Chapter 18:

Part 2- Chapter 8

Snowflake and Butterknife

The apartment that the Kalahon’s had taken residence in was a massive thirteen story building. The tower cast a shadow across Edwin as he got out of Nova’s van, Loric and Reynard following suit. With the snow coming in the top floor was beginning to become a blur hidden by white flakes.

“Alright, you all let me do the talking. Loric, keep an eye out for any details that may be of use. Edwin you look too, see if you spot anything of use.” Reynard said, straightening his jacket.

“Gotcha boss.” Loric said, taking a moment to straighten his face. This involved Loric taping this index and thumb and lifting it from his forehead to his chin while he breathed out with his eyes closed. The effect didn't do much, but it seemed to give him some confidence in being serious.

The double doors slid open as they entered the airlock. The second door followed suit, revealing a large lobby with a secretary who smiled at the Peacekeepers. Flowers dotted the corners of the room, giving a natural scent to those that entered. Watercolor paintings of horseback riding and swimmers lined the walls with bronze colored frames. The walls were a calming blue along the top that turned white towards the bottom like a set of childs striped pajamas.

“You must be the Peacekeepers.” The secretary, a man of a lean build said with a smile. “Mr Kalahon has already approved your admission. The elevator is over that way, thirteenth floor.”

Reynard eyed the man, then Edwin and Loric. With a nod they continued on to the elevator. The elevator took a minute to arrive, and the three went up to the thirteenth floor.

“They were expecting us.” Loric said curiously.

“Either because of Edwin last night.” Reynard said. “Or someone tipped them off to our warrant.”

“Both are possabilities.” Edwin said. “I'm guessing we should be ready for anything.”

“Correct.” Reynard stated. “Loric, stay close to Edwin. I saw a set of stairs to the right of the elevator, if things go badly I want you two to make a run for it.”

“And leave you?” Edwin questioned.

“Don't worry.” Loric laughed, breaking his serious face. “Reynard has his ways of getting out incase of emergency.”

“Loric knows what to do in case things go wrong.” Reynard explained. “Met and Nova can come and help you guys clean up here, depending on the situation.”

Edwin nodded, Reynard’s eyes were narrowing to slits. It was as if he was about to enter battle. Edwin took a breath and prepared himself for what to expect once these doors opened.

A ding announced their arrival, the large elevator opening to reveal Benton standing by a doorway. Edwin quickly got into motion, stepping between the Peacekeepers and the Mageye. He got low to the ground, about to place his hands on the floor outside the elevator.

“He is the one who attacked me!” Edwin yelled out sharply. Edwin could hear Loric swear slightly.

Benton simply raised his hands in surrender. “I apologize for my actions.” The man said, his eyes focused and showing not a sliver of serenity. “I will not be making any attack against you as per my Masters request, please, Mr. Kalahon has been expecting you, Mr. Torres.”

“Torres?” Edwin questioned.

“That would be me.” Reynard said, placing a calming hand on Edwin’s shoulder. “Let's take him at his word, it seems they don't want to fight.”

Edwin hesitated, but stood up straight. He didn't let his eyes slip from Bentons. The whole while Benton simply carried on uncaring, turning to open the door and let them into the apartment.

The entry hall was a short walk into a large open living room. The hall had a shoe rack filled with many sets of business loafers as well as a few running shoes, none showing signs of mud but heavy wear. A sliding door showed the existence of a closet next to the shoe rack, where Bernard had offered to take the Peacekeepers coats but they all had denied the gesture. Several pictures lined the walls, they all showed the man Jessie Kalahon with different important people in different locations. Edwin spotted a few older pictures with a woman with Jessie’s arm wrapped around her waist, Sadie’s mother by his guess.

They were led into the large open living room where a TV covered an entire wall with L shaped black leather sofas facing it. The back wall was all glass and led out to a balcony that was currently blocked by snow. The snow outside seemed to rage up this high. A dining room table sat behind the sofa with an open beer bottle, condensation running down its brown glass. The whole place was warm, Edwin noticed Loric already regretting wearing his jacket. A kitchenette was off one side of the living room with a long hallway leading one way. On the opposite side was another hall with several doors on each side.

Movement came from the sofa, the car salesman looking man of Jessie Kalahon turned away from his TV to look at the Peacekeepers. He gave a wide smile as if surprised and got to his feet with a clap. He wore a black striped suit with a red polkadot bow tie. He approached Reynard with an open hand.

“Ah this must be the great Reynard I have heard about.” Jessie said with his white perfect teeth bear for all to see. “It is a pleasure I must say. Please, have a seat. I was just watching some Hockey, join me.” Reynard looked at the man’s hand, then back up at Jessie. “Okay, come come.”

He led the Peacekeepers deeper into the living room, but Reynard made no attempt to enter the sofa area. A glass coffee table sat in between the Tv and the sofa, many documents laid out in a haphazard pile. Edwin and Loric were throwing gazes all around as they entered deeper, Edwin’s eyes focused on Benton who moved away from the hall and towards the kitchen.

“Can I get you gentleman anything?” Jessie said, taking a seat back on his couch, offering a seat for anyone interested. “A beer? I know you don't get drunk easily so I'm sure this stuff won't hit you too much. I drink it mostly to clear the old head of mine.” He laughed at his joke. Reynard just stared daggers at him. “Alright, all business no problem. You got the warrant?” Reynard offered the warrant to the man. He took it and read it over. “Alright, so what next?”

“We have the right to search the premises as well as take you, your daughter, and your assistant here in for questioning.” Reynard explained.

Jessie looked around and gave a half chuckle. “Of course of course we will find us most accommodating, though may I ask what this is about?”

“Last night your associate attacked my officer.” Reynard stated. “Your daughter was a witness to these events, we would like her testimony on record.”

Jessie gave a wide smile. “Of course, Sadie will answer whatever you have to say, but why me?”

“A dog who doesn't follow the orders of his master is a bad dog wouldn't you say?” Reynard said, with a sly smile on his face. “We just have a few questions for you.”

Jessie gave a large toothy smile, this smile’s starting to erk Edwin. “Of course I understand, this is a huge misunderstanding of course. I had instructed Benton to bring Sadie home after she got lost, he simply thought your officer was kidnapping her and acted in defense of her. I do apologize and hope we can get this sorted out.”

Edwin noticed it then. Jessie spoke in too calm of a manner, as if he was in control. He had to know what was happening here right? He had a smug smile, one he hid behind a cheery smile of a salesman trying to sell you something while knowing he would screw you over in the end.

“Where might Sadie be?” Reynard asked, looking around.

“She is in her room, it's down that hall, first door to the right.” Jessie said, pointing to the hall on the opposite side of the apartment from the kitchen.

“Edwin, get her will ya.” Reynard said with a flick of his head.

Edwin walked the hall, noticing more pictures all along the walls of Jessie with different people and at different events. He noticed one of Jessie with a larger man holding up a large fish that he assumed was a trout for no reason. He got to the first door, then gave a light tap.

“Sadie, it's Edwin.” Edwin said.

The door creaked open as if it hadn't been used much. Sadie’s face was revealed shortly, worry replaced by relief quickly.

“You're okay.” Sadie said, looking over Edwin.

“It seems you are too.” Edwin said in almost a whisper.

Sadie looked around quickly, seeing if anyone was watching. Once she realized there were no eyes on her she shook her head from left to right. Edwin took the hint and didn't press.

“You, Your Father, and Benton will be coming in to answer some questions, is that alright?” Edwin asked.

Sadie looked again before nodding.

“Good, thank you.” Edwin said. Sadie pushed open her door enough for her to slip out and shut the door behind her. There was just a long enough period for Edwin to spot a few details about her room. A small twin bed with gray sheets, a vanity with no personal effects, and a blank wall. Edwin took a mental note of this. They didn't have a warrant to search, just bring them in for questioning.

Edwin returned to the group, Jessie getting to his feet as Sadie entered. He walked up to his daughter and gave her a big hug and kissed the top of her head. Sadie put on a smile as he approached, giving her father a fond look. Edwin was in the right spot to notice the slight hesitation as her father approached.

“Alright sweety, we are going to go talk to these nice men downtown. Please answer their questions openly and honestly, okay?” Jessie said, Edwin spotting the way he gripped her arm in a way where Reynard couldn't see.

“Of course Father.” Sadie said with a kind smile.

Jessie smiled, turned back to the Peacekeepers and clapped his hands. “Alright, is it alright if I drive there? Would make it easier on your group if you didn't have to drive us back.”

“That will be fine, but we will be following.” Reynard stated.

“Of course, hope you can keep up with my baby though, this thing has so much horsepower it would make an F150 driver go crazy!” Jessie laughed. “Maybe after I can give you the dealership I got it from, I bet they got one or two left lying around.”

“Is he trying to sell a car now?” Loric whispered to Edwin as they moved to leave the apartment.

“He is taking this very lightly.” Edwin said. “What's going on?”

Loric simply shrugged. 

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