missing out on a fight with another princess.” Ash said, walking towards the exit. “Win or lose. This is going to be a Saturday to remember.”

Dr. Torchedgaze couldn’t believe his ears. If he had eyes that worked like normal, they would’ve broke by the sheer audacity of someone who just didn’t care. So he resorted to something, not even the Stars predicted.

“If you lose. I will kill you the moment you leave school grounds. You’ll no longer be under the Academy’s protection, and as a filthy Halfbreed I’d get away with it too.”

Ash stopped and stared back at the old man with violet eyes that shined with stars. “Go ahead. I’d rather be turned into ashes than betray my mother’s wish.”

“Hey, Kid,” Rhodes said, getting up with his greatsword drawn. “That’s a nice look you got there. Like a true Dragonoid. When you’re finished with the small fry. I’d love to crush you.”

Ash didn’t say a word as he heard the announcer—which sounded awfully like Dr. Windchaser—call for both Squads to come out into the arena. The only thing he did was smile and twist Royal Rose’s handle, making her roar in delight, before leaving the room.

“D-did his sword just rev up?” Rhodes said with his jaw on the ground.

“That’s what you’re concerned about?”

“How are you not concerned about the sword that has an engine built into it!”

Dr. Torchedgaze simply shook his head, depressed that his little Lizzie was in a predicament he had indirectly caused. He’d probably have to atone with death by fire but then who would ensure she had a safe place to return to? Ah! I swear by the Dragons, I’ll never trust that snake again!


“Ladies and Gentlemen—and any in between—Though they may be first years, and it’s only the second week of the term. With the blood of our ancestors coursing through their veins, they couldn’t help but want a Squad Battle! Please welcome out onto the stage, Squads S and T!

On the 5th floor of the dome-shaped gymnasium was what the Humans of old would have called the Colosseum. With rows upon rows of students roaring with cheers hyped up from Dr. Windchaser’s quick announcement as the two teams entered from opposite sides. This was the first big fight of the year, so the entire gymnasium was filled to the brim with students from first to third, even alumni, as all of them were there to see what these two squads were made of. Even the faculty attended the event and were stationed within the upper levels, nicknamed the Royal Floor as that is where the Queen would be found if she decided to show up.

It had been generations since a Princess of Water was seen fighting a Princess of Fire, so that was a spectacle in itself. And with the addition of two Faceless along with a Human, no one would miss this event for the world. No one except for the actual contestant participating in it.

“Wait, don’t tell me the Halfbreed chickened out?” Tekka said, shaking his head as he couldn’t hide the disappointment from his sapphire eyes. “My father came out all this way too.”

“Hey! Ash is not a chicken. You guys are for ganging up on him.” Scott stood up for his friend, who he knew would come. And just as if Ash was there, Scott wouldn’t let his opponents step all over them.

“Bwahahaha!” Tinto laughed, staring down at Scott. “Look at the runt growing a spine. You’re their Scout, right? I can’t wait to run circles around you.”

Paying the boys no mind, Lissandra stared at Her, who hadn’t said so much as a word to defend Ash. She wondered what was going through her mind as not even her ruby eyes gave away a sign. Once bright and filled with life they now looked the same as when they first met.

The little girl from a foreign land with hair colored opposite of her own. Yet being close in age, as a kid, Lissandra wanted nothing more than to be her friend. They were both princesses, after all. So why did she reject her hand? Why did she hate her? Why did everyone hate her? Whether they were Human or Foreigners, they always hated her for things she had no idea about. No control over. It wasn’t her fault—

“Hey guys, sorry I’m late. Got held up,” Ash said, laughing as the people who knew him groaned.

“As per usual. The Halfbreed keeps us all waiting.” Tekka sighed. “Shouldn’t there be a penalty for obvious disrespect for sacred tradition?”

“Penalty?” Ash stared at Tekka as if his sponge was all dried up. “Shouldn’t you be trying to lose? I’m going to be your replacement after all.”

Before Tekka could say a word, Taniss scoffed at Ash’s ignorance. “You ssstill don’t get it, do you? Our pride asss Dragonoidsss are worth more to usss than—”

“Ha! Dragonoid Pride. What pride can you have as a Faceless? You’re just a criminal like me.” Alexis couldn’t let the boys have all the fun and hearing the shorty go on and on about pride when that meant shit to a Faceless. She had to let loose just a little bit, but Taniss had nothing to say to her besides:

“Ssshut your mouth. Kinslayer.”

“What the fuck did you just call me?” Alexis stepped forward only to be held back by Baron, who stared at her with steeled eyes.

“Keep calm. Now isn’t the time.”

“Tch. Fine.” Alexis brushed Baron’s arm off her shoulder and directed her fangs towards Taniss. “But know this small fry. When the fighting starts, I’ll be gunning for you.”

“Nice job telling us your plan idiot,” Tomsk said, finally joining in on the fun with a laugh.

“Dumbass says what.”


Alexis chuckled at the fact that actually worked. “Yeah… I’m not sure if that will help you, big guy.”

“Ok… Rambunctious group of first years we have here, but I digress. Banter time over and lips shut.” Dr. Windchaser held up the palm of his hand, sucking away the sound waves the ten students could produce, muting them.

“Now, for starters, there will be a penalty for Mr. Spitfire’s tardiness. Where normally, the one who is challenged gets to pick the rules. But now, Ms. Moonstar chooses.”

Dr. Windchaser looked towards Tuvira and released his hold so she could speak.

“Queen of the Hill. One round. Standard Time. I’m the Queen.”

Everything was fine up until she said those final words. The audience stared at the Princess of Water in silence. Queen of the Hill was a common arena game where one team had to sit and protect the hill for a certain amount of time while the other had to try to get them off it. But no one ever referred to themselves as the Queen. That title was only reserved for the matriarch of the Fire Kingdom.

Luckily, the Queen wasn’t there to reprimand the insolent child, so Dr. Windchaser laughed it off as a joke.

“There you have it folks! The match will be decided under the rule set of Queen of the Hill! I’m sure you do not need me to explain the rules. But since this is taking place within Arena’s Domain. I shall let you know of the way Dragoon Academy plays the game.”

With a snap of his fingers, the ground split apart from where Dr. Windchaser stood, breaking the two teams apart as the gymnasium floor became a rocky terrain and out from the center sprouted a forest with a large hill in the center. There the two opposing teams stared down at the luscious outdoors that was just at the cliff's base. The audience gasped at the vibrance of it all, and those who had already been outside the walls took its beauty which wasn’t polluted by monsters.


Dr. Windchaser grabbed everyone’s attention as he had sprouted two large verdant green wings that kept him from plummeting into the forest. “I’m sure you’re well aware of Domains, so I won’t bore you with its inner workings. But know that killing your opponent is allowed at this time. At the moment of their death, they will be transferred out of Arena’s Domain and back to Drakos. Unharmed. For the most part.”

If Ash could speak, he would’ve been the first person to question that last sentence, but Dr. Windchaser simply laughed at the question marks floating above the participants' heads.

“It was a joke. You’ll all be safe and sound but onto the next special case. Hurting your teammate is strictly forbidden. Should anyone be caught harming another squadmate, you will be disqualified, and one of the analysts will enter the field to remove you from the premises.”

Mr. Fireheart and Ms. Sparkfang waved their hands from the Royal Floor as they were the analysts in question, prepared to give a play-by-play to the viewers. However, they both glared at Dr. Windchaser for referring to them as “analysts” instead of their titles as General and Grand Duelist, respectively.

“Ha-ha. Is it getting hot in here, or is it just me?” Dr. Windchaser said, pulling at his collar. “But to wrap things up. Squad T will have 15 minutes to get to the center from their current position then prepare to defend against Squad S’s assault which they will have 25 minutes to complete after Squad T’s 15 minutes are up. As a note, Squad S is not allowed to leave their position until the first 15 minutes are done.”

Once again, Ash tried to scream at Dr. Windchaser about the unfairness to no avail, and that time Squad S all stared at Ash for getting them into their disadvantageous situation.

“Right, to summarize: Squad T can win by either holding the hill for 25 minutes or by eliminating Squad S, whereas Squad S can win by eliminating Ms. Moonstar or by taking the hill with Ms. Moonstar no longer on it. Sound Good?”

Dr. Windchaser nodded and waited for a response, only to be reminded that he had removed their voices. So with a wave of his hand, they could speak once more, and immediately, Ash opened his mouth.

“Yo Doc, If I die—”

“Let the battle begin!”

Dr. Windchaser shouted, drowning out Ash’s complaining with the roar of the crowd as he flew off to join the other faculty within the Royal Floor. There they watched Tuvira drop down from the cliff edge and traverse the forest, making it to the hilltop in a little less than 3 minutes. Breaking the record time of 5 minutes to get to the hilltop without wings. There she sat in silence, staring out at Squad S’s cliff edge for the rest of the 13 minutes, refusing to communicate with her team besides the few words of:

“Do what you want. I don’t care. I’ll crush them regardless.”

No one on squad T argued with her as she’d been uncooperative since the start, so Tekka made a plan that ensured they would win using Tuvira as a last line of defense. Though if all went well, even if Squad S made it past them, they wouldn’t have enough time to beat Tuvira if everyone on his Squad played their part.

T.K. 月狐