Chapter 6:

Ventus Platoon

The Writer of Magic

Did I do the right thing?

Knowingly changed a person's fate... No... I changed Two people's fates that night. Arthur McGillan didn't meet his end, and Lucy McGillan's Awakening didn't trigger.

But Toby needed Lucy's assistance during his missions. If Lucy didn't awaken to a Ranger Class in the early part of the story, then do I have to re-write several fates I order to get the original story moving?

But my existence alone was proof that we were already deterring from the original story. In the initial state, there was no Yman Caliesto. There was no Grimoire weilding Spellcaster. And there certainly no Incorruptus and a skill called Re-Write.

Yet here I am. Another day in my unfinished novel.

I grouchily opened my eyes to the welcoming sight of my dorm. As much as I don't want to believe it, this is the reality that I am living.

I groaned as I tried to get out of the comforts of my bed. My whole body protested as I got up, my hair was a disheveled mess and my body had bruises and blue patches. Injuries of which I sustained when I fought against Arthur's Incorruptus.

'Damn... I look awful.' I thought to myself and I remembered. My rewards. I then opened up the system and the notifications appeared:

-Character Quest Cleared!-

Learned -Script of Fire-

Earned the Title -Defier of Fate-

Academy Reputation +50

-Character Quest Cleared!-

Learned -Script of Darkness-

Obtained the Talent -Spellthief-

Charles Aspersa Reputation +10, Academy Reputation +50

Wait... I also cleared Charles' Quest?! But... I didn't even fought him.

"Yman? We're coming in!" A voice called out my door and when it opened, it was Leo, Claire, and Toby. When they saw me wide awake, Leo was the first to rush forward and tackling me with a hug. Was he... Shaking?

"L-Leo?" I stammered. I wrote Leo to be a cold person to his enemies but a warm person to his allies, but this is a bit too much.

"He's worried Yman. That's how he usually expresses his heartfelt concern." Toby smiled and lightly punches my shoulder.

"What happened? Where's Arthur?" I asked, I don't remember much of the aftermath and what took place.

"Arthur's fine, Yman. He wanted to visit you too, but he's still hospitalized after losing too much blood." Claire informed me and I sighed with relief. That really means he's alive and well.

"As for what happened three nights ago, the aftermath was a disaster. The Headmaster told us that someone was practicing Chimera Research and let them loose. Fortunately, nobody died. Heavily injured, but still fine." Toby said.

"And about your duel with Charles. He called it off, he said that he doesn't need to find out how strong you are anymore since... Well. Many students saw how you revived Arthur and made a huge contribution in protecting the other students." Leo said, and he was done embracing me. Then he punched my chest really hard.

"That's for scaring the shit out of me." He said and walks off, but not before grinning at me.

After catching up and insising that I am fine, they all settled down. It feels good, being surrounded by people you trust.

"But still Yman. What's that thing you screamed? For that Water Screen thing?" Claire pondered and Toby grinned.

"Torrents, bring refuge? Dude... That line was epic as hell." He agreed.

"It was a spur of the moment kind of thing." I lied, I was always using lines from most of video games I have played.

"At any rate. The headmaster wishes to speak with you." Claire informs me and I nod. No doubt he wants to know how I saved Arthur.

"Yman... It's good to have you back. See you at the barracks soon." Leo said and they all left. I wasn't sure how to make of it, but... I did it. I changed Arthur's fate. Perhaps... there are other characters that needed their fates to be salvaged.

I noticed that the uniform I'm going to use changed, instead of the entrants basic blue and white uniform, I was given a black and red tunic, black fatigues and combat boots. My name was also stitched on the right side of the chest pocket. 'Y.Caliesto', this still feels surreal.

I changed into that uniform and head towards the 5th floor, or the Office of the Headmaster.

I knocked on the door, and it opened automatically. The interior was a mess. Stacks of paper were scattered haphazardly across the floors and tables. And the headmaster scrambling around the office, trying to locate a paper within the mess.

I looked at the headmaster with a pitiful stare, and I used the time to do a quick peek:


-Due to a vast difference in level, most information is hidden.-

Name: Ivar Valkyris

Class: Sage

Level: 110

'Sweet mother of... how the hell?!' I thought to myself.

The headmaster may look like 30 years old with white hair and clothes that screams he is not doing well financially, but his overall strength was appalling.

"Um... sir?" I cleared my throat and he finally pulled out the piece of paper

"Ah yes, can I help you?" He asked and I personally want to get out of the room. But then again, I couldn't. What if he becomes a hostile?

"Cadet Yman Caliesto reporting, sir." I said and he gave me a crooked smile.

"At ease Mr. Caliesto. Please, come in and ignore the endless array of papers." He invites me inside and the door closed on its own. The whole room was a huge mess, but it didn't seem to phase the Headmaster. He was pouring tea for the both of us and he sets it front of me.

"You must be concerned for my sudden summons Mr. Caliesto. Don't worry... I'm not going to punish you. In fact, I'm here to reward you." He said but the glint in his eyes tell me otherwise.

"I feel a big if coming..." I told him and he gave a hearty laugh.

"Nothing gets by you huh lad? You're right, I do have something in my for you." As soon as those words left his lips, a silver screen appeared before me:

'Class Quest: A Spellcaster's Trial'

Clear Conditions: Finish the Task of Headmaster Ivar Valkyris.

Clear Rewards: EXP, New Class, Talent: 'Silence Immunity', Invocation: 'Script of Augments'

I gawked at the screen. I can advance already? And to the Spellcaster at that. I looked at him and he was expecting my reply.

"What is it sir?" I asked and he hands me the paper. I read the content and paled.

"S-sir?! You don't seriously mean this... right?" I asked but he shakes his head.

"As headmaster... I cannot risk being discovered in the open. So I need someone like you to do the honors. Cadet Yman Caliesto, from this day henceforth, I bestow upon you the membership of the Investigations unit, I hope that you find that the team I will assemble in due time will be of service for your endeavors." Sir Valkyris said.

"The team that you will assemble huh?" I was already concerned. Do I have to deal with other people again?

"At any rate, I've kept you at bay for too long. Go on, you have some catching up to do. Oh and by the way, you belong in Ventus Platoon." Sir Valkyris informed me and I was slightly glad. I know the Ventus platoon. I thanked him and head down towards the Gym, but it turns out I was now in the innermost part of the Academy.

Callastro is divided into two sections; The Outer Academy houses the Entrants, while the Inner Academy houses the Platoons and those who are now fit for missions and combat. Callastro Academy is also the military and security forces of the continent of Custos.

The inner academy's gym is three times larger than the outer gym, since it houses the True Hall of Arms and the Simulation Devices are more omnipresent and more realistic than the ones outside. Standing outside the Hall of Arms were Toby, Leo, Claire and three other girls whom I never met before. And the guy who was holding a clipboard, green eyes scanning the content as he fixes his blond hair, was our captain.

"Sorry for the delay sir, Cadet Yman Caliesto reporting, sir!" I salute and the Captain smiled.

"Heh, at ease soldier. And welcome to Ventus Platoon. Since you're the first to introduce, I'll go next. I'm Ventus Ashari, 3rd Year with the class of Trailblazer. Pleasure to meet everyone again." Captain Ventus flash a smile that can rival Toby's.

Trailblazer? So he branched off from the Archer line. Everyone had a chance to introduced themselves, But just to be sure, and to see if no one is lying...


'Due to a high level difference, some information has been deemed unreadable.'

Name: Ventus Ashari
Level: 15
Weapon Proficiency: Throwing Knives
Class: Trailblazer

So he said everything there is about him, but I looked at the other girls. Starting with the girl with mint colored hair:

Name: Angela Calmaira
Level: 10
Weapon Proficiency: Whip
Class: Dancer

Then, the girl with a darker skin tone and confident aura about her:

Name: Soraya Rajavi
Level: 9
Weapon Proficiency: Claymore
Class: Warrior

Lastly, the timid girl also with Glasses:

Name: Hanabi Asano
Level: 8
Weapon: Staff
Class: White Mage

So all of us are stacked and covered. We have two forward tanks, namely Soraya and Toby, Speed skirmishers like Claire and Captain Ventus, Disruptors like Angela and Leo, and the mages, me and Hanabi.

"Yeah, well met everyone! Now that we're all here, let's get the briefing started." Captain Ventus said in an enthusiastic voice. "Our mission is simple, it's a simple clean up. Chimeras are starting to gather at Sandata Gorge, just the west of the academy."

"Sandata Gorge... A huge open crevice made possible by a mining accident. No one died there, but the ore deposits were releasing a dangerous substance known as arsenic." Hanabi informed us, and I'm impressed. Seems like there are other hidden talents here now that I am part of this novel story.

But I knew we have detracted from the main story, because I didn't write the Ventus Platoon, and Toby was supposed to lead his own squadron after the incident of the Cafeteria in the Outer Academy.

So now here I am... Stuck in the story that I will be forced to see through till the end. But I won't quit. As the writer and creator, who knows what hidden secrets this uncomplete novel of mine has to offer. And I couldn't help but feel excited at the prospect of learning these secrets.