Chapter 15:

|The Royal duel (part 3)

That time I got reincarnated in the middle of a royal wedding..

If this reality of mine was akin to a video game, this easily seen library would have been hidden somewhere a newbie like me wouldn’t be able to get to. If by some miracle, I did manage to find my way there, then it would have probably been off limits and my screen would have been showing me the words “Level up before attempting to enter the library”. Since when has finding a book been such a lucky moment?? Considering the kind of luck I’ve been getting, I’ll say I just won the jackpot.

Tales, myths, events. They were all in this very book. With extensive insight on what exactly made this country so special. Just like any other informational book, it was huge so I definitely couldn’t finish it. Understanding it was possible due to my body identifying each letter and thus, I knew a language I didn’t know. I even spoke it unknowingly. It’s just that what I thought was translated in that language. Nonetheless, as I skimmed through the book, picking up on as many major details I could, I noticed that there were quite a few things said about magic. 

I’m aware that this is not a magic book but I found it odd because I assumed that magic was the very foundation of Havendore, both in terms of its concept and influence on the country as a whole. However, it became clear to me that magic was an after effect of one historical event called the battle of Genesis. It didn’t say much about it, though. Perhaps information about that will be in another book.

It wasn’t magic that held this country together.. it was dragons. In this country, dragons resided and helped humanity rather than antagonize it. Initially, man and dragon made a blood oath. For the sake of protection on both sides. Dragons never really had a territory. This was due to mankind’s greed and urge to either make them their own or eliminate them. This goal was set for one main purpose: The preservation of both the people of Havendore and the dragons. This oath brought two after effects. Firstly, the disapproval of some of the dragons who couldn’t recognize humans as equals. And secondly, the religion that was formed for the sole purpose of worshiping dragons. These two went hand in hand as the dragons who fled went to separate lands and were viewed as deities. 

Other than that, I saw things related to goddesses and some historic figures. I was already familiar with Kion, the goddess that the royal family worshiped and historic figures whose names I just couldn’t remember. So I skimmed through that and searched for more information that will help me in the long run.

“Come on. Where are the demon lords?? The goddesses are here but not a single mention of demons. Disappointing.”

Truly disappointing…. As I approached the middle of the gigantuous book, a word that made up for the disappointment I once felt while reading this book popped up. Immediately I saw the word “witches”, my senses began tingling. My isekai experience was basically missing without these.


“Finally.”, I uttered these words, full of relief.

That was when a random thought came to mind… With all these mystical beings becoming more and more, doesn’t that mean…

“Doesn’t that mean I’m in more danger??”

The door sprung open, the shock nearly made me jump out of my seat.

“So this is where you went??”

“Uhh, well I didn’t really go anywhere.”

“So you missed the lecture??”

“I guess..”

She sighed and placed her hand on her forehead before smiling. I could see that “what am I going to do with you?” look written on her face. Rumi being Rumi, I’m sure she was thinking of something absolutely different.

“Was the wedding that tiring??”

“I couldn’t catch any sleep for days out of excitement, you know.”

“I don’t know how to feel about that.”

“Don’t worry, it’s my fault anyway.”

“Hmm?? Seems like you left the long chair but ended up sleeping on the desk.”

“O-Oh yeah. Thanks to that, I’m full of energy.”

“Great to hear.”

“So how was the lecture?”

“Unlike the other lectures, it actually gave me new insight on how to use my magic.”

Right, my wife was a magic user….. I nearly forgot that. Her fighting without it made me think she didn’t have the capability for it but it seems like I was wrong. Magic users are scarce in this world so if you don’t use your magic, you might as well not have any.

“I’m guessing the first person you’re going to test this new technique on is the prince?”

“Hmm. Perhaps if I’m cornered, I will.”

“Just make sure you don’t leave any marks on his face, okay??”

“I suppose I can add that to the list of things not to do.”

“When is the duel??”

“It’s supposed to take place now.”


“Seems like you don’t know how much time has passed since I left. I attended the lecture and went to eat thinking I simply missed you. It was not until Lez informed me that she never saw you anywhere close to the lunchroom. The place with the highest probability of you being there was right here so I came to look for you.”

“I’m sorry for troubling you.”

“It’s no problem. Let’s go.”

I was getting excited. Slightly worried but definitely excited. The royal duel was about to commence. We went to where every duel was settled in. The mini coliseum. Upon our arrival, we saw dozens of people seated, anticipating. Normally, duels were as a result of personal grudges and were settled without anyone knowing. But as any fight went, the higher the reputation of the fighters, the higher the number of spectators. It was natural. She stepped down to the center and I went to the stands. Of course, I wasn’t alone. From far, I could see Elaine staring intently at the two so I approached. She left a free seat for me. That simple gesture warmed my heart.

“So, how do you feel about the duel, Voyan???”

“I have a lot of things to say but first why the hell is she seating all the way there??”

I pointed to Lez who was three seats away by the left.

“Oh…I wonder what has her so upset?? I could call her for you if you wish it.”

“No. It’s probably best to leave her. Anyway, about this duel. A lot is at stake. I’m aware of that so I only wish Rumi comes out of it with minimal damage.”

“That is so sweet. She is truly lucky to have such a caring man as you.”

“Enough with the flattery. Any more of that and I might start believing it myself.”

“But I only spoke the truth. Worry not, for my words were spun with no intent of flattery. I know you’re a caring man. In fact, it won’t be a stretch to say you are the ideal man for any woman.”

“I’m blushing.”

“I jest.”


I heard something break. That’s odd…Was I holding any breakable objects??

“Your highness???”


“Why are you holding your chest??”

“.….It’s okay. I guess it really was a stretch, huh??”

She managed to deceive me.. She said she was speaking the truth and cut back so quick that even I took damage.

“I didn’t mean it that way, really. You know how some women are head over heels for cold, ruthless men??”


“Well, women like that will probably not find you attractive because of those bizarre preferences. So I didn’t lie. I should have said you’re the ideal man for most normal women.”


She managed to break my heart and mend it in seconds. I found myself blushing like a boy making his first confession.

“You’re so sweet Elaine. You know, I could even marry you.”


“M-M-My Lord. That’s… I mean, your wife is about to participate in a duel and here you are p-p-p-p-propo….”


“Wait Elaine. You don’t mean a proposal, right?”


She definitely took my words the wrong way. Here I was, giving away my own form of flattery and she was heating up and stuttering. Although, seeing Elaine like this made me want to replay this memory for the rest of my life. I didn’t even know emotionless Elaine was capable of making such an expression.

“What’s wrong, Elaine.??”

“You see, Voyan, I’m not ready for marriage just yet. And also, you just married Rumi so I wonder what made you view me as a potential partner but I do not mi----”

“Wait, wait, wait. What makes you think I’m making a proposal?”

“But Voyan, your words are a strong suggestive proposal that one only makes to a person they are familiar with.”

So those words were considered a proposal instead of mere flattery. I can see where the logic is coming from when I think about it.

“If it wasn’t meant as a proposal then I shall discard it immediately.”


If I were ever to propose to anyone, it wouldn’t be through that crappy attempt of a proposal. However, Elaine did look slightly unsatisfied.

“I mean, if I were to propose to you, wouldn’t it have to be something more formal and less suggestive??”

“You’re right. I would prefer that.”

This conversation was heading in a terrible direction. It was like a ship without a helm.

“You know, Rumi asked me to come here as a witness.”

“I see. That makes sense. You don’t seem like the type to come view a fight just for the fun of it.”

“Is that how you see me??”


“I guess you’re right. I just don’t care most of the time. However, this one is an exception. I came as both. Nothing is going to happen so my coming here will be due to curiosity and nothing else.”


Rumi reached for her weapon, right where the Prince was.

“You are looking as pretty as ever.”

“No amount of flattery is going to save you.”

“Save me??? You sure have a lot of confidence.”

“I do. Let’s get this over with.”

She pulled out her gold colored sword before walking closer.

“Let the battle begin!!!”

The prince did the same and rushed towards her with two swords. They were twin swords. With the clash of swords, the battle commenced. That much was clear when the crowd began cheering. Unfortunately you couldn’t tell who they were cheering for.

Rumi leaped back and came in with multiple plunges to which he successfully parried with his weapons. He then attempted to sweep her cleanly off the ground but she responded with a flying side kick which was blocked.

“Not bad.”


They both complimented each other, even in the heat of battle.

“It’s my turn.”

He ran in with his swords behind him then at a close enough distance, he dragged them forward for a diagonal swing. Rumi swapped hands for her weapon and knocked the sword off his left hand, targeting his wrist using her right elbow, and swung at him using her left arm. He attempted to kick but she managed to dodge it and leaped back.

“Pick up the sword.”

“You don’t need to tell me.”

He picked up his sword that fell and flung it around before grabbing it with a firm grip. He went in again, this time he plunged with both swords. A move that she gracefully dodged by doing the splits. Her forward leg hit his and made his stance shake slightly. During this interval, the sword she had was thrown in the air and was caught successfully before pointing it at his neck. I was previously amazed by how flexible she was but once again, I was fascinated.

“The fight is over.”

“It’s not even close!!!” he screamed as he swung against her sword and leaped back.

“I have to admit. That was pretty clever.”

“When praising your opponent is all you can do, that in itself should be a loss, don’t you think??”

“As I just said, the fight is far from over.”

He pointed to the sky with one of his swords and suddenly, a huge ball of water formed and shot up to the sky, creating showers of rain.

“For all that build up, all you did was make everyone wet.”

“Relax, I do that all the time.”


The two swords in his hands began glowing.

“I told you, didn’t I? I will violate your body in front of this crowd and do you know the best part? They’ll all cheer for me.”

“I doubt they are as pathetic as you.”

“Haha. Let’s see then!!!”

Suddenly, a huge gust of wind emerged from his position. The glowing swords took on another form. The weapon on his left was enveloped in ice while the other was enveloped in lightning. As droplets of rain began pouring, his goal became clearer. 

I looked at Elaine, who maintained composure compared to me who was visibly frightened. I was wet and frightened. Elaine caught note of this and assumed I was freezing. She then wrapped little balls of fire around me, to keep me warm. They were not that close that they could burn my clothes but they were close enough. I could swear I looked like Raijin (japanese god of Thunder).

“For a moment there, I forgot that you were seated right beside me.”

“It’s understandable. This fight has been far too entertaining.”

“That’s because Rumi is winning. If she wasn’t, it’ll be dreadful. As you can see, half the crowd is happy and the other is furious.”

“So even Rumi has people against her.”

“Not necessarily. They just want to see Prince Martial win.”

“This fight is getting intense, though. Will she be able to handle this much??”

Upon hearing my words, she chuckled and looked at me with a calm tone.

“Your wife would be disappointed if she heard that coming from you. Her name wouldn’t be Rumi if this much intimidated her.”


“How do you like that, huh?? Now I’ll make you pick. Do you want to freeze first or get electrocuted first?”

“Haha… I suppose this is where I quiver in fear, right??”

“Of course it is. You are clearly outmatched.”

“I wonder about that.”

She gently hit the ground with her sword twice and suddenly, all the water around her vanished. The magic around her sword blossomed and transformed it into a new weapon. From the hilt, the energy took on physical form and enveloped itself round the sword in a spiral fashion. There were two elements. One was lightning and the other was ice. The crowd was speechless, as was Elaine and I.

“You see, you dug your own grave when you decided to make the whole place wet.”

“How did you---”

“I’m pretty sure you thought you were special, being one of few who can use multiple elements. Well, you aren’t that special, Martial.”


“Now, let me ask you. Do you want to freeze first or get electrocuted first?”