Chapter 28:

The Supreme Leader (2)

Real Villain, Desu Wa!

“Aren’t pterodactyls extinct? De-extinction is also impossible,” Damian said.

“If a fish could evolve into a pterodactyl, then it could happen again under similar conditions. Also, there was World War IV,” Kisara replied.

“Are you serious?”

“And they can be tamed too. It’s not surprising because there was a chicken who could play piano on a talent show. Even a chicken can be tamed.”

Damian left his mouth open and then looked at Xerxes again.

Bam! Bam!

Regis walked toward Damian and prepared to slam him. “Nanoka, walk!” Damian shouted. Nanoka tilted her head and asked, “Eh? Why?”

“Just walk!”

“Okay!” Nanoka then walked to Regis, the mega robot.

Thud! BAM!

Nanoka tripped, unintentionally hacked Regis, and fell. Regis also tripped and hit the ground!

“Drop it!” Kisara lifted her chin and shouted.

Boom! Boom!

Some pterodactyls dropped bombs on Regis, and other pterodactyls were scratching Regis with their claws. Thus, Regis’s head, arms, and back were destroyed.

This is the power of friendship! Damian thought.

“Regis, disjoin!” Xerxes shouted, and the mega robot was disassembled into three humanoid parts: the destroyed upper body and two legs. Then the legs transformed into humanoids and ran toward Nanoka.

“WA, WA, WA, WA,” Nanoka said and stood up to run and avoid those humanoids.

Thud! BOOM!

However, Nanoka tripped again, and thus the two humanoids fell and exploded themselves!

HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? Did she unintentionally send a self-detonation command?!


A blue sword was thrown at Kisara through the explosions, and it thrust Kisara into the fence far behind her. “Ms. Kisara!” Damian shouted and noticed that the pterodactyls flew away. Damn it. I’m sorry, Ms. Kisara.

A drone approached Damian and dropped his two-handed sword. “ACCEL!” Damian shouted and ran toward Xerxes.

“ACCEL!” Xerxes also shouted and ran toward Damian after he wore steel gloves which were dropped by his drones.

Clang! Clang!

Damian swung his sword at Xerxes’ neck, but it was blocked by Xerxes’ left fist. Then Damian swung his sword again from his left side, but it was also blocked by Xerxes’ right fist. Then, with one slap, Xerxes threw away Damian’s sword and struck Damian to the ground with his punch. Xerxes then slapped Damian again and again, while Damian blocked it with his arms.

“Bunny! Do something!” Damian shouted.

“Hey, do you watch that anime where the idol dies in the first episode?” Bunny sat on the lawn and asked Nanoka.

Nanoka sat with her legs in a W-shaped position near Bunny and said, “Yes!”

“Isn’t that anime good? And I like that blonde girl. Her dancing was so OMG!” Bunny said.

“Bunny!” Damian shouted while he still got slapped.

“Yeah! I like the twin-tails girl! I also danced when she sang that ‘Sunny’ song!” Nanoka replied.

“OMG, that’s true! I love that song!” Bunny said.

“For the love of- BUNNY! HELP ME YOU SHIT ASS!” Damian shouted.

“Hey, Nanoka, do you hear my master’s voice?” Bunny asked.

Nanoka stood up, turned her head to Bunny, and asked, “Hmm, do you see Mr. Damian?”

Damian was a bit far behind Nanoka, but he still could be seen, and he was on the right side of Nanoka. However, there was silence for a moment as if Nanoka waited for an answer from her audience. “Where?” Nanoka commented.

Bunny then pointed at Damian and made a mouse click sound.

“Yeah! There is Mr. Damian!”

Are you the f*cking blind Nanoka the Explorer?!

“No! Master, no!” Bunny shouted and pointed his right hand at Damian. “Bunny, shuto! Bunny, shuto! (‘shuto’ means ‘shoot’ in Japanese)” Bunny said while he swung his right arm repeatedly.

Bunny, what the f*ck are you doing?

“Why? Why can’t I evolve?!” Bunny shouted and shut his eyes. Some drones then flew over Bunny, and Nanoka took out her smartphone from her hoodie jacket pocket. “Masteeeeeeeeer!” Bunny shouted.

You don’t need to dramatize it. JUST HELP ME, YOU MOTHERF*CKER!

Suddenly, Nanoka’s smartphone was turned on, and it played a motivational and touching BGM! Some drones brought LED stage lights around Bunny, and the drones rotated and shone the lights toward Bunny, so Bunny could not be seen. Then Bunny jumped to other drones, and the drones were moving upward and rotating under the lights!

Kore wa (means ‘this is’ in Japanese)… the evolution,” Damian said while he still lay on the ground. Xerxes stopped slapping and turned his head toward Bunny. Xerxes then said, “Nani?! (‘nani’ means ‘what’ in Japanese)”

“Bunnyyy, SHINKAAAAAAAAAAAA (means ‘evolution’ in Japanese)!” Bunny shouted and rotated faster!

The lights then were turned off, and Bunny had four wings attached to his back! His right hand also became a barrel!

“Angel Bunnynom!” Bunny declared the name of his new form!

Man, this scene is always tearing me up, although I’m already an adult. For the sake of his friend, they evolve and become stronger with a motivational and touching BGM! This is also the power of friendship! Damian thought. It’s not pointless. With those wings, Bunny can fly and move faster, and with that barrel, Bunny can also shoot and distract my enemy!

“Super Syntax: Body Hacking,” Xerxes said, and then a barrel came out from his right lower arm.

Bang! Bang!

Bunny shot Xerxes, but Xerxes avoided it and shot at Bunny. Bunny flew aside, spun his body, and shot again. Xerxes also spun, avoided the bullets, and shot again.

“Super Syntax: Fool-” Nanoka shouted.


Xerxes shot and hit Nanoka’s forehead with his bullet, and then he shot at Bunny in the sky again.

Nanoka! Damian stood up and ran toward Xerxes. However, Xerxes caught a blue sword from a drone with his right hand and threw it at Damian. Damian made an X with his arms and blocked the sword, but he also got pushed to the fence beside Kisara.


Xerxes managed to hit Bunny’s head, and thus Bunny fell from the sky and shattered his head on the ground.

Damian laughed. Are you kidding me? Even the power of friendship cannot beat him… how… how can I beat him?! After so many sacrifices, are we going to lose?

Xerxes turned his head toward Damian and walked to Damian. Xerxes was still cautious, and he didn’t underestimate Damian. Xerxes was a calculative and careful person.

Am I still this weak? Anastasia… Ms. Elma, can’t we achieve the future for us? What should I do? Am I… I… Who am I… What is my strength… I...

“ACCEL!” Xerxes shouted and ran toward Damian. Xerxes intended to blast Damian’s head with his fist.


However, Xerxes was surprised and struck to the ground. He held his body with his hands and knees, and he lifted his chin to look at Damian and assess his situation.

“A program, a book, time, or anything has a cause if it’s ever nonexistent. The cause can be a human, a natural phenomenon, a nonbook, or anything, and it does exist. If the cause has intelligence, it must understand more about its creation,” Damian said. “Super Syntax: the Omniscient Viewpoint.” Yes, that was his Super Syntax as the Super Creator! Finally, he found his Super Syntax!

Bam! Bam!

Xerxes stood up and tried to punch Damian from his right side, but his punch was blocked by Damian, and Damian struck his head again to the ground. Xerxes stood up, but he got pushed down by Damian again as if Damian could foresee whatever he was going to do!

Xerxes lifted his chin and said, “Super Syntax: Copying.” That was Xerxes’ Super Syntax as the Supreme Leader! However, he looked so confused.

So that’s your Super Syntax. It explains how you could use other cyborg abilities. Nanoka was in your campaign team, so you could witness and copy her Super Syntax. I assume you already had the necessary components. No wonder you could be far superior to the other cyborgs without having their processors.

“Do you wonder why you cannot copy my ability?” Damian asked. “It’s clear: because I’M YOUR GOD," he said as he combed up the hair on his forehead with his right hand. "I was the one who led the Love Life! Ultimate Cyborg Project because I had inspiration and knowledge more than anyone else. And now it becomes easy for me to deduce everything about your system and your behaviors, Number One.”

Xerxes glared at Damian, rolled backward, and stood up. Then he turned around and ran. Yes, he bluffed with his glare, gave up, and ran away!

Some drones attached Serena’s modified wing to Damian’s back. It was modified so there were some rubies on top of the wing. “ACCEL!” Damian shouted and held Xerxes’ waist. He then flew high to the sky.

It was dangerous if Xerxes jumped from the sky, and he didn’t ever fully witness Serena’s airplane wing so he couldn’t copy and prepare it.

What is the ultimate solution to war or fight? Yes, just nuke them!

Damian detached his wing with his right hand, gave the wing to Xerxes, and fell from the sky. Xerxes couldn’t control the wing, and thus the wing pushed Xerxes higher in the sky. Then the Super Magician Girl’s broom caught Damian so Damian could land safely on the ground later.

Damian smirked and shouted, “Super Syntax: Magical Beaaam, FIREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”

The rubies on top of Serena’s modified wing blinked at the same time: Ping! Ping! Ping!

Boooooooooooooooooooooooom! WHOOOOOOOSH!

A large sphere was formed in the sky at dawn. It shrank and created a blast that became wider and wider and collided with molecules in Earth’s atmosphere, creating an artificial aurora!

I hesitated to nuke him because I worried about the accompanying electromagnetic pulse which could wash out radio stations, set off an emergency siren, and cause streetlights to black out. But, this is the only sure way.

After so many sacrifices, the Supreme Leader, the mastermind of the massacres and corruptions in Verdandi, was nuked and defeated!