Chapter 11:

Dark Memories Part 2

After 400 years I finally met you

The way how the most important people arrive in your life is only decided by fate. Some could appear in the most bizarre of places or moments.Bookmark here

“So, do you want to harness the power of a vampire and be free from the shackles of mortality?” Valentine said.Bookmark here

“Uh, no.” Flower refused “I can play around mortality, I’m a witch after all. Besides, if I become a vampire I won’t be able to walk into the sunlight again, right?”Bookmark here

“A minor setback, it’s not so bad when you get used to it”Bookmark here

“I still have to refuse, I really like to see the sun. Sorry”Bookmark here

“You are nice, so I’ll tell you a secret. To refuse was the right answer. But only because I’m really bad at turning people into vampires, I always end up killing them. Well, I had food thanks to that but sometimes I just wanted someone to talk to”Bookmark here

“Oh, a bit of luck is all I needed today” Flower looked in the direction where Victor left.Bookmark here

“My offer is still up, just say the word and I’ll get rid of himBookmark here

“No, he is a nice guy. It’s just a little quarrel”Bookmark here

“I see, I don’t want to meddle too much… nah, I’ll meddle full time. How many times do you ‘Quarrel’ each day?”Bookmark here

“That’s a personal question” Flower started walking, Valentine went behind her.Bookmark here

“Is he just nice when you are at home? Is he your lover? When was the last time he told you that he loves you?”Bookmark here

“He loves… me…” The flow of questions started triggering memories. It had been months since he told her nice things, he always tries to be calm but almost anything turns him into a yelling monster. It’s supposed that they are a couple but she deep down knows that he had been going out with other girls, but he denied it when she asked directly, gets mad or just goes around the subject, in another occasions he told her that it was her imagination, his words had been so persuasive that she has developed a lack of confidence when talking because she thinks that maybe she is going crazy or seeing things.Bookmark here

“What’s that? You don’t seem really convinced about it. Does he really care about you?”Bookmark here

“He… does”Bookmark here

“So why did he leave you behind? Doesn’t he know that this is a dangerous place? What if Jack the ripper is still out there?”Bookmark here

“He cares… about me” Tears started flowing from Flower’s eyes.Bookmark here

“Oh, sorry. I wanted you to open your eyes, I have seen cases like yours. And to be honest I recognize that guy too, I have seen him at the brothels”Bookmark here

“What?” Her voice sounded dim, but even if her expression was correct, deep inside she wasn’t really surprised.Bookmark here

“I think he goes on weekends. Those streets are one of my favorite dining places, I’m sure I have seen him”Bookmark here

“Impossible, he goes and play chess with his friends every saturday night”Bookmark here

“Does he really do it? Or is he just lying to you?”Bookmark here

“I... uh”Bookmark here

“Why don’t you follow him one day? If it’s at night I can be by your side if you don’t mind”Bookmark here

Flower’s heart was pounding at great speed, she could almost hear it. But accepts Valentine’s idea. She shows the vampire the place where she lives and they agreed to meet on saturday night and follow Victor.Bookmark here

When the day arrived, at 7pm echoed around the hall the sound of the cuckoo trapped in a wooden clock that was won in an auction and he gave to her more than a decade ago as a present, a nostalgic era when his words were sweet.Bookmark here

“I’m leaving, the boys are waiting for me” Without looking her in the eyes he just walks and leaves the house.Bookmark here

“Have a good night” Flower didn't get a response and the door closed.Bookmark here

Sitting in the dark, lost in her thoughts, Flower was in silence. Suddenly a scratching sound appeared in a window, she turned her head and there was the shadow of a woman floating in mid air. Flower approaches and pushes the glass.Bookmark here

“Ready to go?” Valentine says.Bookmark here

Flower just nods, the vampire takes her hand and they leave the place flying through the air. The houses and buildings were almost invisible, the shadows have covered all the city.Bookmark here

“Look, down there” Valentine pointed as they landed on a building.Bookmark here

Flower can see a dark figure, she snaps her fingers and then points the index one to her face. Her honey colored eyes start sparkling and they emit a dim light. Bookmark here

“What are you….”Bookmark here

“It’s for letting me see in the dark as clear as the day itself” Flower interrupted the vampire’s question.Bookmark here

She was able to see how the man she had loved for some decades was flirting with some women in front of a two story house. He was always smiling, grabbed them by the hand and worked all the way to the hip. He whispered something to the unknown woman he was hugging and she just smiled, and pointed to the house, then they both got inside.Bookmark here

“Do… you want to know what he said?” Valentine looked at the witch.Bookmark here

“No need, there weren’t many words, and by his gesture and smile. I already know, they were the same words he used to tell me before we laid in bed” Tears appeared in Flower’s eyes, they were affected by the night vision spell so they sparkled as a night full of stars and flowed down her cheeks illuminating her face “It’s been a long time since we were together in bed, seems like he finished playing with me”Bookmark here

“I’m sorry this have happened”Bookmark here

“Don’t be, thanks for opening my eyes. Is it ok if I cry a little? I don’t think I can hold it more” her voice was trembling.Bookmark here

“Sure, you can use my shoulder if you want”Bookmark here

Flower cried for an hour, she told Valentine how he used to be, how special he was and how everything changed little by little. During that time it made her realize how he was using her because of her potion making skill.Bookmark here

“He surely sells them, or worse, maybe he uses them on humans that don’t go with his plans” She cries and blows her nose with a handkerchief that Valentine gave her.Bookmark here

When she finally calmed down, the feeling of sadness started being replaced with anger, and so she decided to wait until he came out of the house. It happened around 1 am, just minutes after the clock tower chimed. He left the place with a smile on his face and was on his way home. Valentine helped Flower to get down to the street, landing just meters behind him.Bookmark here

“Fancy meeting you here, a long game of chess I see” Flower said.Bookmark here

“What are you doing here?” Victor turns around surprised.Bookmark here

“Just having a walk with a new friend I met some days ago” Flower moves her hand in Valentine’s direction, she only waves “And what are YOU doing here? This doesn’t seem like the friend’s house you have described me”Bookmark here

“Oh, I’m just taking a little detour, this path is more clear at this hour”Bookmark here

“Oh rubbish. I saw you coming out of that house”Bookmark here

“Me? No, I just arrived. Are you sure You didn’t confuse me with someone else? It is pretty dark after all”Bookmark here

“Look at my eyes Victor. See this spell? I’m sure of what I saw”Bookmark here

“Tsk, calm down. You are just acting a little bit crazy, would I lie to you?”Bookmark here

“Seems like you have been doing it since the day we met”Bookmark here

“Sir, if I may…” Valentine tried to cut in.Bookmark here

“You stay out of it! I don’t even know who you are '' Victor yelled with an angry tone “Oh I see, do you see it too my girl? This woman is trying to confuse you with some made up stories, she maybe wants my … our money, maybe ruin our reputation. How else would she know a place like this? Surely is a mere prostitute with nothing to eat, stop listening to her lies and comeback to your senses”Bookmark here

Valentine’s expression could not be described, but her red eyes for a second glowed as strong as if they had the same spell that Flower was using. She walked fast in Victor’ direction, then moved her arm in a circular motion an said:Bookmark here

“You will apology for what you said to me, and then kneel and apology to Flower for everything you have done to her”Bookmark here

Victor’s eyes made some tiney sparks and he didn’t change his expression or followed Valentine’s orders.Bookmark here

“I see, so you are a filthy vampire” He said “I don’t know if it is worse” He moved his arm and snapped his fingers “Die!” A pillar of fire bursted from the ground just under Valentine.Bookmark here

The vampire could see the flame and felt its heat but before she could even blink, she was again at Flower’s side. Almost at the same time, the witch had snapped her fingers and teleported Valentine.Bookmark here

“So long Victor” With an angry expression, Flower snapped again her fingers and she and Valentine were transported 10 meters up in the air “Let’s go” She reached her arm to Valentine who understood quickly and they left flying at great speed.Bookmark here

“Thanks for saving me” The Vampire said “You scared me quite a bit. Where do I take you?”Bookmark here

“Sorry, transportation spells are difficult, but useful. Take me home. I must grab something”Bookmark here

“As you wish”Bookmark here

They arrive to the balcony just minutes later, Flower jumps and crashes the door, breaking also the window, small pieces of glass enter her arms and small spots of blood appear. She spins on the floor, then gets up and runs to her room. She grabs a basket and puts inside it some books, potions, and potion ingredients. She realizes that there was no time for more items.Bookmark here

<I must leave now. If he uses transportation spells, he could gain on us. I need a distraction> She thought, then seeing her bed she got an idea. After a deep breath she snapped her fingers and a fire started. Flowers runs back to the balcony where Valentine was floating, she jumps and extends her arm, the vampire grabs her “I’m ready, take me anywhere but here”Bookmark here

Valentine nodded, and they left the place as the fire was growing. During the following years they embarked on a journey with no destination across Asia. Flower was able to create a potion that upon drinking would protect Valentine’s skin from the sunlight for 48 hours, thanks to it they were able to travel not only at night.Bookmark here

The adventure of knowing new places always felt exciting, they made good use of their skills and powers to obtain money, sometimes by fair work but others by stealing. Flower decided to stop drinking the rejuvenating potion since it was always Victor’s idea to make her look from 17 to 20 years old, it was her time to decide how old she wanted to be. They stayed a different amount of time in each country they felt was worth staying, sometimes months and other times years. First couple of years they stick to the story of being a couple of friends traveling, but as Flower grew older they changed it to a mother and her daughter or an aunt and her niece. Bookmark here

They found their way into Japan which was no easy task, since by that time the world was facing a difficult challenge known as the great war. They decided to stay low in the country for some time. After some months exploring, they finally found a little village called Mahoumura.Bookmark here

They got used to their lives in the new country, but some years after the war ended Victor arrived at the village searching for Flower and he found them.Bookmark here

“You look awful, look what she did to you. Are you happy?” He said while getting in their way home one afternoon.Bookmark here

“Victor?” They were surprised.Bookmark here

“Flower, you look so old. Did you forget how to make the potion I taught you?”Bookmark here

“It’s Hana now. No, I didn’t forget. I chose this, I look gorgeous, and I’ve never been happier in my life”Bookmark here

“Stop this nonsense. Come back to me and I’ll forgive everything you have done, the fire, your insolence…”Bookmark here

“What are you even doing here?”Bookmark here

“Is it not clear? I love you enough to search the whole world for you if I need to”Bookmark here

“This isn’t about love” Hana frowned “It’s pride, you can’t stand the idea that one person didn’t follow your orders as everyone always do”Bookmark here

“Silence my girl, you know nothing”Bookmark here

“I’m not a girl, and much less yours”Bookmark here

“Again with the insolence, I’ll make you see how much you need me” Victor snapped his fingers and lighting came out from them.Bookmark here

As a response Hana snapped hers, she and Valentine disappeared for a moment and reappeared in mid air.Bookmark here

“Please let me handle this” Hana told her friend “Don’t interfere unless I let you know”Bookmark here

Valentine nodded, and saw her friend making fire and ice appear by just snapping her fingers. It was a glorious display what the vampire could watch as she floated in midair. The power of both magic users was the same. If he created fire, she created water and turned the fire into smoke, then he used that smoke against her and she turned it into ice and attacked him with it.Bookmark here

With transportation spells they were hard to follow, almost if they moved at great speed. But then it happened, he got the upper hand and grabbed her by the neck, in this position and being difficult to move, she put her hand on his face.Bookmark here

“Oh? So you think you are happy?” He said with his deep voice, dark sparkles appeared in his eyes.Bookmark here

“Oh? So you like to be in control?” She said in a different tone, the same dark sparkles appeared in her eyes too.Bookmark here

“Is a shame that you need me, you’ll never be happy with someone else”Bookmark here

“Wouldn't it be Interesting if your pretty face isn’t in charge anymore?”Bookmark here

Light came out the hands of both of them and their bodies went flying in opposite directions. Valentine was able to grab Hana and didn’t care where Victor’s body landed.Bookmark here

“Hana, are you ok?” She asked, but her friend didn’t move. She checked her pulse, it was still there but seemed like Hana was now in a deep slumber. Bookmark here

Miao Miao
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