Chapter 18:

Unwanted Reunion

Death's Rhapsody

“Please heal my mother!”

I was surprised by the sudden request that I was left dumbfounded. I scratched my cheeks while trying to understand what she just said. Heal her mother? Is her mother sick perhaps... Lisa-san sighed and stared at Alyss-san.

“Princess... “

“U-uhm... “

I tried to ask what she meant but then Alyss-san spoke, answering my doubts.

“My mother, she’s currently bedridden right now... they said that it was some kind of illness and they’re still trying to treat it as of now but... “

Based on the sound of it, it seemed that her mother still hasn't recovered yet and her condition wasn’t getting any better. Instead, it was getting worse by the day.

Wait, isn’t her mother...

“As you thought, the queen is currently sick right now. Though, we cannot yet disclose that information to the public. The only ones that know are those of the royal family and some trusted guards.”

Doesn’t that mean that we also know now too? Wait... Are we gonna get into trouble here or something... I’d rather not want that...

Noticing my anxiety, Lisa-san answered my worries.

“Don’t worry. Since the princess herself told you, we won’t blame you or anything. Besides, I owe you my life.” Lisa-san bowed. “Thank you very much for saving my life.”

I shook my hands in front of my face, flustered. “You don’t have to go that far... “

“No. You saved my life and I owe you that.”

Lisa-san insisted, still bowing her head.

“I get it already! So please raise your head... “

Lisa-san finally raised her head.

“Though if you want, you can take me as a reward. You did save my life so I’m willing to give it to you.”

Lisa-san just dropped a bomb.


I couldn’t help but shout in surprise while I sweat profusely. Just why would you give me your life?!

“A-ahem!” Rion-san and Alyss-san clears their throat.

Hm? Why are you glaring at me Alyss-san...

Raiz tapped my shoulder with a sympathizing look. “It’s hard being popular, huh?”

Just what is this guy talking about?

While it's true that I did use some outrageously forbidden magic, it wasn’t my intention to. Also, that was my first time using it ever since I learned it from that goddess...

“Anyway, may I ask Hiro-san... that magic you did, that was healing magic right?” asked Alyss-san. “No. No matter what you think about it, that's definitely healing magic.”

Now that they saw it, there was no way for me to explain it otherwise. Though I was planning to explain it to them, I wasn’t exactly sure how.

I sighed then nodded. “Yes, that was healing magic.”

It was definitely healing magic. A magic that could heal—as far as I knew—any kind of injuries and illnesses. The only exception was resurrecting the dead. After all, you can’t heal someone whose life is already gone.

Regardless, it was a magic that surpassess all imagination. It was supposed to be just a fantasy. A power that only gods could and should use.

“So I prefer if you don’t tell anyone... “

Discovering that someone could use this kind of magic would cause a lot of problems, especially for me. Just having the princess and her loyal guards know this was already making me sweat nervously.

Lisa-san nodded. “Understandable. This isn’t something that should be disclosed to the public.”

I patted my chest and sighed in relief.

“But... As a royal guard, I’ll still need to report this matter to the majesty“ said Lisa-san. “So, I’ll have to ask you to come with me to the palace.”


“Don’t worry. I’ll explain your situation to the majesty beforehand and make sure that no one else besides us and the majesty know about this.” said Lisa-san as she glanced towards Alyss-san and Raiz.

Raiz smiled. “Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone either!”

Although that was a relief to hear, it still made me anxious. Especially when I was about to meet the king. I mean, what if he asked how I learned healing magic? For the time being, I’ll probably have to come up with an excuse.

Suddenly, Alyss-san spoke up. “Uhm, Hiro-san, about that request... “ Her voice was meek, different from the usual Alyss-san I knew.

Lisa-san cleared her throat and called out Alyss-san with a serious tone. “Princess Alyss.” she said. “Let’s save that matter for when we return. For now, aren’t we supposed to finish the quest?”

“Ah... “ Alyss-san was about to say something but hold herself back. After that, we went ahead and finished the quest we came here for after confirming that there were no monsters nearby. Rion-san and Lisa-san were on guard more than before to not repeat what happened just moments before. Raiz offered to help and told us how to find the flowers more easily so we could finish the quest quickly.

I went to a nearby tree to try and find the flower we were looking for. Right now, we need to focus on finishing the quest.

I still haven’t found who's behind those goblin’s attacks. Did they perhaps run away? No… Based on how those goblins attacked, it doesn't make sense for them to turn back now after sending those ridiculous amounts of monsters. They even waited for us to loosen our guards in the end... At least for now, they don’t seem to be making any moves.

So far, I couldn’t sense any monsters nearby.

While I was bothered about not knowing the whereabouts of the enemy, Alyss-san walked up beside me.


“Did you find any on your side?”

Apparently, she came to check if I found any flowers.

“Ah, unfortunately, I got none.”

“I see.” Alyss-san looked down for a moment then stared at me. “Hey, Hiro-san, would you mind listening for a moment?”

I tilted my head to the side in wonder. Regardless, she continued.

“I haven’t told you the reason why I did this quest, haven’t I?”

Now that she mentioned it, she never did tell it. She just showed up and told me she wanted to do the quest. I assumed that she wanted the points which is the main reason for students to do a quest from the guild or so I thought.

“You still remember that we could keep the extra flowers if we finish the quest, right?” said Alyss-san. “ I wanted to take those extra flowers, give them to my mother, and possibly...“

The last part was unclear but I assumed that she wanted to use those flowers to possibly heal her mother. If those Alyssia flowers could really heal illnesses just like the rumors tell, then it wouldn’t hurt to try. I mean I would, If I were in her situation.

In a moment of time where I wanted to save someone, even if there’s a small chance that I could do it, I would definitely take that chance. Even if it meant having to make sacrifices. If only I…

Even if I don't know much about Alyss-san or her mother’s condition, one way or another, I could somehow understand how she felt. It must have been suffocating, not being able to do anything. Like you were dying inside.

I remembered her expression as she watched Lisa-san in pain. From that I could tell, it was neither pain nor sadness, it was only regret.

Why can’t I do anything?

Why am I so weak?

If only I could do better, this wouldn’t have happened.

Still, it was all my assumptions. I could never tell how much she truly felt. This much was proof. She was here because she wanted to do something for her mother. Even if it's just a small chance, she still went ahead and did it.

We’re different.

Alyss-san and I.

Unlike me, who failed to save them...

A certain memory resurfaced. I don’t why but it has been happening frequently now. Like it wanted to remind me.

Of the past.

Even if I gained a new set of memories and identity. It was still there. That one memory I would never forget. That one role I had finished playing yet still lingers behind my shadow.


If you're going to reincarnate me, then why retain all these memories. In the first place, I never asked for this. All I wanted was to rest yet here I am, still binded by the past.

I wondered what if I was reincarnated with only my memories as the hero. If Katou Yuuto didn’t exist within me, what would’ve happened? As someone who had lost their purpose to then be suddenly reincarnated.

At the very least, all I wanted back then was to finally meet them, but then I woke up as someone new. Someone who had lost and gained something.

Just… who am I?

I should’ve been living in peace back on Earth.

I should’ve died right there. 300 years ago when I defeated the demon lord.

Just, what is my purpose in this world?

Suddenly, I felt Alyss-san’s hand rest against mine.

“Hiro-san.” she called out. “When I saw you use that magic earlier, it gave me hope. A chance. I wouldn’t ask how you obtained such magic but... If those flowers didn’t work as I intended them to... please, I want you to help my mother.”

Her eyes were a mix of determination and worry. Yet as she gazed at me, I felt that she was serious.

Apparently what I've shown her was hope. To her, it was the light she was searching for. I felt like, if I didn’t grant her that light, I would regret it once again. The same holds true for her.

“Alyss-san... “

Before I could continue, I sensed an extremely murderous presence that it made all my senses through my body shoot back.

“Hiro-san?” Alyss-san stared at me in curiosity.

It’s here.

Suddenly, a roar echoed through the forest. It shook the ground with tremendous force that blew away the leaves and air around us.

“W-what was that?!” Lisa-san shouted in panic.

Me and Alyss-san stood up and hurriedly grouped together with everyone.

“Why is it that everytime, we continue our quest, we are always interrupted by something!” Raiz voiced.

“Yeah. but I think this time, it’s much bigger than those goblins. I just hope it wasn’t as many... “

As we waited what’s about to come, we all unsheathe our swords.

This presence…

For some reason it was a familiar presence. Yet at the same time it was different. I couldn’t really tell...

Later, the monster finally revealed itself.

Standing at 3 meters, it’s as tall as a bear. Its body is shaped like a combination of a man and a bull. A pair of spirally looking horns sprouted from its head. It wore armor on both of its shoulders with spikes attached to it. All the while it wielded a giant podao, pulling it against the ground.

This can’t be…!

Everyone widened their eyes at the unexpected monster that came out.

Out of all of us that couldn’t speak out of shock, Lisa-san managed to mutter something. “That’s… no, there shouldn’t be any monster of that level in this part of the forest... “

“First, the horde of goblins, now this... is it perhaps the one controlling those goblins?”

This is bad…

As much as everyone was surprised, I too was shocked but it was different from them. This should be impossible, I thought. Why is that monster here?!

Yet again, a certain memory flashed through my mind, under the rainy night sky, a monster with a pair of horns, carrying a giant podao on its hand covered in blood. Before that monster was the body of my friends. I was there, standing in a daze.

My legs turned weak.

My hands shook as it struggled to grip the sword.

Alyss-san who was beside me noticed. “...Hiro-san?”

“...Black minotaurus.” I said in fear.