Chapter 10:

Meeting The Guards

Ludicy - Reaching Out

He made his way down the street for five blocks before taking a left turn and walking for another 3 blocks before spotting 2 armed guards in front of a house. "That must be it." he thought. As he made his way closer, one of the guards approached him. The guard spoke: "What's with the blood there? You kill someone?" The joke didn't land, considering what Daniel had seen at the park just a little earlier. Daniel decides to introduce himself: "Hello, I was sent over by Mr. Parks to help out around here. He gave me this silver pin so you'd know he sent me. How can I help?" The guard frowned and elaborated that Parks had called the outpost ahead of time and had mentioned the silver pin. The guard leads Daniel over to the outpost which was, for what it's worth, a shed behind the guarded house. Getting out of the house, Daniel notices only about 15 people are there. Some had protective equipment on. Getting closer to them, Daniel noticed the heavy feeling in the air. He knew something was horribly wrong but couldn't point his finger at anything particular. Some looked his way, while others didn't seem to react. The guard starts: "Listen up, this guy's name is Daniel. Sarge sent him over to help out. No idea if he will prove useful, but he's all the help sent our way. Still, if the sarge sent him over to us, he must've noticed something about him that makes him capable of helping out. Now, let's go over our tasks one last time before going out." He went on to list everything that had to be done. At the very end, he spoke to Daniel: "Boy, you're coming with my squad. We will give you a rundown of the current situation and what we need your help with." With that, half the people gathered set out on various tasks. Daniel is with a group of 3 people, the guard, and another 2 people who are going to switch out with a couple of scouts that were sent out on reconnaissance. Along the way, the guard explained to Daniel that a mysterious disease had appeared and spread at unprecedented speed. The number of people infected probably outweighs the number of healthy people according to what they've seen in the past day. He isn't even sure the people around him aren't infected already. It feels surreal hearing somebody who gives off such a calm and collected image saying something like that. He continues on to explain that the lack of information is precisely why the scouting expeditions are so important. The other 2 groups also had duos that will go out to observe the behavior of infected people. At that point, Daniel asks why he hasn't seen any infected people anywhere around if they're so numerous. The guard's answer was quite simple. The infected roam around until they find a place where the fungus can thrive. Once they find one, they tend to stay in that place. At least, that was what they were able to ascertain thus far. While talking, they arrived in front of the place where the scouts were. It was a tall building across the street from an above-ground parking garage. Daniel was a bit confused when instructed to climb the fire escape, but he did nonetheless. The other three followed behind him. Getting on top of the roof, Daniel notices two people with pale looks on their faces. They approached the two to ask about the situation.