Chapter 10:

I Quit


To my few readers

Do to circumstances, I am no longer in the position to work on and upload chapters of Expiry on a regular basis. As you've probably noticed, the recent chapters have been a mess as I've been scrambling to throw my thoughts into writing. I was really hoping I could finish this and submit to the MAL x Honeyfeed competition, but looks like I'll have to try again next year. In the future, I plan to start a webnovel that updates weekly instead of tri-weekly. I learned a lot during this process while working on Expiry and am grateful to those who stopped by to comment and like. Will I ever finish Expiry? Well, that's hard to say. I'll probably go back and completely revise the story and republish it as a new webnovel. One that I plan out more carefully before committing to such a heavy upload schedule.  I realized part way through that there are a lot of things I don't like about Expiry, especially the characters. I think SNS-404 would've been a much more interesting protagonist than Jun (the most obvious character trait I can think of for him is that he's kinda protective of Ren and isn't super outgoing). Anyway, thanks for you time. Have a good life!