Chapter 3:

A band of sandwich robbers (1)

Highschool Of Crime (HOC)

9 years ago

Kachi (Ivan) entered the kitchen of his house with a big smile, his mother was cooking when he interrupted her. Holding a soft toy between his arms he asked his mother a question with high hopes in his eyes.

‘’Mom!’’ Kachi (Ivan) called his mother, which got her attention.

Turning around, she bent towards him, having a smile like Kachi (Ivan) she replied, ‘’What’s up honey?’’

‘’Can I be a police officer?’’ looking towards her with puppy eyes and hands rubbing over the toy he asked her a question in the cutest manner.

‘’Why do you want to be a police officer,’’ Sarina gently pinched his cheeks, ‘’is this because Logan wants to do the same thing?’’

‘’No…’’ Kachi (Ivan) rolled his eyes to the left, trying to avoid eye contact from his mother, ‘’maybe… but I will be better than him.’’

Hearing that Sarina crouched near him, she placed her hand on his head and spoke in a happy tone, ‘’it’s good to be inspired by others, but you shouldn’t copy what they do.’’

‘’I’m not copying!’’ Kachi pouted.

‘’But it was his dream first, if you copy others you can only follow their footsteps, always staying in their shadows and never surpassing them. You should find your own goal and when you have a goal, never copy what others do, find your ways, and make your own rules. Only then you can be the greatest in whatever field you enter.’’

‘’Alrighty,’’ Kachi dropped his head with sadness in his eyes, ‘’I will find a different goal, what do you do? Maybe I can try that.’’

‘’Umm…’’ Sarina was out of words to answer that question, ‘’I’m…’’ she looked around the kitchen trying to think of something, ‘’a housewife.’’

‘’What’s that?’’

‘’It’s something only girls can do.’’


‘’Hey… Utsukushi! Wake up, I’m getting late.‘’

Kachi shoved the still sleeping Utsukushi, it was morning and he was ready to head out, however, his caretaker was sleeping without any care in the world or it seemed like she was.

‘’But I don’t wanna go,’’ Utsukushi groaned and turned her position to avoid Kachi.

‘’How am I supposed to go then? I can’t drive.‘’

‘’Just… walk… I was up all night so let me sleep.‘’

‘’The breakfast is in the fridge if you get hungry.‘’

Kachi slammed the door and walked away, which Utsukushi could hear, after making sure he was gone she got up from the bed and moved towards the bathroom, ‘No way I want to be seen with him after the test results, I will become a laughing stock in front of other caretakers.’


Kachi and seven others were sitting inside what seemed to be a classroom. Outside of the classroom were a few different rooms each having the size of the hall they were in on day one. The hallway outside had a board stating G3, making it clear that they were below the assessment hall.

‘’Today we will discuss rules of robber association and the ranks,’’ Luna standing in front of a projection sheet spoke as she clicked a button on the remote control she was holding, ‘’R.A works with few rules, followed by every single one of their branches.’’

An image of a robber holding a ring appeared on the projection sheet, as that did Aron, who was standing next to Luna spoke, ‘’Steal what you need.’’

The image then switched to the same robber seen standing in front of a counter paying the cashier.

‘’If you can obtain an item of need by paying, pay first, if you can't, you are free to obtain it by other means,’’ Luna spoke progressing the slide, this time the image had the robber holding a large number of water bottles, ‘’You can only steal one type of item from one place. Quantity doesn't matter.’’

The image switched again, showing the robber giving the ring he had in the first image to an old lady, on that image a big red cross was present, gesturing that it was something they aren’t supposed to do.

‘’Once an item is robbed, it can't be returned or replaced,’’ Aron spoke, snatching the remote from Luna’s hands and telling her to sit down.

‘He does it every freaking time,’’ Luna groaned while taking the seat.

‘’If on a mission, never go against your orders.’’ The projection showed the hammer of justice.

‘’Rule 1-4 doesn't apply if it's a task given by the company.’’ A dark image of a man sitting on an office chair appeared.

‘’Don’t hurt/attack people, unless it’s in defense.’’ A knife and gun were shown on projection.

‘’In a situation of getting caught by police, or being chased by them follow P.B.M.W.T.’’ The projection showed policemen running after the robber from previous slides.

The next slide didn’t have any image instead it had a few lines that read.

Police is behind me! what the fuck? (P.B.M.W.T)

Hide your identity, things you stole, and hints of the mission you are on.

Try to get away, if you don’t have an escape route give up and get arrested.

Don’t use violence, avoid getting killed or killing someone.

Once under arrest, reveal the branch you work for and hand over your robber license, never reveal more than that. R.A will get you out in no time.

Aron read it out loud explaining the points. Once he was done he sat down and spoke while poking Luna, ‘’Now for ranks, Luna here will explain them to you.’’

‘Ugh, why did you even make me sit in the first place?’ Luna stood up closed the projector and projection sheet, used a black marker, and wrote the details on the whiteboard as she explained the ranks.

‘’We start with a trainee,’’ Luna pointed towards the students, ‘’which are you guys, once you pass from here, you will be hired by one of R.A’s branches that we call huts and become rookies there, rookies work on the mission given to them by instructors, and they must pass a group exam to be promoted to higher ranks. Instructors are either coins or checks, to be an instructor they must leave robbing duties and are unable to rob anything unless ordered, they are on paychecks, unlike other robbers. Coins are next they are known as the lowest ranked robbers, as the ones before them are either replaceable or don’t rob. To get a promotion to be a Coin you must rob assets equal to the value of 100 million during your R.A work days. Coins need 500 million to be promoted as Checks, Checks need 1 billion to be promoted as Lockers, Lockers need 10 billion to become Keys and Keys need 500 billion to be a Golden Mask.’’

Luna took a pause and pointed toward Aron, ‘’Mr. Aron is one of the current 10 Golden Masks, and I am a Key, there isn’t any limit on how many robbers can hold a rank, but since 500 billion is too big of an amount along with R.A rules making it impossible to go on a rampage only a few manage to be on top.’’

Luna stopped again, taking a deep breath as this was going on for a while, ‘’Golden Masks are known as robber's heads, they have authority equal to any R.A branch leaders but not more than the R.A head and other crime association heads. As for R.A branches, they are known as huts and those branches have sub-branches known as shops. Some of those huts include…’’

‘’I think that’s enough, we only need them to understand rules and ranks, they can find out about rest after they are employed,’’ Aron cut off Luna’s long speech, making her look at him in irritation.

‘Mother…’ Luna sat down again as Aron got up.

‘’Well since everything is explained, all of you will be following these rules and doing missions as if you are a rookie at R,A. you can get copies of what we explained here from the book store on G5.’’ Aron stopped as he thought of something, ‘’since you are going to G5, here is your first mission, a group mission to steal one sandwich from the cafeteria, time of mission 7 days, don’t talk to me or Luna for advice or any other details. Have fun, see you in a week.’’

Saying that Aron started walking out of the room but was stopped by Luna when she spoke, ‘’you forgot to tell them about the group leader.’’

‘’Handle it.’’ Aron walked away.

‘’Get ready to follow me,’’ Luca who was sitting alongside Kachi and Ethan spoke after hearing Luna mentioning the group leader.


‘’What makes you think that you will be the group leader?’’ Kachi raised an eyebrow.

‘’Did you forget, I got the most points out of all? It's natural to appoint me as the leader for my handsomeness and scores,’’ Luca arrogantly explained, while being sarcastic at the same time.


‘’That was cringe.’’


‘’Uff… okay weirdos, listen and don’t expect me to repeat, elect a leader for your group mission, if you pass all of you will get 10 points, and if you fail the leader will get negative points for all of you, which is negative 80. Make your choice and tell me the name once done, I will be here listing to the music. Oh and, the person with the lowest marks at the end of the program will be failed.’’

Luna closed her eyes after placing her earbuds and starting a playlist on her phone.

‘’What… did she say?’’ Luca in shock pointed towards Luna as he stared at Ethan and Kachi.


‘’In short, the leader will be butchered,’’ Kachi spoke calmly.

The shock wasn’t just visible on Luca’s face, everyone in that room was in the same state, much like Luca they also thought of leading the group however after what Luna said none of them wanted to be the sacrifice, seeing how they don’t even know their group or how to lead a group.

‘’Any… anyone wants to be the leader?’’ Nora Zhao stood up and spoke in a trembling voice.

Nobody answered, they weren’t even making eye contact with her.

A female wearing a taupe-colored masked was zoned out throughout all of this she finally snapped back and asked the person sitting next to her, ‘’what’s happening?’’

‘’We need to elect a leader for a group mission,’’ Divya responded.

‘’Oh…’’ hearing Divya’s answer taupe mask went back to her zoned-out state.

‘’Huh… Pathetic! None of you have the guts to take the fall, how can you expect to be a criminal if something so little scares you, it's a simple task of stealing a sandwich.’’

A male wearing apricot colored mask spoke in a cocky manner, belittling everyone around him.

‘’Why don’t you take the fall then,’’ Hera countered his insults.

Hearing her words apricot mask went silent.

‘’Words with no game, I know your kind,’’ Hera insulted him back.

‘’Oh mon dieu, bonjour, chill, we can write names on a paper and vote to make someone a leader, problem solved.’’

Spoken in a weird french accent, a male wearing a lemon-colored mask rose his hand, giving a suggestion.


‘’Everyone doesn’t even know each other's name, how will that even work,’’ Divya pointed out the obvious flaw in the lemon mask’s suggestion.

‘’Huh, simply introduce yourselves, I’m Dylan Free, remember that you cave people.’’

Apricot mask spoke arrogantly yet again.

‘’Better than nothing, name’s Hera Awad, I’m good with solving problems,’’ Hera introduced herself and pointed out her skills, in case a leader is chosen they could know how to make use of that skill.

Because of that, everyone else naturally stated their skills aswell.

‘’Divya Rajput, I’m good with tech stuff.’’

‘’Oh mon dieu, bonjour, great lock picker Carson Dupont at your service.’’ Lemon mask waved his hands around trying to appear elegant as he spoke.

‘’Nora Zhao, I like food.’’

‘’Luca Rose, master swiper.’’


‘’He is Ethan Wing, specialty, he doesn’t say anything but Lol.’’ Luca pointed toward Ethan trying to make the room less tense, but it didn’t work as usual.

‘’Kachi Jagaimo, best robber there is.’’

Everyone but Taupe mask looked toward Kachi with questioning eyes.

‘Yeah right.’ (Luca)

Only Taupe mask was left to introduce herself, she was zoned out, having no clue of what was happening around her,

Divya who was sitting next to her poked her, this worked as Taupe mask moved her wide eyes towards Divya scaring the shit out of her, ‘’What?’’

‘’Everyone is intro… ducing themselves.’’

‘’Oh!’’ Taupe mask stood up with her still wide and zoned out eyes staring into nothingness, ‘’Paisley Servius, I wanted to be a robber ever since I was kidnapped from my home, my kidnappers became my new family until I was rescued by those goddamn police officers, screw them, screw them all.’’