Chapter 26:

Chapter 6: A Clash of Wills—The Beginning

Dragonoid Chronicles

Chapter 6: A Clash of Wills—The Beginning


Only moments had passed when Ash Spitfire returned to see he was lying on top of Tuvira. Their lips were inches away from each other. And where Tuvira might have taken the chance to steal a kiss under normal circumstances, she was in no mood as she threw Ash away with her tail.

“I don’t have time for you,” Tuvira said as she got to her feet and rushed a stunned Lissandra—

“Then make time!” Ash wielding Royal Rose, let her roar, blasting himself back into Tuvira, who blocked the strike with her tail. “Damn, is every part of a Dragonoid tough to crack.”

“You know what? I liked you more when you weren’t clingy!”

Tuvira grit her teeth as wasting time with a Human wouldn’t look too good on her part. It needed to be an overwhelming massacre with no room for doubt. They had to see their precious Princess of Fire beg for mercy! And that was when an idea popped into her mind as she jumped away from the deadlock, creating some distance between them.

“Hey!” Ash called out, standing in front of Lissandra. “I wouldn’t say I’m clingy.”

You have 35 missed calls.” Tuvira’s PDA said, recounting all the times Ash had called her over the past week.

“Wow, who knew you were so popular—”

Hey Tuvira, it’s Ash. I know our date ended poorly, but I wanted to say sorry for the misunderstanding—”

“Alright, alright, maybe I was a little clingy, but what else am I supposed to do?” Ash scratched his cheek then muttered. “I mean, you’re allowed to be clingy.”

“I’m a girl, so it’s fine.”

“I don’t think it works like that—”

“By Dragons, did you forget we’re fighting on a timer—”

“Shut up Lizzie/Princesss!” Tuvira and Ash said together as they could care less about the game at the moment. Well, Ash could care less about the match as Tuvira remembered her goal then took control of Ash’s body.

“Heh, why should I have to fight,” Tuvira said, forcing Ash to walk forward to a still paralyzed Lissandra. “When I can just have you lose to a Human!”

“Tuvira, I thought you cared about him?” Lissandra said unable to move due to Tuvira’s hold on her but was able to speak as she and Ash were fighting tooth and nail against Tuvira’s control. “I’m sure this is crossing a line.”

“That’s your first mistake, Lizzie. Thinking I could ever care for a lying prince.”

“Ash is a lot of things, but….” Lissandra glanced at the slow-moving Ash, who had his blade in hand, trying his damndest not to raise it to strike her down. “A liar isn’t one of them.”

“Heh, if only you knew the truth, Lizzie.” Tuvira shook her head as she remembered their time together in her soul. “You wouldn’t be saying things like that. You haven’t seen his heart as I have.”

“I don’t need to see it to trust him. When all he’s shown me is that for all his arrogance, snarkiness, and pain in the assery, he truly does care about us even after all the shit we give him.”

“Thanks for saying you trust me, Lissandra,” Ash said with Royal Rose held high. “But did you have to add all the insults with it?”

“Who would I be if I didn’t.” Lissandra laughed.

“Not my Leader, of course—”

“Strike her down!” Tuvira commanded, tired of this game.

Ash brought his blade down, only for it to fall from his grasp as he tackled Lissandra. And with stars in his eyes, Ash stared down at the unmoving Princess of Fire, who finally looked as cute as she did when they first met.

“You know, if you weren’t a massive pain in the ass, I could see myself falling for you.”

“What!” Both Tuvira and Lissandra screamed along with the crowd of spectators who were simply appalled at the revelation where Dr. Torchedgaze could be heard roaring at the top of his lungs.

“Alright… ignoring that response. Lissandra, are you ready to put your words to the test?”

“Sssure? I mean, I am not a pain in the assss!”

“You really are.” Ash laughed and glanced at his seething little princess. “Just not as much as Tuvira.”

“Hey! I’m right here, you know, and how come you can still move!”

Ash gave her a quick wink as one of his eyes became dark as night, then they returned to the light as he placed his hand on Lissandra’s chest, covering her Dragon skull tattoo.

“What are you doing!” Lissandra screamed as she felt Ash’s touch tingle throughout her entire body, unable to hide her blushing face. (On a side note: pact weapon seals were akin to erogenous zones, which explains why Alexis adores being choked and Tuvira loves to bite. The more you know).

“I’m seeing how much you trust me. Now, how does it go again?” Ash thought for a moment, then said the words: “Purify Her Foes, Ignis!”

Ash pulled Ignis from Lissandra’s chest to the amazement of all who saw it as the chained blade blazed to life. An inferno that reignited Lissandra’s hair and regrew her horns as her emerald eyes sharpened once more.

Seeing someone else pull a pact weapon out from another was an unexplainable event for most. Yet, those who understood how it happened were simply shocked to know that Lissandra and Ash’s Stars Aligned.

“How did you….”

“Don’t worry about that right now, Princesss. Just go bring me Royal Rose.”

Ash said as the sheer resistance he felt from simply holding the obsidian blade was enough to keep him from moving as Lissandra got up from Ash’s arms. She still felt off from the whole ordeal, like her privacy had been invaded. Even though Ash didn’t see any of her memories or thoughts, it felt as if Lissandra had laid everything bare. She hated the feeling as she picked up Royal Rose and tossed him his blade.


“With pleasure,” Ash said, tossing Lissandra Ignis as the thing desperately desired to leave his clutches, and there, they both caught their respective blades feeling much better about the entire arrangement.

“You know Ignis, we’re going to have a long talk about you leaving me back there,” Lissandra said, sensing her blade’s regret as being wielded by Ash was the worst feeling in the world.

“Yeah, can you include the scorching my hands a part of your conversation,” Ash said as his palms were charred from simply holding onto the flame blade.

“Sorry, no can do. You’re just lucky Ignis didn’t cook you alive since only I can wield him.”

“Yeah… Luck has nothing to do with that Lissandra.” Ash said as he felt the purr of Royal Rose as the pain from his hand subsided from his mind.

I really am a monster. A part of him thought as Ash felt way more self-aware of everything going on. Like the words he said didn’t seem like his own even though he was the one that spoke them. Or the fact that he understood what Star Aligning was when he was literally failing Astrology.

“So… Your Stars Aligned with her…. Before me!” Tuvira, having watched the entire event take place, went silent as she had witnessed Lissandra and Ash have an intimate moment that should have been reserved for her! And there, she didn’t even care about humiliating Lissandra or even the game that became irrelevant as she roared:

“Show Them Terror, Typhon!”

Lightning struck, and thunder boomed as the wind howled with the rain that poured onto the hill as Tuvira donned her metallic monster form. Then, striking fear into all, she glared at the Prince and Princess, seeing nothing but red as she gave an earsplitting roar akin to a Dragon’s, making everyone hold onto their ears.

“I think we made her mad,” Ash said as Lissandra gave him her usual annoyed glare.

“You think? I mean, who told you to do something like that in front of the girl who has a crush on you!”

“Listen, don’t blame me! I didn’t know it was that important.”

“You did that without knowing—”

Lissandra’s words were caught in her throat as Ash was rammed by Tuvira, and watching him fly while being right next to him made an urge boil within her chest. Ash had done a lot for her, for the Squad—Even though technically he was the direct cause of their problem—Lissandra still couldn’t help but feel as if she wasn’t pulling her weight. And that needed to stop there! She was Squad S’s Leader, for Dragon's sake!


Ash, having taken Tuvira's shoulder slam, expected to be blown away even though he softened the blow with his blade. But, instead of being sent off the hill, he was surprised to see that a red dragon tail held onto him.

“I’m not going to beat her alone, Ash.” Lissandra gave him a devilish smile that filled even the Prince of Darkness with fear. “So you better get your ass back in there!”

Lissandra roared as she threw Ash back into Tuvira, who, even while surprised by Lissandra’s sudden tail growth, still managed to block Ash’s slash with her large shieldlike arm. Then she lunged forward with her claw arm aiming to finish him off to no avail as Lissandra deflected the blow.

“Don’t you dare forget about me, Tuvira!” Lissandra roared as she struck forward, forcing Tuvira to jump back since Ignis could easily cut through her shell unless she used her shield arm.

Lissandra awakening a second Draconic trait was something Tuvira hadn’t anticipated, nor did she expect Ash to be able to resonate with Lissandra at will. That little pup she had found, beaten and bruised on death’s door from a fight with mere guppies, now stared at her with the eyes of a shark. And Tuvira couldn’t help but swoon as she so desperately needed to bite him!

So Tuvira roared once more, feeling Typhon’s rage as the words escaped her jaws “Tear Them Apart, Typhon, V2!”

The armor around Tuvira grew as she became the size of a Baal as she became one with Typhon. No longer could they see the hue of blue her aura carried; instead, the color of red grew, turning it into violet as it sprang forth. Leaking out for even those without keen eyes to see as the monster placed on a spectacle was a young Dragon of old. Whose shield arm became a bastion of defense filled with hopes and dreams while its claw arm became a drill that could pierce the sky and punch the stars!

“Did she just say V2? What the hell is V2?? Lissandra???”

“We’re so fucked.”

“Ahahaha! Didn’t I say I’d make you pay for that insult!! Spawn of Skia!!!”

“Spawn of Skia?” Everyone within the audience questioned Tuvira’s monstrous roar, yet no one within the arena understood it. Except for a chosen 3. The first being Ash Darkstar, then Dr. Windchaser, and lastly, the Red Comet, who was glad she came to watch her younger sister’s maiden battle.

“One minute Remaining.”

“Damn it, there’s too many people here. I can’t stop him.” Ash Darkstar muttered as Lissandra didn’t even care about the claim Typhon made.

“We only have one minute! Fuck! We were so close! Wyvernshit!”

Ash Darkstar looked over at the Princess of Fire, who still seemed to care about her silly game. It made even his darkheart soften as he chuckled. “Don’t count us out just yet, Princesss.”

“Don’t call me that!” Lissandra’s outburst of fury lit Ash’s cloak on fire even with the flooding rain, giving the Prince of Darkness an idea as he appeared before Lissandra faster than even she could see.

“Lissandra, do you think you can go supernova?”


“When a star collapses, it goes supernova. Ignis, the Fire Dragon of Purity, can build enough pressure to collapse a star. Therefore supernova.”

“Yeah, I know that genius. But I need way more fire to do that, not to mention the rain puts out all of my flames—”

“Hey, never say that.” Ash Spitfire/Darkstar said with a smile as he tapped Lissandra’s forehead. “No one can stamp your fire out. Don’t forget you burn bright like Starlight—”

Ash’s arm immediately caught on fire which surprisingly stayed alight longer than a second. “Ouch, I didn’t mean burn me!”

“I’m sorry, but when you Spitfire like that, I can’t help but think you’re an idiot.”

“Ha-ha, I agree. That was cringe.” Ash Darkstar shook his head as he couldn’t believe he said that as he appeared before Typhon.

Lissandra didn’t worry about how Ash could just appear at places seemingly without moving. Instead, she focused on his words that trusted her as she began to charge up a supernova. Calling upon the flames throughout the field, experiencing the blaze of emotions emitted throughout the scorched earth, Squad S’s and Squad T’s wish to remain together.

Lissandra began outputting more heat from herself than she thought was possible, enough to create a place void of water as each droplet evaporated. Then with a sigh, she could no longer hold it in once Ignis burned scarlet.

“I can’t believe I’m ssswooning over a line like that. Having my heart ssstolen by a Vanguard yet again. Am I crazy Ignisss?”

“Yessss.” Ignis said from within Lissandra.

“Ok… but you like him too. You could’ve turned him into Ashessss.” Lissandra chuckled as she felt her partner’s glare. “Alright, I’ll stop. We can’t keep them waiting, so Ignite Our Wills, Ignis!”


“10 seconds remaining.”

“You’re finally done with your chat, Spawn of Skia?” Typhon chuckled, only for the Prince of Darkness to laugh along.

“You know, for a fiend that’s killed billions, that was awfully courteous of you.”

“Heh, if you think that’s why I waited. You’re awfully naïve.”


“You plan on wreaking as much havoc as possible the moment the game is over since you'll be released from Arena’s Domain. Back onto Earth.”

“How perceptive.”

“Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but I doubt you’d stand a chance against the Dragonoids of this generation. Maybe in your true form, but right now, even a trainee can stop you.” The Prince of Darkness pointed up with a smirk bringing attention to the blazing Princess of Fire, who lit the darkened sky as if she was the brightest star in the galaxy: the Sun.


“What!” Typhon, so absorbed in the presence of the Prince of Darkness, didn’t pay attention to the supernova that came down from above. Who would’ve thought Lissandra, the girl Tuvira looked down on throughout her years, would even be able to become someone she envied?

But that didn’t matter, as Typhon could dodge the blow with ease by leaving the hill since it didn’t care about winning. Yet Typhon couldn't budge an inch as its ruby eyes peered down at the Halfbreed whose shadows enveloped its own.

“Now. Give us back. Tuviraaa!!!”

Ash Darkstar/Spitfire’s cry rippled through Typhon as that was a true Dragonoid’s Roar. Enough to awaken the long-lost Princess of Water from her slumber as their Stars Aligned, yet he didn’t care about catching a glimpse of her memories. Instead, Ash wanted her to know that her personal prince was there. To never leave her alone. Tuvira’s dark in the light.

Then the world became white.

Squad S had won Queen of the Hill..

And the timeline continues in volume 2…

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