Chapter 5:

Destiny Editor

The Writer of Magic

Blood stained the pavement and the walls, a wail in the night under the blanket of flames. Lucy McGillan, crying out her brother's name, pleading him to wake up. Her hands shaking and wet with the life essence of her brother, who was slowly sinking in the depths of the abyss of death.

That was the scenario I've written for Lucy's backstory. Now, seeing it in person... I felt sick so bad I vomitted. Arthur, puts his life at risk to protect his beloved step sister. He, an adopted child of the McGillan family, a family whom he loved even though he wasn't given much attention. Yet he still protected his sister...

This is my fault... Why did I write this kind of backstory?! This is too cruel.

"Yman snap out of it!" Leo's voice snapped me out of the trance. His Academy Rifle fired a loud band and the bullet detonated against the lion chimera.

"Arthur! Stay with me, stay with me please!" Lucy's cries was piercing the night, and not even Leo's bullets are getting the attention of the Chimera.

"Light shine through and banish the darkness." I whispered the incantation and rushed forward. Light energy was radiating from my fist instead of the book.

"Yman!" Leo warned but he was too late when I slide in between chimera and the siblings, and I unleashed the spell to the face of the Chimera.


A beam of pure light engulfs the head of the Chimera, cleaving its head off clean. But I didn't celebrate, no one did. Only the cries of the wounded and the greiving were audible. I gave Leo a signal to help Toby and Claire, and he nods, but his expression was concerning. When he joined the fray, the battle was finally over, and the seniors and staff members were now coming. Assessing the damage and helping those in need.

I looked over at Arthur's dying state, he was still... smiling. That generous, unwavering, and brave smile.

"L-Lucy? Are... are you crying? Who hurt you?" He coughed and Lucy held her brother's hands.

"Arthur? I'm here... We'll get you help... Stay with me please." Lucy said.

I knelt down at Arthur and he looked at me, his eyes were happy... and he was still smiling.

"Was I... cool, Yman?" He asked me and I grit my teeth.

"Shut up and live, then we'll talk more about that." I snapped at him and tried to heal him with Water Magic. But the wound was deep, and I don't have enough experience to heal wounds like this.

"Hey... Can I ask you for a favor?" Arthur began and I know where this is going. "Take care of Lucy for me..."

"Arthur what are you saying?! You're not going to die, please Arthur!" Lucy wailed and I almost lost my focus. It's true... Arthur's fate was to die while being cradled by Lucy. It was... the fate I wrote as the author of this unfinished book.

"I said shut up and stay alive." I told him, but my voice was already cracking. I knew this was an impossible ordeal. But what am I doing? I sealed his fate. I'm to blame for his untimely death.

"Yman... please." Arthur said and I snapped:


With everyone silent in the grounds, everyone's attention was on me.

"Tell me Arthur. Do you really want to die here? Because I can end your pain; right here, right now." I asked him, and Lucy glared at me.

"What are you saying?!" Lucy tried to defend Arthur from me, but Claire and Toby appeared and held her back.

"Claire let me go! That bastard, he's going to kill Arthur!" She screamed, but Claire was giving me the look that says:

'If you have a plan, do it.'

"Answer me, Arthur McGillan." I said, my expression was cold and unforgiving and Arthur's usual smile evaporated, and was replaced with tears, sadness, and desperation.

"I don't want to die... I want to live Yman." Arthur coughed and I nod. Then a screen appeared before me:

'Hidden Quest Cleared: Defier of Fate'

Obtained the Skill -Destiny Editor-

-Destiny Editor-

An Unknown Edit Skill that allows user 'Yman Caliesto' to re-write the fates of those who want his help.

Perfect timing to give me an Edit Skill huh? Well, whatever... If it's for the sake of redeeming myself as a scummy author, so be it.

"Toby, Claire. I'll be right back." I smiled at them and activated 'Destiny Editor'.

A sphere of light envelops me and Arthur, and everyone's voices faded.

The light dies down and I was transported to an unfamiliar space. The background was sparkiling with numerous spheres of light. When I touched the spheres, they revealed Arthur McGillan's memories.

Memories of training, teasing Lucy and always being there to protect her. Even the time when he spent studying just to be in Calestro Academy in order to be recognized more than just the adopted son of the McGillans.

As this novel's author... I should've paid more attention to their lives. I created this world because of impulse, completely disregarding them as nothing more but ink on paper. But now... I'm living in this world as one of its character. I still have hopes to return to reality, but still... I have to make amends. But suddenly, a booming voice resounds all around me:

"A mortal overstepping his dismal authority? How quaint."

I watched on as a Pillar of Flame erupts in front of me, the searing winds and blistering heat was making it difficult to see. When the flames died out, I was now looking at a visage that takes on the form of Arthur, the only difference is that his golden hair was replaced by flame orange hair, and his eyes were dark as pitch.

"Who are you? You're not Arthur!" I called it out and it nods.

"I am only imitating the visage of the owner of this body. I am an Incorruptus. His dream, his soul. His Identity made sentience." It said. "Now, what is your purpose inside my host's body?"

"If I tell you that I wish to save him, will you stop me?" I asked.

"That is not the destiny written for him by our primordial lord. Do not interfere in his grand canvas, boy." The incorruptus firmly said and it assumes a fighting stance.

Fine... If that's how you want to play it.


'Due to a high level difference, some information are rendered unviewable.'

Name: Incorruptus Ira

Level: 30

Class: Monk

Weakness: Light

A level 30 Monk, on top of that, I don't have any information regarding the incorrupti. And their existence to serve the Primordial Lord? Who the heck is that.

But I shook off my thoughts and prepared to fight. The incorruptus rushed forward and assaults in a barrage of fists and kicks.

It made it difficult for me to cast a spell, and I couldn't dodge its unrelenting fury. It then connected it's palm on my chest and a sudden force shudders my whole body and sending me flying.

I crashed on the floor, skidding across the wet floor. My head was bleeding and my mind was swimming.

"Yield youngling. Mortals cannot hope to topple the designs of our lord." It said.

"Funny... When I first made this world, I never wrote about you guys." I whispered, I was addled and my adrenaline was making me woozy.

"You speak as if you are the maker? How blasphemous. I shall smite you and offer your tongue to the Primordial Lord!" It rushed forward and made his fist condensed with pure energy. But I smiled as it got in range:

"Shackle the very essence of life: Tightening Chains!"

Numerous chains of light erupted from the ground, rooting the incorruptus in place. It's face morphed with bewilderment and rage.

"Such insolence!" It bellowed.

"You said that the Primordial Lord gave you life, correct?" I asked, the Incorruptus struggled in the chains, its whole being was getting torn apart.

"That is correct, I was given this wonderous task by my primordial lord. And Arthur McGillan, is destined to die to awaken Lucy McGillan!" It said and sighed.

"When I first wrote this book, I gave Lucy's awakening a rather... swift opening. A nameless character, an extra. I never once mentioned you, nor your host. So tell me... What are you really?" I asked, and placed myself dangerously close.

"I am an Incorrupti. The Soul of the Body. The Destiny made Whole." It said.

"But do you have to die in order to fulfill your wish?" I asked quietly.

"It is the will of my lord! You cannot change this! No one can!" It snarled at me and I gave him a middle finger.

"Screw your rules, I make them." I said and focused the memories of Arthur as my source of power. The Incorruptus' face made a horrified expression.

"W-what?! This is... Only the Primordial Lord can-"

"Incorruptus of Arthur, no... Incorruptus Ira. Forgive me but... I will be terminating your services as the destiny that I have written." I said and its eyes widened, it tried to speak but I cut it off with:


Sheets of Paper swirl around us, until it was the Incorruptus' turn to evaporate into paper. Its face was filled with horror as it finally understood who I was.

"I am sorry for giving you such an ardous task, be reborn... and live. As Arthur's destiny, as his inner self. I want you both to live." I said. and came back to the outside world.

I watched as Arthur's whole complexion relaxed and returned to normal, his wounds closing up and he was... breathing. Just unconscious... But breathing.

"W-what did you do?" Lucy asked, shocked by what she just witnessed.

"Just something that I'm suppose to do." I said as I suddenly coughed out blood. My head swirls around and everything was going hazy.

My last recollection was that Leo and Toby were calling for someone, and Claire was cradling me, I couldn't make out her words as my world began to darken. Then... I fell to a dreamless slumber.