Chapter 22:

Chapter 6: A Clash of Wills!!! Part III

Dragonoid Chronicles

Chapter 6: A Clash of Wills!!! Part III


It wasn’t long before Ash spotted his destination. An open field with short grass and a shallow stream that cut through the ground creating two similar yet distinct sides. On the left of the stream, clouds seemed to take a liking to it and covered the place in shadows but on the right stood a lone figure whose blonde hair shined in the light. And once their eyes met—a clash of amethyst and sapphire—Tinto dropped Ash onto the ground leaving with the words.

“Bwahahaha! I’ve done my part. Now you do yours. I can’t leave those two alone for long!”

Watching Tinto actually leave the area, Ash was starting to get this whole Dragonoid pride thing and couldn’t help but laugh.

“Hmm, I don’t remember telling a joke?” Tekka said, brushing back his short blonde hair as ruby horns graced his skull along with majestic claws that grew from his right hand.

“You didn’t have to.” Ash rested Royal Rose on his shoulder, letting her purr as his eyes shined violet. “Your actions were more than enough.”



In a flash, they clashed, kicking up the water between them. When they met, both saw each other as a little more than a nuisance something to pass the time, and so they avoided one another. Yet that first encounter left a kindling spark in both their hearts that only needed a match to set it ablaze.

No more: What if Lissandra hadn’t shown up? And no more: What if he wasn’t unarmed? The minor thought that never left the darkness of that night was now brought to light as the two Vanguards were locked in conflict. Each time Ash swung his blade Tekka met in kind, never giving up ground as they traded blows within the stream.

Though when Tekka made his counterattack, he couldn’t believe it. There was no way the Halfbreed could match him! And it was then he remembered that Ms. Sparkfang was his combat instructor. Of course she had to be his teacher. Damned blade user. Tekka thought but didn’t let that stop him as he followed Mr. Fireheart’s teaching to take advantage of the fact that as a Dragonoid, he was a weapon.

Charging forward once more, his feet splashing through the puddles, Tekka met Ash’s blade with his right claws, but that was more than enough to keep them in place. Then with his left hand—which was a little more than decoration at this point—swung forward at Ash’s face.

“This is the end!” Tekka‘s left hand sprouted another set of claws poised to rip through Ash’s skull.

“You wish.”

Ash pulled on Royal Rose’s handbreak, and the blade shot forward, skidding against Tekka’s right claws, then deflected his left claws. But even after saving his face from being mutilated, Ash wasn’t satisfied. He wanted more and pressed down on Royal Rose’s handbreak again, going with the flow of the blade in a whirl, clashing against Tekka’s claws again, knocking him back.

“Damn, they weren’t kidding.” Ash chuckled while he stared at the dents in Royal Rose. “Dragon Bone sure is tough.”

“How did you ever come up with that?” Tekka asked, still feeling the vibrations from the sword's sudden movement.

“Haven’t you heard? A devil may cry.”

“Now that doesn’t make sense. Devils never cry.”

“Yeah, figures you’d say something that heartless.” Ash sighed as he stabbed Royal Rose into the stream, having pushed Tekka back to his side of light. “You probably think she’s a monster, don’t you.”

“You’ve never seen it… her true form. What else would you call something you can’t explain!”

“You call it interesting. You call it cool. You say she’s amazing!” Ash, eyes of violet, revved up Royal Rose, creating his own flow on the still stream as the water matched his rising emotions. But Tekka was unfazed as he laughed.

“A Bluefire calling a Princess of Water amazing….” Tekka shook his head. “You truly are naïve.”

Tekka dashed forward with both sets of claws at the ready as he wasn’t going to let Ash charge up his attack. Whatever made his blade roar was enough to crack mountains, so it surely might be able to break through his claws. But maybe that was the weakness Tekka assumed as Ash didn’t make an attempt to move from his spot.

Though in reality, Ash made the deliberate choice not to move as he simply scoffed at Tekka’s statement. It was too in line with Tuvira’s own views. Too in line with his. So Ash couldn’t help but stop having fun as a shadowy glaze covered his eyes.

“And here I thought you were supposed to be a Vanguard,” Ash said before stopping Tekka in place with his following words: “What a disgrace.”

They were just words, mere words from Halfbreed garbage, and yet Tekka felt them ripple through his heart. He felt the piercing gaze from the stands as his father, Duke Bluefire, watched him with barely any interest. It was already a lot for him to come all the way to watch Tekka’s maiden battle. He easily could’ve been like the Queen and not even show up, but Tekka knew the real reason why the Duke attended the event.

It was to finally decide whether or not Tekka should be removed from the family’s inheritance as he—nor could any of his siblings—conjure up the blue flames that had been passed down for generations. It was Tekka’s birthright, the same as being the Leader of Squad T.

All of those things were something he should have been given, and yet they weren’t. Even the kill on the obnoxious Halfbreed that went by the name Ash wasn’t given to him. That he had to break a sweat simply to match Ash’s ferocity. A Human who by all means shouldn’t have anyone’s respect and yet had the right to call Lissandra by her name.

“Ha… To fall so low to even be called that by you….” Blue sparks rippled through Tekka’s claws as he realized that even someone like Ash looked down on him. Which not only was an affront to Tekka but also to his friends that look up to him! And soon enough, Tekka’s claws ignited into a blaze of fire, colored sapphire.

“You know what, Ash Spitfire,” Tekka announced, drawing the crowd's attention as the fire around his claws was akin to the soul, pure yet everchanging. “You really are someone I can’t lose to. And as the son of a Duke. I, Tekka Bluefire, will cleanse you with fire.”

“Wow…” Ash paused just to take in the beautiful display of Tekka’s will, taking him out of his own darkened stupor. “Now that’s what I’m talking about! And you finally look like you’re starting to have some fun.”

Tekka didn’t know what Ash was talking about until he realized his fast-beating heart and the smile that refused to leave as he was simply overjoyed. “I guess I am, but I’m sorry to say I’m going to end this with the next strike, so finish charging up.”

“I was just about to say the same thing, Tekka!”


The two Vanguards screamed once more as they were about to clash, giving their all just for that one moment where they could see who was better. The one who came conquering by storm or the one whose birthright fueled their flame. And the crowd who were at the edge of their seats waited for the victor to be decided. Even Mr. Fireheart and Ms. Sparkfang were interested in seeing who’d win.

Yet no one would know as a blur of ruby and gold slipped by, snatching Ash away from the soul-like fire that wished to turn him into ashes. As it was none other than: Scott Sightsear with wings on his back, saving Ash from his sure defeat.


“Hey what gives! That was the best part—”

“Stop it!” Scott said, dropping Ash onto the ground deeper into the forest some ways away from Tekka. “Going off on your own… Leaving me to worry. We’re a team, remember!”

“But I was just about to win—”

“No, you weren’t! Not with that flame of his….”

Scott stared at Tekka, who was busy admiring his work. The stream was gone, evaporated due to the heat, and an X was carved out of the ground 20 feet from him. It even set fire to the surrounding treeline that came into contact with the flames. If Ash had tried taking that blow, he surely would have been knocked out of the fight.

“So then, what do we do because Royal Rose is all out of juice,” Ash said as he felt Royal Rose lose her charge.

Scott shook his head. “I don’t know, but he shouldn’t be able to use his blue flames for a while.”

“And you know that how—”

“Stupid big brother.” Scott lifted up his goggles and looked Ash in the eyes, man to man. “I’m a Scout, remember. If I didn’t know these things, it would be as if I’m letting them step all over me—”

Ash slapped Scott’s back with a laugh knocking his goggles back down onto his face.“Now that’s what I wanted to hear! But let’s put it to the test. I need you to fly for me.”

“Ok?” Scott didn’t know what was going on, but he lifted himself up from the ground a few inches before Ash held onto his leg.

“Wait, I mean I need you to carry me. Like be my wings.”


“C’mon, please!” Ash held his hands together. “You did it once. I just need you to do it again.”

“If it’s to fight Tekka, I’m sorry. I have a hard time turning, especially with added weight.”

“Who said anything about turning?”

Scott stared at Ash who had a devilish smile plastered across his face as he was finally going to live out his dream of flying with the help of his best friend. And though Scott was still unsure about this whole flying fiasco, he couldn’t say no to Ash. Not when, for a change, Ash looked up to Scott, so he wasn’t going to let him down as they flew high into the sky.

“Are we done?” Scott asked higher than the trees.

“Nope. Higher.”

“Now?” Scott asked again as they were higher than the mountains.


“You know I’m afraid of heights right?”

“Just don’t look down.”

“Th-that’s not the issue hereeee!”

Scott realized that he couldn’t even see the ground as the clouds obscured his vision, and it was there his wings froze. The two looked like specks to the audience as they began to make the 52k foot drop, where Scott’s screams were drowned out by Ash’s laughter.

“We’re going to die! I can’t fly! Mommy! Help!”

“Huh, you really are a momma’s boy aren’t you?” Ash noted as he was practically relaxing, laid back with his hands behind his head and all.

“How can you be so calm!”

“Did you forget that we’re inside of a Domain? We can’t actually die.”

Scott stared at Ash as another realization came through. “Oh yeah…”

“Yup, so I need you to just grab onto my back and aim me towards Tekka.” Ash flipped around and revved up Royal Rose with a wild grin. “Think you can do that?”

Scott took a deep breath and exhaled, doing his best to calm down. Repeating the mantra in his head that he couldn’t die inside of a Domain. That it was going to be ok. That this is only their first step on the road to becoming Dragon Guards. To finally see the outside world. One that was real and filled with life. Where he could meet new people and learn all sorts of things. Yes, Scott had come far, but he wasn’t going to stop. Not until he reached it. With all of the friends he’s made along the way!

“Dangit. Dangit. Dangit. Fine!” Scott said as his wings were working again as he repositioned himself behind Ash and aimed him at their target, all while muttering. “Now I see how Baron gets dragged into all of Alexis’s messes.”

“Hey, Little Bro. I know it’s a little late but… Thank you.”

“F-for what?”

“For saving me just now. For always being the one to stop Lissandra and me from fighting. For looking up to a loser like me. And most of all—” Ash stared at the teary-eyed Scott, whose grin was enough to light even the darkest nights. “Thank you for being my friend!”

Scott didn’t say a word. Words couldn’t describe how it felt. It was like the build-up to a heart attack, whether it was from the adrenaline, the fear, or the love he felt. It was all too much, so all he could do was show them.

Even with his goggles on, Scott stared at Ash, seeing past his smile, and received a premonition of what he wanted to do. He didn’t need to know how it ended because Scott believed they would win as, for a moment, the air around them heated up.

“Hey Scott… what is this? It’s starting to get a little too hot for me.”

“My ancestor has blessed me once more…. For Fire Cleanses All.”

“Uh, so that means….”

“I’m not as good as Lissandra, but I can at least make your Kamikaze look cool.”

“Alright, and also, let’s not call it a Kamikaze. How about—”

Ash paused as Tekka was in sight. His claws reignited in blue flames as he saw their descent. Tekka had no idea what was going on, but it didn’t matter as nothing could stop his fire, not even a Red Comet. So, ready to meet them head-on with everything he had, Tekka heard the two sworn brothers’ roar.

“—Royal Rose’s Searing Shot!

There, a clash of red and blue showered the field as Scott didn’t want to let Ash down, trying to use as much of his newly awakened control over heat to keep Royal Rose’s flames alight. While Ash used every bit of Royal Rose’s stored energy to crank out enough force to break through even Dragon Bone because nothing would get in the way of the bonds they’ve forged! As the Scout and Vanguard of Squad S!

And with a loud crack from his claws, Tekka smiled. “I guess this is my loss. Good luck Ash, and you too runt. I hope you win because I don’t want my journey with them to end….”

With that, Royal Rose slashed through Tekka, wiping him from the Domain, making Tekka the first person to be eliminated from the battle. But even over the roaring fire and the screams from the crowd, Ash and Scott heard Tekka’s plea. The same one Ash had when he thought he’d lost it all.

“Squad T’s Vanguard: Tekka Bluefire has been eliminated and returned to Drakos.”

“Don’t worry Tekka we’ll make sure to win this thing. Right Scott.”

“Squad S’s Scout: Scott Sightsear has been eliminated and returned to Drakos.”

“Wait, what!” Ash looked around, but Scott’s body was nowhere to be found, just a black stain on the ground in his image. “Damnit Little Bro, you really did go all out.”

Ash stepped forward with Royal Rose on his shoulder. They were both covered in scratches and scorch marks. Both sword and wielder desperately needed a breather, but that didn’t matter as there was still more fun to be had. Or so they thought, as Dr.Windchaser announced:

“Squad S’s Support: Baron Steelwing has been eliminated and returned to Drakos.”

“Squad S’s Specialist: Alexis Sparkfang has been disqualified, and Jeanne Sparkfang has been called onto the field to return her to Drakos.”

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