Chapter 13:

|The Royal duel (part 1)

That time I got reincarnated in the middle of a royal wedding..

There we were, in the hallway, with a man who was blatantly throwing death threats at me. Whether or not he meant them was none of my concern. His interference was not required so ignoring him would have been the best choice. But perhaps it was too late for that.

“I’ll kill you, Voyan!!”

“Why are you so enraged? I mean in this case, I should be the one staring daggers at you, instead..”

“Constantly, constantly, constantly… mocking me. I, Martial Lionheart, will not stand for this!!!!”

“That’s great and all, but as you said previously, we have some unfinished business.”

“For the first time, we agree on something. It is not only you I have unfinished business with but your whole family. If not for my father, I would…”

“You would???”

“I would approach this issue without any restrictions.”

“What do you think that will change??? Sounds to me like you’re digging up excuses so you can save face.”

“You think that, huh?”

“It’s you, after all. Nothing contradictory, right?”

I enjoyed riling up people like this the most. Even more than the aggressive cowards. Rumi cut in with some remarks of her own.

“You scum. I’m the one you’re facing. This is my battle, Voyan.”

“Got it.”

“Hahaha. You are being pulled on a leash by your very own wife. What a pitiful state the Leopold family has gotten into. Allowing women to control you. That’s the same as slavery, isn’t it??”

From across the hallway, I felt eyes from every corner targeting us. Sensing another person’s presence wasn’t that straightforward but the sheer bloodlust I felt after he said those words was truly frightening. The bystanders took it more seriously than the actual members of said family.

“Seems like I touched a nerve.”

“I’m still talking to you. If you want to settle things, then a duel will be the best option. For the both of us.”

“Are you sure he would be willing to watch his wife get violated in front of everyone??”

“Who said anything about me losing??”

“So you think you can beat me?”

“I never lose against cocky brats. In other words, defeating you would make that statement even more true.”

“Suit yourself. What do you say, Voyan??? Would you allow your wife to fight me in a fair duel?”

I understood his sentiment, quite clearly too. He had murderous intent for me and sinful intent for my wife. Even without a wide sense of imagination,I could tell that much.


“Splendid response. If you’ve seen my swordplay then you’ll acknowledge the fact that you made a terrible decision. I can’t fight a female and leave her fully clothed. My swords will cut all of that down and thoroughly inspect that exquisite body of hers. I’m sure those watching would love to have a taste of that, too. To them, it would be the best form of entertainment, don’t you think?”

I don't know the history between these two but I can't lose face. For his sake,too... and for mine. Rumi stared at me, waiting for my decision. If she wins, I would have myself a nice laugh but what if she loses?? What will I be able to do at that point in time? Bury my head in shame?

“Shut it, Marcel.”

“It’s Martial!!!!!!”

“What do you want, Voyan?”

"You're free to do whatever you want. I'm not holding you back."

"No, I asked what you want."

"Which is why--"

"Which is why I'll only go along with this if you agree."

"Watching couples argue leaves a bad taste in my mouth,so I'm leaving. Meet me in front of the mage's statue in one hour with your answer.”

He trudged past us. Honestly I couldn't predict his actions and that worried me. By instinct, I could tell this man was dangerous. Which was why I was in the middle of a (soon to be heated) discussion with Rumi.

"I wonder why he thinks this is an argument. We are saying the same thing."

"We aren't. You are against it. Do you think I'm not strong enough to bring that idiot to his knees?"


"You're scared he'll do something to me?"

"I have faith in your abilities and when I said you're awesome, I wasn't lying. Just that a part of me is a bit scared, yes."

"Okay. Let's make it fair then. If I lose, you're allowed to have as many wives and mistresses as you want. If I don't, then ---"



Is this bribery?

"I have a feeling we aren't on the same page here."

"I know how much of an energetic man you are. At some point, even my body will not be enough for you."

"What are you ---"

That was when it dawned on me. All the moments where I was caught in suspicious situations right in front of her.


"I appreciate your honesty."


She definitely caught me off guard there.

"Queen Vivian hates the thought of you getting multiple women. She claims it will taint your soul. Funny, right?"

Indeed, sounds like something Lez will say.

"Anyway, since she left the choice ultimately up to me, I will give in. If and only if I lose this fight. Normally, it will labeled cheating but now you can get a free pass. Sounds fair."


"So, what's your answer??"

"I will cheer you on. So, I hope you win."

"That's odd. I would have sworn you would be rooting for my failure."

"I'm not that terrible of a husband!!!!!!"


After my loud voice turned even more attention towards us, I cleared my throat and composed myself.

"I see. If that's the case, then I must win. Can't let all that effort go to waste."


I smiled gently. Of course, my smile represented my emotion very clearly. I was happy. Quite happy, in fact. Happy that I was in a terrible dilemma. The thought of my beautiful harem slipping through my fingers due to my own decision was pretty exhilarating. I'm so happy.

I looked beside me and viewed the garden in center of the building. There were budding flowers and many variations. Roses, Orchids, Statices and of course, lilies, along with other flowers that I just couldn’t name.Compared to the ones at the fountain, the greenery here truly represented the beauty of nature. In this world, even ordinary things like these kept me amazed. I guess a part of it was because those things were basically all around me. Reminding me that in this world, it was so ordinary that amazing couldn’t have been a fair description. That being said, our minds were made up.

"What next?"

"I have to meet up with Elaine first. You can relax in the garden or even fall asleep in the library. You must be tired. The librarian is lenient enough and will give you a private room to relax. We have a lot of free time. Time to do anything."

"But I can't possibly fall asleep when you have a duel in a few hours."

"Of course you can. I will come and look for you, then wake you up."

"Sounds good."

"See you soon, then."

I turned to the garden. Surprisingly, when I turned this time, I saw two people watering it. Of course, they had the same uniform I was wearing so they were students. There was a a brown haired girl and a yellow haired boy that turned to my direction and lit up a smile. He was so pleased to see me that he dropped his watering can and rushed over to my side.

"Voyan, you're back!!!"

"Yeah, I knew you'll be here."

"Were you looking for me?"

"No, not really. I just had a strong feeling I'll see you here. We had a lecture right there, after all."

I gestured to the door beside me.

"What a coincidence. I'm just returning from a class myself. That's why Linda and I are just getting here."

He turned his gaze over to the beautiful lady beside him that was busy watering the plants.

"I guess she's shy."

"No, she's simply engrossed in this. Honestly, getting to take care of these plants is one of the reasons I love the academy. Before I go off on a tangent,let me formally introduce you to her, to my fiancee. Linda, please come here for a moment."

She approached me with soft, careful steps.

"Your highness,my name is Linda Statice. A pleasure to meet you."

She’s named after a fucking plant!!!

"Isn't she the best?? "

"You're a lucky man..."

"Indeed . In a few weeks, we'll be married. We must discuss about these things one of these days. About our experiences as married men. It will be fun."

"If you want to hear about my boring life that much, I shall indulge you."

"Surely it can't be that boring."

"We'll leave it at that till the actual discussion."

"You're right. I must see things with my own eyes first."

I was shocked. This was the first normal guy I was talking to. It gave me some hope for the people of this world.

"So, uhh it's been a pleasure.."

"Come on, Voyan. We still have a lot to talk about."


"It's been about half a month since you last came to the academy. Of course, I'll need to update you on everything that has happened. That's if you don't know already."

"If that's the case, why don't we sit and chat, the three of us???"

"That will be nice but.... Linda, do you have anything to do?"

"Now that you mention it, I do have some business to take care of at the library."

"Oh, that's a shame. We'll meet up afterwards then. During the second break, I'll be waiting for you right here."

"That's so sweet of you."

"Anything for you, Linda."

Now I understood the cinnamon haired prince a bit. Listening to couples talk as an outsider really is irritating. I was concerned by the complexity of Lionheart but perhaps they aren’t so complex, after all.

"Now then...."

It was finally over, the conversation that is. I sat there, pretending to understand what he said, even nodding occasionally. I had to filter a lot of what he said to find truly useful information.

Although a lot of it was gossip, I gained something. He mentioned the death of professor Sylvester which I already knew but I got added info. Apparently, his death was caused by a minor scuffle at a bar nearby. He was heavily drunk and attempted to take on an unnamed mercenary and died in the process. The rest was about a couple of duels that took place and his overall activities during my absence, which I never asked to know in the first place. Cool it, Hachiya. At least the kid is normal.

"I see. That's a lot. Thanks for informing me."

"It's nothing. I think a talked a bit too much there."

"You think??????"

"Haha, a thousand pardons. That's what happens when I'm excited. Hope I didn't bore you."

"Of course not."

"Phew. What a relief."

"It was a pleasure talking to you after so long. If you excuse me, I'll be off to search for my wife."


I walked out of the garden and went in the same direction I saw Rumi walking in earlier. I was convinced it was the right way. Should I have waited for her to come to me?? I doubted that.The library was just up ahead.

From a distance, I spotted it and picked up the pace. She did mention something about a private room. It was best to wait there so we could find each other easily. The doors opened up and in front of me, the brown haired girl named Linda came storming out. She looked around and spotted me before running off.

 Well, that was odd. The doors opened once again and it was the prince that came out. He stared at me with a bold smirk. I was not ready for another confrontation. All I needed to do was get to the library.