Chapter 1:

"What is all this?"

Airi's lost hope

Airi walked down the stairs and looked fatigued after taking a quick walk in the garden, she wanted to remember her parents but couldn't remember their faces and then refrained from thinking about them. Airi had the most mesmerising eyes and lips that are perfect and then the fairest skin to ever exist and had the body of an angel.

"What a beautiful breeze!" she pointed out and smelt the flowers beside her and then she smiled very cutely and the scent really attracted her to pick more flowers. Airi walked closer to the flower bed where all the grown plants were and then she carefully aimed for the bright red rose.

"If you do that you'll only get yourself hurt!" a voice called out and then Airi was afraid and breathed heavily and then she looked around but no one other than her was present, and then she noticed her finger bleeding after a deep wound by pricking her finger on the thorn of the rose.

"Oh my!" she was shocked and confused then quickly ran to her chamber to get the dressing and then applied a small plaster, the servants walked by and saw her injury.

"Princess we told you to not wonder off on your own !" Airi laughed embarrassed but she knew that she wanted a flower perfect just like her. She glanced at the mirror and wanted to dress up more professionally and then her servants assisted in fixing her hairdo and she had long beautiful waves and a rich-embroidered flower pin on her hair and earrings that sparkled like the moonlight, the servants were astonished because she looked gorgeous and then she even had makeup applied on her face and a sweet vanilla scented cream for her face and then she was a doll that was only there to charm. She talked more and more to herself about her dreams and aspirations in life and kept looking in the mirror and then suddenly everything started to crumble, she lost her balance and then grabbed on to her bed for a graceful landing.

"Princess Airi come out now!" she felt faint-hearted and weak.

"PRINCESS?!" a servant named Yukina called out and held her tightly.

"I'm fine but I have to go there now!" she confidently spoke and then Yukina nervously nodded and hoped for her safety and nothing more, they both ran, click-clack click-clack the sound of Airi's high heels as she sprinted to the entrance where a man of high respect was looking at her, his eyes gleaming and overflowing with lust and she was immediately intimidated by him, he was a prince who knew his place but Airi knew within a split second that he wasn't respectful. He walked closer, his eyes gleamed and her immediate response was …”is this a dream?” 

He walked closer and then whispered in her ear

“You’ll get hurt” she remembered a similar threat earlier and then gazed at the ceiling to search for answers but he grabbed her chin and had direct eye contact.

“It seems we don’t know each other yet” he was a tall and muscular black haired man who smirked at her disapproval, he flicked his hair and she smelt his cologne despite it being pleasant she was not fond of his tone.