Chapter 1:

Prologue-The Wicked Royal Of Death

Death's The Reincarnated Devil Royal (HIATUS)

The boy was sitting atop his throne and laughing, almost like a maniac.
"Please sir, I beg of you. . .Stop...." The man was getting stomped on by the boy with the boy's own left foot, crushing his back in a slow and painful manner.
The boy then took his foot off the man, reached his hand out and picked up the man by the neck. 

"Now then, tell me exactly why your here?" The boy said with eyes glowing dark red.

"It-cough!-it's because of the archangel of Exion is after you!" The man said as he was slowly starting to choke.

"Tch, that wicked bastard!" The boy scoffed as he then threw the man back down onto the ground and got up from his throne.

The boy walked on over to the door and turned around, saying, "Servants, go do something with that man right there. I'm going to go out. I'll be back." 

"Yes Your Deathly Prince!" The servants exclaimed as the boy then opened the door and walked on out, closing the door behind him.

The boy was walking through the desert during sunset as he took notice of a cloaked figure on one of the dunes. Behind the figure, there were several dead bodies laying across the ground.

"You must be the archangel, from the kingdom of Exion, am I not correct?" The boy asked as he continue walking over to the cloaked figure.

"Yes, I am. And you're the demon prince of death, a complete maniac that destroys things and people without consent. Am I correct?" The archangel explained, the voice was deep as well as low, surely it was a male archangel for sure.

The boy grinned with pride as he said, "Why yes, I certainly a-"

All of a sudden, the boy turned around only to see another cloaked figure from behind as it stabbed the boy right in the heart. The boy felt blood come out of his mouth as he then collapsed onto the ground.

The cloaked figure behind the boy left, and the cloaked figure in front of the boy walked over to him.

The cloaked archangel cleared it's throat as it said, "I am sorry, demon prince." The voice wasn't a man's after all, it was a woman. The woman then took off her hood to reveal. She had pale skin, light red lips with bright blue eyes, and long silver-white hair that blew in the wind. She then chanted a spell in her own language as she took the boy soul and walked over to a cold and dead human body, as she transferred it inside.

The boy still didn't wake up after the transfer. But suddenly, the woman grinned as she said, "Well now, I believe I don't want you to remember anything. Rather, I want you to remember nothing!"

She then grabbed the boy's head and squeezed it with her bare fingers, causing a white light to come out!

The boy, on the other hand, could feel blood spitting out of his mouth. "Somebody. . .help. . .me. . ."


The boy, Kuro, gasped as he then took notice of his surroundings: There were people walking and talking in the city, and Kuro was standing right by the front of a clothing store. He looked down by his side, only to see a bag full of food in it.

Kuro sighed with relief. "Ah, it was just a dream. But, the past's in the past. I'm not a devilish prince of death no longer." He thought in his head as he started to continue his way back to his apartment.

While walking, Kuro walked past a couple that were talking about something as he then listened in.

"Ne, did you hear?" The girl said.

"About what?" The guy said. Kuro noticed the girl showing the guy his phone as he then looked at it.

"Hmm? Devil Prince Of Death still alive? That's nonsense. He can't be!" The guy said as Kuro then turned fully around to see the couple reading the article on the phone.

"It says that the devil prince of death wants to destroy everything in its wake!" The girl exclaimed.

Kuro thought comedically in his mind, "I. . .I don't wanna do that! But hey, at least no one knows I got reincarnated!"

"Anyway, let's go home, it's getting late." The guy said to his girl as he then wrapped his arm around her and they started walking.

"Sigh, I guess I better go home too." Kuro mumbled quietly as he then turned back around and continued walking.

But suddenly, he heard a girly squeal, as he then turned to look back at the couple, "Huh?! What the-. . ."

Kuro felt his face blush bright red as he noticed the girl's skirt from the back lifted up slightly, revealing her panties.

"B-blue and white stripes?!" Kuro thought in his mind.

"Hey, who looked at my girlfriend's panties?!" The guy said as he turned around to face Kuro, obviously pissed off.

Kuro started to speak, "Eh? Um. . .I-"

"It was you wasn't it?!" The guy snapped as he then ran over to Kuro, as Kuro then quickly flipped his black hoodie atop of his head and began to run away from the guy as fast as he could.

Several minutes had gone by, as Kuro then stopped by a bench and rested for a bit. He sighed, but then noticed blood dripping down onto the sidewalk. He touched his face to feel around where he was bleeding, and noticed that it was his nose.

"Shit! Shit! Shit!" Kuro cursed under his breath as he covered his nose with his hand.

"I must've got around there for a bit. . ." He thought in his mind while walking. "But, at least it wasn't in a amatory way!"


Kuro then made it to upstairs to his apartment room as he then opened the door and walked in.
He set the bag of food down onto the table, and took out a water bottle from the bag and drank it. 
While drinking it, he then looked up and blushed bright red once again.

"Good evening, Onii-chan!"

Kuro spat out his water onto the floor and said, "WHAT THE HELL SIS?!"

"Is there a problem?" Kuro's sister, Lilly Masahiko, winked at him as Kuro then sighed heavily.

"Wh-what are you wearing?" Kuro asked.

"A naked apron! You know, those things to impress a guy with or something like that!" Lilly giggled as he went over to him.

"Yeah, but not for anyone like your OWN SEVENTEEN-YEAR-OLD BROTHER!" Kuro said in a comedic tone.

"Awhhhh! Can I please wear it?" Lilly asked.

"Get it off. Your 13. I don't want you dressing like that ever again! Plus, where did you even find this?" Kuro asked.

"I looked through your closet and found it! Plus, a lot of porn magazines an-"

Kuro put a hand to Lilly's mouth and said, "We don't talk about that stuff sister. It's quite private for me."

"Oh, okay!" Lilly said as she then went over to her bedroom and shut the door.

It was dinnertime for the two as then clapped their hands and said, "Itadakimasu!"

"So, how does it feel in your new body?" Lilly asked while slurping her noodles.

"Hmm? It's great! Being reincarnated as a human was worth it!" Kuro said.

"We both became humans remember?" Lilly said.

"Oh!" Kuro said as he then comedically scratched his head. "Y-yeah, I forgot you became one too..."

Lilly then put her bowl down and said, "Well, at least you still have most of your powers left in you. I only have half of mine stored in my body!"

Kuro then chuckled and said, "Well, ever since I became reincarnated as a human, I don't feel like using my powers all that much."

Lilly gasped as she then sped over to Kuro and shook his shoulders saying, "DON'T FEEL LIKE IT?! You can become a anti-hero with some demon powers still in you brother! After all, you were the former demonic prince of de-"
Kuro quickly interrupted as slammed his fist on the table and said, "That was all in the past dammit!"

Lilly was shocked by her own brother's words, tears slowly went down her face as she said, "Y-you don't want to be a good person with your bad powers?"

Kuro gasped a bit as he then got up from his chair and sighed, saying, "I'll think about it. . ."

Lilly gasped as she then wiped off her tears and hugged Kuro saying, "That's my good brother!"

Kuro was surprised by the reaction, but then hugged his sister back.


There was a girl from afar looking at Kuro and Lilly hugging. She had a long blade that's been covered up in her hand and a bag slung over her shoulder.

"Masahiko Kuro, the demonic prince of death...." The girl said as she held up the sword and unsheathed it slightly, revealing the blade. "I will be able to kill you, and nothing's going to get in my way from killing you."

The girl then turned around and left into the night.
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