Chapter 27:

Disappearing into the Crowd

Royal Princess of Blood

Numerous people walking around, some loudly conversing, others just quietly roaming around. I moved my eyes towards the center of the plaza.

A fountain was built upon there, water rising and flowing down. At the top were statues of two figures, a man and a woman, intertwining fingers as they gazed at each other. I assume those were the two gods.

I saw children playing at a corner, couples sitting on the grass outside the pavement, and some were just standing around as though enjoying their surroundings.

Colorful flowers planted in different directions, the leaves of trees dancing in the gentle breeze as their shades underneath gave shielding from the warm sunlight. The peaceful and joyful atmosphere graced my presence.

A faint smile emerged from my pretty lips as I stepped forward and entered the plaza.

I went straight to the main attraction, the fountain. The clean water reflected my face as I looked down.

A wind blew past, sending tiny trickles of water from the fountain towards me. But I didn’t mind, it wasn’t a big deal compared to this moment. I felt a sense of freedom…

“Are the other plazas the same as this one?” I asked Estevan.

“There are some differences.”

“I see.”

I took a deep breath, savoring the fresh air and the serenity of the moment.

I looked around, then by street, I saw a lot of people gathering at a single place. It appeared to be some store. I saw one person emerging from the crowd carrying what appears to be wooden souvenirs? They were in the form of a knight, and one was in the form of a bird.


I suppose they were called figurines. I should get one as a souvenir and remembrance.

Just then, I heard a somewhat familiar voice, one I heard just recently.

“Ah! It sure is nice to have some peace and relax,” said a female’s voice.

I turned to look at the source of that voice, and it was the girl I saw first exiting the inn. The one wearing a light robe.

“You’re right… It’s way better than being in a forest where you might die at any moment.”

The one who spoke was the priestess from earlier.

It would seem that they were passing by and decided to stop by for a moment.

“By the way,” said the first girl to the man with a sword to his waist. “You haven’t forgotten that we’ll be buying a knife for me first, yeah?”

“Oh... yes, haha, we’ll do that before we leave the city.”

“We’ll visit the smiths then,” said the man with a giant axe on his back.

Smiths? Could it be?

They could be the ones that could lead me to one!

“In that case, we should go then, the earlier the better,” said the man with a spear.

“Fine, but let me relax for a minute,” said the girl.

“Alright, just a minute.”

The girl looked at the fountain water.

“They should add some fish, that’ll make things look better, right?” she said to the priestess.

“Hm, I guess.”

I only have a minute. I need to follow them.

Now how do I get rid of Estevan? I can’t let him see me buy daggers after all. He’ll just refuse. Worse, he might get confused and suspicious of me if I just desired and bought daggers out of the blue.

I quickly pondered and recalled my surroundings. There must be something that would be useful. Then...

I had an idea.

“Brother. Let’s go there.”

I pulled him by the sleeve and pointed towards the souvenir shop. That will be the place where I will lose him.

“Oh? There?”

“Yes, I saw some wooden works, is that what they sell there?” I asked as we walked towards the store.

I sneaked a glance to my back and the adventurers were already leaving. Heading towards due north.


I conjured the map from my memories in my head, then added the direction the adventurers were heading. All of those and I made predictions on which road they would be taking. However, this would only be good in the first moment. Any longer and I will lose them.

In addition to that, I was not personally familiar with the city. Thus, it was another variable that may result in my failure.

I should have about two minutes. Otherwise I’ll lose them. Better hasten up.

“Indeed, figurines. Quite an impressive work I should say. Locals and tourists commonly visit it, as you can see,” my brother explained.

With rushed steps, we now stood behind the crowd. I looked around, and there was also a crowd that kept passing by us, this number of people will be required.

“I want some. They look interesting.”

I said to Estevan while looking at him in the eyes.

“In that case, we’ll grab some. Come on.”

I froze as I reluctantly glanced at the crowd.

“Um… there’s too many people.”

I said with a shaky voice and frightened eyes. I was a sheltered princess. Therefore, it should only be expected that I would be very anxious when surrounded by numerous strangers, and commoners at that. They were different from the people from the palace.

Furthermore, the amount of people here was not the same as the places we visited earlier. It wouldn’t be strange that I would be reluctant now.

“... I see.”

“Then, what about you buying some for me? I don’t want the stocks to run out on me.”


“I’ll be fine. There’s no need to worry. I can take care of myself if I just stay here. That’s fine, right?”

He looked around with wary eyes.

“I suppose.”

“Then please hurry, there’s more people coming still.”

I pushed him forward, telling him to hurry up.

“... Alright, very well. Be careful here, okay?”


“I’ll be back in a moment. Ah, what do you want precisely?”

“Hm, I don’t know really, just something that looks cute!”

“Hehehe, alright. I’ll hurry.”

He separated from me. He squeezed through the crowd as he was in a hurry. Slowly, many obstacles had begun to take him away from my view.

I’m so sorry about this dear brother. I’m sure my actions will put you in a tight spot...

As he entered within a few more, I made my move. He was a knight, and I’m sure I had to be extra careful, must leave no trace in my movement.

I stepped back several times, my steps were completely silent, devoid of all sounds, light, gentle and agile as I disappeared into the crowd.

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