Chapter 1:

Welcome to trash *cough* Mariz Academy

The Trash Novel That Doesn't Make Sense?

Mariz Academy. An ordinary highschool filled with the usual: teachers, homework, and studies. It is a dreaded place by all young youths in this town. The place is so indignantly hated that many of the youths would consistently try to skip lessons and pretend to be sick.Bookmark here

What is it that makes this place so dreaded by all you ask? The answer to that is… Bookmark here

I have no idea. Bookmark here

I'm just writing things that are coming to my head; It's a damn experimental novel with no planning whatsoever. Even I the author, myself, don't know where this is going. Bookmark here

So let's journey together! Let's see where this will take us. ^.^Bookmark here

'Why do I have to be part of this?' a boy asked.Bookmark here

'It's because you're one of the few who actually attends the academy. Who else do you want me to ask?' Bookmark here

The boy sitting on the second seat from the back, along the side with the windows swept his gaze across the class. He found that out of the twenty 22 students in the class, there were still 10 students, including himself. Bookmark here

'Sensei, you know there are people all around me right? How about you ask them?'Bookmark here

'Eh… but I'm asking you.'Bookmark here

'Yes sensei, you asked me, and I rejected you. Soo….'Bookmark here

'So I'm asking you again, Kenji.' The teacher smiled brightly. Bookmark here

'S-Sensei, I really do not want to,' Kenji said, as his voice started to crumble.Bookmark here

'...'Bookmark here

'...'Bookmark here

There was silence… Bookmark here

'Sensei, there are 9 others here besides me. Why are you persistently asking me?' Kenji grumbled. He was starting to lose it.Bookmark here

'Eh… it's my job.'Bookmark here

'#%&#@ WDYM ITS PART OF YOUR JOB?!'Bookmark here

'Go figures.' The sensei shrugged his shoulders with a slanted expression.Bookmark here

'I'm done. I'm freaking done.' Zenji who was tilted off the face of the planet decided to leave the classroom. He knew he was left with no other choice.Bookmark here

The Sensei gave a wave at his departing figure and went back to teaching class. But before he could, he was interrupted by another student who had opened the door.Bookmark here

'Here's your paycheck.'Bookmark here

'Oh thank you.' The sensei took the money and gave a good handshake to the student.Bookmark here

'It's a pleasure doing business.'Bookmark here

'It's part of my job. What else can I say?'Bookmark here

The student nodded in response and nonchalantly left the classroom.Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

'Ah senpai!' Bookmark here

Kenji turned around and saw a familiar face; She was Mimi Narukawa a kouhai and first year. She was 1 year below him.Bookmark here

Mimi? Perfect. She can help heal my stress with her cute and reserved personality. Bookmark here

'Mimi!!!' Kenji shouted, with joy, hugging her, and began to scrub his face onto her cute cheeks. 'Omochikaeri!' (I want to take it home!) he added.Bookmark here

'S-Senpai must you do this every time you meet me?' Mimi questioned, while being very flustered. Bookmark here

'Of course!' Kenji said, as if it was the most natural thing in the world.Bookmark here

The atmosphere began to thicken. Bookmark here

'Senpai. Do you know what happens when the cicadas cry?' Mimi said, as if it was the most natural thing in the world.Bookmark here

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