Chapter 1:

Perverted parents can only think of hentai!

Hold my hand cyborg sama

OHHHH YOU!!!?? Yes I am Talking to you. Do you like your name? Well I don't like mine. By the way my name is chomu and the main thing about it is that it can even be derived like a physics equation. Funny isn't it😂😂. Sorry it wasn't that funny I know but still. Whatever, let me show you how it is derived-Given:Fathers name-chu chu His favourite hentai-onii mumu(spoof:onii chichi) (By idiotic laws of physics) My name = chomuSome of u might think why no chumuThe reason is as simple as hell, my father thought it was perverted and thought "chomu" is a beautifully divine 👉👌unperverted name. And my family accepted it like cows. If I was at my proper senses at that time I would have given him a good piece of mind ,but still I like him. As he was the only one by my side after my mother passed away while giving me birth. But still if he named me gintoki then chomu tama would be gintama🤣🤣🤣😂. Still not funny. Ahhhh I forgot to tell you i am in middle of world War 3.i am not an idiot making a novel at honeyfeed And I am preparing my supplies to infiltrate enemy base. Ohhhh yes! and you also didn't know that I am not a complete human I am a cyborg. Do you think I am still kidding.I am damn serious. This operation is against the giant space ship in middle of akihabara. And this war is not amongst humans.To be continued....... Bookmark here


Hold my hand cyborg sama

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