Chapter 4:

Honeymoon in Blood

The Only Female

"Packed up... We're going on a honeymoon." Karl said. He just come back from school when he says that. Alice put down her book and show him a little frown.

"I'm sorry? Could you repeat that again? I don't think I heard you the first time." she says. Karl put down his bag before taking Alice's book away. He put it down on the table and shows her a single picture from his phone. Alice eyes widens.

"Where... where did you get this?"

"I told you I'll help out. Now, aren't you gonna pack or what?"

"Yes. I will now." Alice said before leaving the room. But, she pause for a moment and turned around. Then, without a word - she planted a kiss on Karl's cheek. He looks at her, questionably.

"What is that for?" 

"For helping out. Thank you for finding Mandy for me. I appreciate it." she says and disappears. Karl shakes his head and withdraw several personal artifacts from his school bag. His hand touches an old diary left by his late father. He never read it after his death, but he carries it with him everywhere in case he wanted to.  It would be a tragedy to lost it during this trip, so Karl decide to keep it inside of the safe box.  He's just about to close the cabinet door, when Alice appears again with a huge smile on her face.

"Well, I'm ready. Let's head out!" she says. Karl look down at her from top to bottom. A smirk can be seen showing on his face.

"What?" Alice ask back, feeling personally attack. Karl closed the cabinet and crossed his arms.

"What the hell are you wearing?" he ask her after staring for long. She frowns.

"My formal attire. Why? No good?"

"You know that she's in New Shamrock, right?"


"It's freezing out there. You gonna be needing an extra layers. A jacket and probably some mittens too."

"Really? I have no idea. It's your fault anyways. You didn't told me where we're going before." she snapped back. He left out a sigh.

"It's called 'common sense', Alice dear... Perhaps you should look it up sometime." Karl shot back. Alice crossed her arms.

"Oh... Sorry, I never been anywhere outside from Ventaga before."

"Really?" Karl asks back. She nodded innocently.

"You poor thing... 137 million dollar in your bank yet you never been anywhere."

"Well, there's nothing I can do about that.  You know how my parents died, don't ya? Besides, the committees are always watching me. They're very strict about this kind of things, you know."

"I can see that. What else can't you do before marrying me?"

"Oh, there's plenty...  Perhaps I tell you some other time."

"You're in luck then... It's two hour flight from New Shamrock to Ventaga. We'll be taking a private jet. Maybe you can tell me then?" Karl added. He already changed to more comfortable clothes and wearing a trench coat. He looks pretty stylish now compared to his previous schoolboy outfit. Alice find herself mesmerized by Karl.

"Is something wrong?" Karl ask her. She immediately shakes her head. Karl meticulously re-pack his bags and switch on his laptop. He begin typing and sending a couple of emails and didn't realize that Alice is staring at him. He stop for a moment and look at her. Alice shows him a huge smile. Karl wonder if something the matter with her? Perhaps he shouldn't think too much. Maybe, she just nervous about this sudden trip, that's all. 

"Karl?" Alice suddenly call out for him. He look up again.


"Do you mind if we don't do the 'private jet' thing?"

"Why? Are you scared?" he asked before looking at the laptop screen again. She paused. He stopped typing and look up at her.

"It's about your parents, isn't?" he asked, as if just realizing it. She nodded.

"Can we?" she asks again. He closed the laptop and clasped his hands together underneath his chin.

"Alright... Should I drive, then?"

"You can drive?"

"Sure. I'm eighteen and I already have my license. Hence, the driving..." he said. She look at him with a disbelief look on her face.

"You look surprised. May I ask why?"

"No... It's just that, I didn't know there's a lot of things you can do... Like going to school and driving a car. The committee would never allowed me to do anything like that."

"I see... I think its because you're the 'Jewel of Ventaga'. There's many things you aren't allowed."

"Are you for real? I mean look at me... I am no jewel. You just messing with me, right?"

"No. That's exactly what I heard from my grandparents right after the bidding. My grandpa had a great laugh over that, of course. Oh, sorry... I shouldn't mention to you about that. I hope you don't get offended."

"None taken."

"Anyways, we're already late. We best get going now. Have you get everything with you?"


"Alright. Let go."


Mandy Abermore walks in a hurry. There's no time to lose, she thinks to herself. Her eyes is darting left and right to ensure no one is following her. She enters a gift shop and pretend like she's interested in the keychain there. It's all a lie. She's running away from someone.

Alice Fredericka. Her ward for the last six years suddenly enters her mind. The sweet girl must be so confused to why she been missing since the wedding. Mandy knows it, but there's nothing else she could do. Her assignment from the bureau is up. Therefore, she have to leave before any of them find out about her motives upon her arrival to the Ventaga.

"I need you to collect data of the rich people there, Agent Marlowe. The government suspected some illegal activities conducted there by several of its occupants. Here's the list of their names. An opportunity is finally presented to us, so you need to act quick."

"What do you want me to do exactly, chief?"

"I need you to occupy the governess slot. There's a child who recently become an orphan there. Her name is Alice Thea Fredricka, better known as Alice. Her parents died in a tragic plane crash nearly a week ago. In the mean time, the committees are busy trying to find someone to take care of the girl. We think you'll be a suitable candidate."

"And what made you think that?"

"You practically raise your brother by yourself when you're just a teenager, didn't you?" the Chief ask back. Marlowe bit her tongue.

"But,  that's my brother... This is someone I don't know, Chief."

"It doesn't matter to us as long as you be getting the intel we want. Use whatever you know while raising him with this kid. It shouldn't be that hard."

"Are you sure, Chief? My brother is a drug addict now."

"The kid is an heiress, Agent Marlowe. I don't think she'll ever turned like your brother. There's plenty of people watching over her. What I meant to say is that - go get that f*cking governess job or you're fired!!" he said before slamming the door. Marlowe shrug her shoulder and sighs.

"Okay, Chief. As you said. You're in charge."

"Oh, and you gonna need a new name for this... How's Mandy Abermore sound?"

"Mandy Abermore? She sounded English."

"Damn right, you'll be. Alice mother was an English woman. She really insisted upon it."

"I see. Well, in that case... I'll do whatever I can sir to convince them to hire me. Good day." Marlowe said in her flawless English accent. It's part of the training for the agent to master multiples of accent before they're sent to any assignment. This won't be Marlowe first. Just like Alice Fredricka - Marlowe mom was also an Englishwoman. She manage to pick up a bit of her accent here and there before she left. This shouldn't be hard.... Marlowe thinks to herself.

 The Chief give her a huge smile before handing the case file to her. 

"Good luck, Agent Marlowe. Or should I say - Mandy Abermore." he added with a wink. Marlowe rolled her eyes before leaving the room.

"Where is it?" ask a man from behind her. Marlowe turned around. She frowns.

"Where's what?" she ask back. The man laughs at her.

"The Axis. We know you stole it from the committee a couple of weeks back. We would like it back." said the man in grimace. Marlowe immediately shakes her head.

"I'm sorry... I have no idea what you mean. Please, leave me alone." she said and tries to leave. But there's about five men blocking her path right now. This is bad... She wasn't supposed to meet with the Chief until ten minutes later. The Axis is still inside of her necklace. There's no way she could've pass through all of them without making a commotion.

What is she supposed to do now?

"We know who you are, Agent Marlowe Sweeting. Your brother, Kincaid is with us. If you don't want anything happen to him - just give us the Axis. We promise we'll let you go, unharmed."

"Liar. You think I'll believe you? I already know what happened. Kincaid tell you where to find me, didn't he? That stupid cokehead... Well, do your worst, but mark my word - you'll never find the Axis as long as I live. So, go to hell."

"Stubborn bitch... We'll see how long you can keep the attitude. Guys, hold her down..." the man ordered. Marlowe begin to swing her kick and even though she manage to knock two of them down; another two of them come in charge. The man punch her stomach before slapping her face. Then, he smiles.

"As long as you live, eh? Well, I'll make you regret saying those words soon." he said before proceeded to stabs her. As soon as he did that, Marlowe begin to gurgle out blood. The man twisted the knife to inflict more pain and ask Marlowe about the Axis one last time.

"Where is it, Agent Marlowe?"

"Go... to....Hell!!!" she said and spits blood on his face. The man wipe the blood away and retracted the knife from Marlowe's stomach. Blood continues to splatter out as she slowly leaned on the wall. 

"Boss, we're supposed to bring the Axis, no kill her. Boss?"

"I don't give a shit. That bitch of an agent got a mouth on her. She deserves whatever happened to her."

"But, boss."

"Leave. And say nothing about this to the committee. As far as they're concerned - the Axis is dead along with that bitch." he said and put the knife back in his coat. The rest of the gang scrambled to clear out the place. Marlowe watches them leave but unable to do anything. Her vision is getting blurry. As she lay there, holding her last breath - she says;

"Alice... Please... forgive me..."

-End of Chapter 4-