Chapter 1:

Prologue-The Cursed Boy

Arcadia And The Special Breakers (HIATUS)

Six Years Ago. . .

* * *

This is it for me. . .isn't it?

The 11-year-old boy couldn't help but feel his stomach as he looked to see blood draining from him. He felt like he going to die, and nobody else would come to save him.

He looked up to take notice of something glowing near the trees, as he held himself up with his blood-stained body and began to limp over to the light.

"That just might save me. . . " The boy thought in his mind as he limped his way over to it.


By the time he got to the glow, he couldn't help but notice it planted in between the two trees, causing a rift. It was a spear-like weapon with a longstaff towards the end of it.

"Choose me. . .and everything will change for you. . ."

He noticed that the staff had spoke too him, he couldn't help it. He had to grab it.

"I will take you!" The boy exclaimed as he then picked up the end of the weapon and held it up. It was then that the glow had died down, and engraved on the weapon were the words: "Spearlock".

The boy felt happy about it. But, it wasn't until he felt the ground and trees shake as he then began to run out of the forest setting. He looked behind him and everything started to crumble in shambles.

The boy then took notice of two dark shadow-like hands coming towards him as he then felt himself being pushed down onto the ground by the hands, which he then felt consume his entire body.

He fet his eyes roll into the back of his head as he screamed aloud. Suddenly, a young girl with a womanly voice appeared before him as she said, "That weapon, Spearlock, is a cursed hero gear! For centuries, no one has been able to activate it! You, young boy, will never be able to figure it out!"

The little girl laughed evilly whilst holding a snake in her hand, s she then turned around and left the boy.


Timeskip: Six Years Later

Elliot Arcadia, the boy with the cursed gear, looked at the weapon while he was sitting at his desk.

"The girl was right," Elliot thought "it's. . .completely useless."

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