Chapter 29:

Pronouncing "Fifty Nineteen" in French

Real Villain, Desu Wa!

Now I have to contact Carmine. The government didn’t dump him. They thought that he wasn’t involved in that rebellion because he wore clean clothes, so he is still working at VCM. I can just ask him to broadcast that Xerxes was killed by Hacker-X with his suicide bombing.

Damian was landing near the five-floor building of Asred-V with his Magical Broom. He saw that Anastasia stood in front of a flagpole near the building: she raised Verdandi’s flag halfway up the pole.

“Are you sad that Xerxes is dead?” Damian landed and asked.

Anastasia curled up her lips and replied, “It’s not for his death. People are happy for his death instead.”

“Then, who?”


Anastasia pushed Damian aside and shot Tigre who was behind Damian. Tigre shot with his golden gun and hit Anastasia’s chest, but Anastasia also shot with her gun and hit Tigre’s head.

“ANA!” Damian held Anastasia and put her down in his lap. “Are you okay?! Let’s call for an ambulance.”

“System Check,” Anastasia said, and she then said with a robotic voice, “Version 2.0.0, codename: Zero, the Super Time Traveler.”

What? The Super Time Traveler? Damian thought. “Ana, return to the past and don’t go here!”

“My Dear, hypothetically, do you know what can kill the time travelers?” Anastasia asked.

“Their stupidity! Quick, return to the past, or let’s go to a hospital!” Damian tried to stand up, but Anastasia pulled him down.

“First, they die from old age. Second, they haven’t reached the time machine when they have to,” Anastasia replied. “And third, they become crazy and die from boredom.”

“What? Are you serious?”

“Do you watch that anime where the protagonist is in a repeating summer due to his troublesome friend?”

“Yeah, but that troublesome friend was very attractive in the movie. She behaved like an Ojou-sama. His friend with big boobs was also cute.”

Anastasia glared at Damian for a moment and then asked, “Do you like that Endless Summer Arc?”

“Oh, God, NO. I couldn’t stand it. I was glad when it was finally over!”

“I have repeated this timeline a hundred times, and that bitch’s butler always manages to kill you. He has so many copies of him. Therefore I live in fear and worry. I hate that. So I don’t care anymore. I’m bored!” Anastasia said and smiled.

Damian wasn’t sure how to respond to Anastasia. Anastasia said, “Isn’t it great if we don’t have to fight Tricia in the first place?”

“Then let’s just go back to that point!” Damian said.

“That point is three years ago, Damian: when you woke up with memory loss. If I didn’t erase your memories, then you wouldn’t rebel, and you would let my father start the Fifth World War. But if I erased your memories, you would rebel, and we would be back at this point. Also, the time machine can only bring one person.”

“What are you scheming, Ana?”

Anastasia smiled, caressed Damian’s face, and said, “That’s why, instead of me, you have to go. You have to prevent the Fifth World War, but you also have to prevent the fight with Tricia. Can you do that for me?”

“Why don’t we just prevent that Cyborg Project? We won’t have any problem with Tricia.”

“I don’t think another you will go along with you. You were also threatened by my father. And you are not the only capable robotics engineer, Damian. Tricia is very rich.”

If I can go back to the past, I can also prevent many sacrifices: Hikari, Ms. Kisara, Nanoka, and even Takeshi. I can also avoid that loli so she won’t suspect me as a terrorist.

Damian then asked, “Are you sure about this?”

Anastasia curled up her lips and said, “Yes”. Then she pulled down Damian and gave him her lips. After that, she said, “Too bad, I cannot hear you shouting ‘kenja taimu’ or see you doing any bullshit again.”

Anastasia then snapped her right fingers behind Damian’s left ear, before Damian tried to steal her memory and processor, because if she had the time machine, Damian would still need her.



Damian hit rubbish in the landfill, and he rolled down. Then he hit another him and opened his eyes.

So I do return to the past. Damian stood up and took out his flip smartphone and USB connector from his suit jacket. Let’s shut you down and make your components as a backup, he thought, and then he hacked another him.

It was in the evening, and then Damian heard footsteps. Damian turned around and saw a woman in her 20s. “Anastasia? Didn’t you die?” he asked.

Anastasia looked surprised and then said, “So another me decided to end her life and sent you instead.”

“Can you go back to the past too? That will be very helpful to me. I’m going to fulfill your wish,” Damian replied.

Anastasia shook her head and said, “System Check”. Then she said with a robotic voice, “Version 1.0.0, codename: Zero, the Super Time Traveler.” She explained, “I can only hypothetically detect another me and supposedly take her memory and processor if another me does exist, have the time machine, and ask me to do that. I still don’t know how to make a time machine at this point.”

“Are you in that Cyborg Project?”

Anastasia smiled and said, “No, I turned myself into a cyborg with my secret team, so I can be useful to you and not under the government’s radar.” If she could be useful to Damian, then she could chain Damian. Yes, Anastasia was scary.

This means, likely, I only have one chance. I also have no idea how to develop a time machine. I even don’t know how I got here, another Anastasia knocked me out after she snapped her fingers.

“Ana, can I have one more wife?” Damian asked that question out of nowhere!

Anastasia glared at Damian. Then she sighed and said, “If she is a bitch, then I’m going to kill her.”

“No, no, she is a good colleague!”

“Ah, her. Sure, but I must have your time more than her.”

“Yes, Ma’am! Yes!” Damian stood up and gave Anastasia a salute.

“So, what are you going to do, My Future Husband?”

“Kill Xerxes. Gabriel doesn’t have balls without Xerxes, so if Dent dies, Gabriel won’t dare to do anything funny. Tricia also will lose her supporters without Xerxes. Oh, that’s right, is it fine if I kill your father?”

Anastasia didn’t say anything for a moment. Then she said, “If that’s what another me wants, then I don’t mind. You are my life, Damian. Life is just boring and frustrating without you. I knew this since you did something stupid in my workplace that time.” Anastasia chuckled.

“Hey, I’m a COOL person! Even a BADASS!”

Anastasia just laughed. “Yes, I know, but sometimes you are just stupid, and I love you because of that.”

Why can’t I take it as a compliment?

Anastasia then asked, “So, what do you need?”

“Time, and some components. Just give me two months.”

Thus two months had passed.

Disinformation and assassination. Those are the keys to this operation, Damian thought. Yes, he did that revolution again! However, in this timeline, he killed Xerxes too with a hydrogen bomb that was carried by Xerxes’ hacked P3 humanoid.


He also had killed Dent in the Urd Air Force Base, and then with his S-Class car, Damian raced to Hikari’s house.

Hikari grabbed her Magical Broom, and she opened her front door. Then she met Damian who was already in front of her door. “Damian?” she asked and wondered why Damian was there.

“Hikari,” Damian said. Hikari was surprised because it was the first time that Damian called her informally without a chuuni nickname. “I miss you so much, you have no idea. I know what you feel about me. So, do you mind if I hug and kiss you right now?” Damian asked.

Hikari hesitated and asked, “What about Ms. Anastasia? Isn’t she your girlfriend?”

“Well, I got her consent. You can ask her. So it’s a thre***me, Baby!”

“Phu-,” Hikari held her laughter and covered her mouth with her left hand. Then she put her arms on her back, closed her eyes, and lifted her chin.

Damian walked to Hikari, closed the door, and put his arms on Hikari’s back. Then he gave Hikari his lips.

He then put his chin over Hikari’s left shoulder and asked, “Hikari, do you know how to pronounce ‘fifty nineteen’ in French?”

Hikari sighed. Then she said, “Damian, I don’t mind doing 6*, but clean yourself first. Also, is the city really okay? Through my walkie-talkie, I got a request from Number Six to investigate what was going on. She doubted the VCM’s morning news.”

“Nah, just trust the news. Don’t worry, it’s fine. Let’s just do our business, Hikari.”

“Yeah, yeah, as you wish, Damian.”

Therefore they did their business in broad daylight.


If we translate “fifty nineteen” to French and pronounce it, then it will sound like “s*ck on de*z n*ts”.