Chapter 5:


I Woke Up in a Light Novel or Giant Expanding Robot Bear Devil Prince and the Invasion of the Secret Legion Brigade Army

Firstly, hi, thanks so much for reading my story. It’s really helped me through some tough times. I just wanted to post this message because I think I’m going to have to finally admit defeat. I am having severe health problems, and I’ve been fighting as hard as I can every day just to squeeze in 30 minutes here or there, before sleep or after waking where I’m able to do some writing. The truth is I would have finished both of my novels a month ago if I’d been able to get a few hours a day in regularly and even up to a week ago I held some determination to fight through and finish stuff off by the deadline but I am really struggling, in many way.

Sorry to be all public about this. I never do anything like this, it’s just been really hard and this is one of my few outlets. I have a disability, not a visible one but one that means I’m constantly in quite bad pain and bed bound often. This year another health problem has come up. I thought I would be able to write ok, but every day I’m struggling breathing and entire days get wiped out where I can’t do anything. I’m trying to think of people who have much worse things and deal with life in that way. It’s just hard, on top of a lot of other things that are going on (anyone with any mental health/anxiety issues on top of physical health issues will probably understand the feeling of being gaslit by family etc), breakup of a long term relationship, lost my best friend.. just a lot. Sorry again for being cringey and public display-y. I have never in my life written something like this. :)

I want to be positive. I want to also tell you that I’m really grateful for people reading, honestly —that’s not just words, it gives me some sense of connection when I’m just going through things I’m finding it very hard to cope with, and through a lot of extremely dark moments. It’s weird how much of a difference it makes talking to a friend when I could see no hope.

So, I’m going to finish these stories. I hope you continue reading and enjoy them. I really really wanted to enter them into the competition. I have a lot of manga projects and thought it would be cool. Perhaps I’ll look at the honeyfeed new publishing house. I just think because of the health problems I’m having it’s almost impossible now.

Soooo…. Kurama, Rinako, Chichi and Kaori will be continuing their adventures. I just wanted to let you know what’s going on.

And if anyone just feels like being friends or chatting or anything, let me know, as i could probably do with it sometime.

Thanks. KZY

Xan Ti