Chapter 24:

Flowers and Beautiful Eyes

Royal Princess of Blood

I saw a store which appeared to be selling bread. A middle aged woman keeping watch. Then a girl about my age emerged from within. An average looking girl, but should still be pleasing to the eyes.

In her hand was a basket. The way she carried it, and the way the basket swayed in her movement, it seemed to have some contents. As we walked across the store, I could hear their voices loud and clear.

“Everything ready? You didn’t forget anything, right?” the middle aged woman said to the girl.

“Come on mama, what else should I be carrying other than bread? I’m only bringing old Tommy some bread since he has some trouble walking.”

“Is that so? Well, it did seem that the old man's condition got bad lately. But he’s not the only one there you know?”

“.... Mama, what are you talking about?”

“The young lad, I was talking about.”

“Oh shut up. There’s nothing like that. Then I should be going.”

The girl went out of the store.

“Be sure to look good, okay?!”

“Whatever mama!”

I glanced at the girl for only an instant.

Ah yes. I heard one time it’s a wonder of youth.

But of course I don’t care for such things of similar nature as that. There was not much importance to it.

Then we encountered a shop which had and assorted types of flowers displayed at the front. Blooming petals adorned with different hues of red, yellow, blue, purple, and interestingly, some had multiple colors.

“Please have a look at our flowers.”

A little girl, a child perhaps about five years old called out to me as we came across in front of them. She had large amber eyes and short brown hair. She looked at me with her innocent eyes, pleading with me to check out their products.

As I found such flowers interesting, I stopped in my tracks and peered over the flowers along with a couple of potential customers. A faint trace of gentle aroma graced my nose. Although I have no intention of buying anything. It would be difficult to buy now, but I’ll think about buying later when we’re about to go back home.

“What pretty flowers you have here,” I said to the girl.

“Y-Yes, thank you.”

I gazed up and found an adult woman arranging and preparing other flowers. It must be her mother.

“Hm. You’re helping your mother at such a young age, that’s good.”

Not that I understood how good that was. I just heard it was a good thing to do. And I just wanted to commend this child for working. Of course that didn’t mean I am fond of children. I care not for children as I care not for adults.

I looked at the little girl with my trademark pure eyes as I said those words of commendation to her.

Her eyes lit up as she stared back at mine.

“... Beautiful…” She quietly muttered.

“Hm?” Of course considering our closer distance, I heard her.

“I mean you have beautiful eyes. I never saw eyes like you have.”

An amused smile emerged on my lips.

“Quite a flatterer… Thank you.”

“... I was just being honest.”

From this short interaction, it seemed this girl was quite a quiet and shy child. It made me wonder if she even had any friends. Somehow, it reminded a tiny bit of when I was first released from my training, a Graduation, I heard it was unofficially called. Well, I barely interacted with colleagues at the time. I was entirely focused on the task given to me.

Kill. Kill. Kill.

That was my entire being and purpose. Those thoughts were what filled me at that time.

Not that I’m different now. I was basically the same. But, well, let’s just say my disposition changed a bit.

“Maybe I’ll pass by later to buy some.”

“Really? Thank you!”

Now now, you really shouldn’t look so happy when customers say such things. Most of the time they say such a phrase, but in the end they never come back. That’s what you call bullshit.

But what do I expect? She was a kid after all. So this reaction should be understandable.

But I am considering passing by here later to buy some.

“See you.”

I said to her before walking away.

“How kind of you, Estel.”

Estevan said to me from beside. I was baffled as to why he could say such a ridiculous thing.

People often have a weird definition of kindness.

“Why do you say so?”

“Well, I took it that you had no intention of buying, so instead of outright rejecting, you said you would return later. If you did otherwise, the girl might have felt sad.”

I looked at him with a smile.

“You think that’s kindness?”


“If you see such a little thing as kindness, dear brother. Then I suggest you change your views. What I did… I don’t see it as kindness. True kindness is more than that.”

He stared at me for a moment.

“Is that so…? But, I don’t see you as anything but kind.”

Ah, Estelia’s pure and innocent character really put some impression that she was a kind person. But I guess she was. She was not exactly rude, she was exceedingly polite, and she was also a well behaved girl.

So I guess it was to be expected that he thought of me as kind.

Then my brother continued.

“Your recent actions further proves that you are so.”

My actions? Me?

I tilted my head adorably as I spoke to him.

“Which actions were being kind?”

“First during the mock battles. Then the time you suggested a feast for the knights.”

Oh. Well shit, I was just playing with the character of being a pure and innocent Estelia. I guess that was being kind…? So I can’t exactly deny it.

And now I suppose people think I am naturally kind. But this will perhaps lean to my advantage. With the way they perceive me, they will likely lay down their life for me. And that’s acceptable.

“... I’m not kind… And don’t tell me that personally, it’s… embarrassing…”

I said innocently while averting my eyes away from him.

“Hahaha!” He merely laughed at the way I acted. “Very well very well.”

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