Chapter 8:


The Writer of Magic

When doing an expedition in an unknown area, I have got to follow these sage rules:


Let's go back 10 minutes after we decided to descend into the depths of the ruins beneath the Sandata Gorge.

The grand hall was sealed by an intricate gate. Red, blue, green, and yellow. The colors of the four elements.

"We have taken a record of the gate. Shall we delve further captain?" Leo asked as he finished taking a photo of the gate.

"Everyone, I'm detecting something... from all four halls. They seem like concentrated mana." Hanabi said. Her detection range sure is strong, even as a white mage class.

"Yman... Can you detect them as well?" Toby pondered and I nod. When I first held the grimoire, my mana veins opened up, at first, it was torture. Now, it felt normal. And when I'm in the presence of highly condensed mana, I can feel a tingle. But what I also know, is that beyond the gate, was a Divine Artifact.

But I kept it a secret. Toby must be the one who should draw that sword.

"I get it... it's one of those four keys thing they taught back at the outer academy!" Angela said and Toby's face lit up as if he just realized it too. Oh the bliss of ignorance.

"Captain? Your orders?" I asked and Captain Ventus was still pondering.

"We have no information regarding the four hallways. And I would suggest all of us to split in groups of two." The captain said and we were all posing to say no.

"I know it's risky... But if we bring in more manpower, then this will be a group effort, not our team anymore." Captain Ventus said and I understood his reasons. The inner academy awards high points to the platoon that made a huge discovery. That's how Toby and his Platoon were able to get clearance for an early promotion.

"I agree with the captain. Nothing ventured, nothing gained... right?" I asked them and poor Hanabi looked like she was about to cry. But eventually they all relented.

"Okay but before that, Hanabi. Can you tell what element are those beyond?" I asked her and she shakes her head. Then I told everyone the element of each hall. When they understand the gravity, it was likely we'll face chimeras of that element.

"Leo and the Captain will take the Hall of Wind in the north, since it may contain flying chimeras. Toby and Soraya will take the Hall of Earth in the south, it has a high chance of having the turtle chimeras. Angela and Claire will take care of the Hall of Fire in the East, most likely they're the wolves. Finally, me and Hanabi will take the Hall of Water in the west, since that one has an unknown chimera."

"Hang on, you two? But what will happen if you two get hurt?" Soraya asked, she was clearly concerned about Hanabi.

"If there's one thing I know, it's that Hanabi will be the one who will protect Yman." Toby said while Claire and Leo nod in agreement.

"I'll make you eat those words Toby..." I smirked and suggested that if the two of us haven't returned, they can head for the Hall of Water.

When we reached the entrance, a heavy feeling began to weigh me down. Like the increase of water pressure when diving deep in a trench.

"Yman, I feel heavy..." Hanabi told me, she was also heaving rather dangerously.

My eyes also felt heavy, what is happening? Then I can hear hissing, and then a shadow lunged. It grazed my shoulder when I shield Hanabi. A bloody gash was stinging my left arm. Great, not only can I hold my book properly, I'm also causing Hanabi more trouble.

"Y-Yman! You're injured!" Hanabi paled but I gave her a reassuring smile. The pain helped me cope with the pressure.


Due to the same level as the target, information are as follows:

Bladetail Serpent

Level: 9

Family: Serpent

Skills: Shadow Strike, Envenom, Gravity Gaze

Weakness: Fire and Light

Dang... This is trouble. Serpent Class chimeras are a pain to deal with. Their ability to maneuver complex terrain makes it hard for me to pin point it's exact position. What's troubling, is their gravity gaze. So that's why there's pressure in this Hall.

My vision was getting hazy all of a sudden. Then I remembered... It has the Envenom skill. And Serpent poison is hard to deal with.

"Yman?" Hanabi panicked, but I was still giving her a reassuring smile. Ignoring the searing pain of the poison circulating in my system, I focused.

Fire and Light... Two Elements that are really dangerous in close area spaces. But since we have a lot space here, I could spread it out, but that would mean I'm going to risk hitting Hanabi as well.

"Hanabi... Can you hide behind the pillars and enhance it with Mageskin?" I whispered to her, trying hard not to let her know my straining voice. "And whatever you do, don't leave that pillar. And if I get caught, run. Head for the others."

"What are you planning?" Hanabi inquires but I gave her a sharp look, my red eyes seem to frighten her, so let's just hope she takes a bite on my bluff. Fortunately she did and head for the nearest pillar and begins to channel the protection spell.

I then rack my brain for a solution... Serpents, how did Toby and his team handle it? For starters, I gave these things mobility, so again, only the Earth Element can help me. But I let loose myself from my train of thought when another shadow lunges, narrowly missing my forehead. I bit back a curse and focused.

'If I can't stop them, might as well detect them.'

Wind and Fire... A dangerous combination. But it's all I got. Good thing I have a new talent;

"The flames will roar..."

I focused the fire energy, no matter how sparse it was, and when I gathered enough, I sealed it inside my grimoire, the gem encrusted at the center was giving off a crimson hue. I was about to speak another incantation when something coiled around me, making me drop my grimoire.

I was now face to face with the Bladetail Serpent, it's inky body suffocating me while scrapping its blade end tail against the ground. It's yellow eyes met mine and it sank it's fangs on my injured shoulder. I screamed out in pain, the venom circulating before was being backed up by another dose, my vision was getting blurry.

'Shit... shit...' I was so stupid. Why did I put up that false bravado?! Was it because I didn't want anyone in this Platoon to die? Was it because of my guilty conscience? I don't know anymore...


A sudden surge of strength courses through me, the wound didn't hurt but I still feel the venom inside me. I pushed down the pain and my hand wiggles out from the coiling body and my grimoire flew back to my clutches.

"Oh fearsome storm, let loose the flames of the lord of fire; Flare Tornado!"

A storm of flames began to blow forth as the stored fire energy from my book was used up and the wind energy I charged in my palm combined.

-Spell Charge-

Can combine one or two elements to create another spell.

The blazing winds was enough to make the serpents back off, and since it was omni-directional, they had no way to escape and just accept their fates and evaporate back to the shadows they were made from.

When the flames settled down, the heavy pressure died along with it. I took a deep sigh but chills began to overtake my body.

Serpent Venom... This is bad, another thing I hate when I wrote this type of venom... They can't be dispelled by magic. Only medicine made by an Alchemist Class can cure this.

"Yman!" Hanabi rushed to my side and tried to lower her staff on my shoulder but I stopped her.

"This isn't any normal venom Hanabi... Can you help me up? We need to get to the end of the hall." I smiled at her, but she shakes her head.

"Stop being stubborn! Why are you rushing head first into danger you big dummy!" Hanabi screamed right at my ear and she pressed her staff on my shoulder anyways.


A faint glow from her staff begins to envelop me, I wanted Hanabi to stop, but behind her glasses, were blue eyes burning with tears and determination.

My shoulder felt a bit light, but I could still feel the venom coursing inside me.

"There... are you okay?" Hanabi asked.

"Yeah, right as rain!" I lied. I didn't want her to worry, but knowing that this poison will only be cured by conventional tools is something most healers will overlook.

"Let's get going... And uh... Can you keep this a secret to the captain?" I pleaded but she shakes her head.

"No. You were injured. Plus, you only kept me safe by directing the aggression only at yourself. We're a team here Yman. I just hope you know that." Hanabi said firmly as we walked towards the now empty altar of the Water Key. Did I made Hanabi mad?

When we reached the Gate, the others were also coming out of their respective halls. Leo and the Captain were covered with cuts and feathers, Claire and Angela were also covered with fur, but they were otherwise, fine. Soraya and Toby have sustained a lot of bruises, but they were grinning like they went out the tavern.

"You look like hell what happened to you?" Leo asked Toby, who glanced at Soraya and they both laughed.

"I like this kid a lot Captain!" Soraya exclaimed loudly.

"Let me guess, you two made a bet and ended up with a tie." Claire said.

"That we did! What happened to you Claire?" Toby asked.

"Ugh... wolves. And the area was a bit cramped so I wasn't able to jump around." Claire groaned. "Thankfully, Senior Angela was there to pick up the slack."

"You're too modest Claire. You did all the heavy lifting." Angela winked at her and they shared a laugh.

"Hey... Hanabi? Why are you looking all glum like that?" Soraya noticed and Hanabi sighs.

"I wasn't thinking straight and put myself at risk." I told them and Hanabi looked at me, as if she wouldn't think that I would tell them.

"That's a given." Leo said as he dusted the feathers.

"What mess did you put Hanabi in this time?" Claire sighs.

"We know... We just hope Hanabi would talk some sense into you." Toby smirked sat down.

"He didn't gave me trouble... He just... did what Reiko did." Hanabi said and she hands the key to Captain Ventus, not talking about it anymore.

When Hanabi said that name, the whole platoon's spirits went a bit downcast. Especially the Captain, but he immediately recovered.

"Okay, Yman... We'll talk later about your team spirit, but for now... We'll see what's beyond this door. Shall we?" The captain said and everyone's spirits were lifted for a bit. I couldn't help but feel at ease with Captain Ventus is around.

When we turned the keys and unlocked the gate, a blinding light surrounds us. When the light died out, we were now looking at the sword imbued with divine light.

"Who turned on the lights?!" Toby complained.

Admittedly, I was a bit disheveled, but when I look around, only Toby, the captain, and I were rubbing our eyes. We were now staring at the sword with radiant light. The scabbard was gleaming like the silver moon, and the diamond on the hilt glinted with divine energy.

"Light? What do you mean? Dude that's just an empty altar." Leo said, but the I shook my head towards Toby.

"R-right... sorry." He caught on.

"Well, an empty altar, and chimeras guarding the keys." Claire recounts.

"Sounds like someone did this purposefully. A trap to kill off platoons." Soraya suggested.

"That's a plausible theory. Still, this was a solid mission guys. Let's just set-up a mark and head home." Captain Ventus said and we all nod.

The others head above to signal that we have successfully cleared the Sandata Gorge Ruins. But Toby and the Captain and I stay behind, as we look on at the sword.


Name: Oathsworn
Weapon Type: Sword
Attribute: Light
Compatibility: E

I knew it... The sword of one who brings hope. The Sword of Heroes.

"Well, since only the three of us can see it. Why don't we collect it as incidental gain?" Captain Ventus suggested and Toby looked excited, but he frowned.

"But... I didn't do much in this mission. Do I deserve this sir?" He asked, right for him to be modest despite his overly enthusiastic nature.

I pat Toby's shoulder. It's my job to give this kid a fighting chance in the days to come.

"You deserve it man." I said and he smiled and thanked me.

As he walks up towards the Altar, Toby grabbed the sword and the chains that bound the sword broke and Toby lifts the sword from the scabbard, revealing the blade made out of divine mithril.

"That's... That can't be." The captain whispered.

"Captain? What is it?" I asked, feigning ignorance.

"The Sword of Promise, Oathsworn." Toby said and he lifts the sword towards the ceiling and a blast of light bathed the entire ruins. And I swear, I could hear the deaths of multiple Chimeras in the vicinity of the Sandata Ruins.

'My jobs done... Now it's your turn to be the leader you've ought to be, Tobias King.' I told myself.

Little did I know... Of the aftermath of my little encouragement would bring.