Chapter 23:


A Love So Sweet, I Get Confused

The sea crashed against the sands and the smell of salt water filled the nostrils of Akio and Mitsu. Mitsu took a deep breath, the scent having a calming effect on him. Akio smiled at him, his heart racing and palms sweety. Today was nerve racking not only for him but probably more so for Mitsu, despite looking relatively calm right now. He knelt down into the sand, putting the picnic basket he had packed beside him. He lifted the lid, pulling out the picnic blanket he packed and fought with the wind to get in laid out properly.

Mitsu turned, laughing at seeing Akio struggling. Not long ago, he thought Akio was this cool and could do anything. In realty, Akio was a bit aloof and it made him cute. While the idea of watching Akio continue to struggle seemed like a good way to spend today, that wasn’t the aim of today. He took the other side of the blanket, holding it down so Akio could grab something to weigh it down. Once the blanket was properly weighted, the pair decided to get comfortable and sat staring at the sea.

It was therapeutic, sitting watching the sea go back and forth. Giving Mitsu time to think about how he as to approach the top of his feelings. He had been up most the night, countless scenarios playing through his mind. Not one of the scenarios ended happy. Following his conversation with ‘Hana’, it was certain Akio already knew about his double like. So, the most common scenario that came up was Akio leaving him behind. Rejecting him and not looking back. Then Tomo would be moving to America and his family would probably disowning him and yet; none of these endings seem to bother him. It was curious, though it may have been the lack of sleepy, he didn’t seem to be panicked by what the outcome maybe. Maybe he was just ready to accept whatever would happen.

“How about a snack?” Akio hummed. Mitsu’s ears perked up, turning to see Akio already starting to unpack the basket. His eyes caught sight of a delicious looking platter of sweet treats. Akio laughed, unwrapping the platter, seeing a piece of drool glisten from the side of Mitsu’s mouth. “I always keep my promises. Something sweet just for you.”

Mitsu liked his lips, taking a pink macaroon, wasting no time and throwing it into his mouth in one bite. The crisp sensation of crust mixed with the smooth strawberry jam filled, tantalised his mouth, tickling the sides of his mouth and releasing the serotonin in his brain. “I still can’t get over,” Mitsu took a large gulp before continuing his sentence. “How amazing you are at baking.”

Akio blushed, getting the last of the snacks from the basket. “Growing up,” With those simple words, the tone change. The euphoria from the snacks had died down as tension started to build up. “We couldn’t afford the fancy desserts Yui always wanted from the stores at the market.”

“So, you learnt how to bake?” Mitsu smiled, leaning onto Akio’s shoulder. “I had you all wrong. I’m sorry.”

“You don’t have to be sorry,” Akio assured.

Mitsu shook his head, trying desperately to hide his face. “I’ve treated you like crap,” Mitsu bit his lip, trying to hold back his tears. “I used ‘Hana’ to trick you, all because I thought I was in love with Tomo.” That sentence was like a spear impaling into Akio’s heart. “However, after Tomo kissed me. I realised she isn’t the one I like.” Mitsu moved, grabbing Akio’s cheek and pulling him for their eyes to meet. “Truth is, I’ve come to like you.” Braving his next move, Mitsu leant forward, giving a quick yet, love filled kiss. Akio just stared at Mitsu, not expecting him to be so bold as to be upfront and make such a move. “Say something,” Mitsu whined. “Please, I’ve just poured my heart out, so if you don’t mind.”

Akio slapped his cheek, making Mitsu gasp and wonder what was going on. “Sorry,” Akio laughed, his confused look now replaced with a large smile. “I guess we’re both stupid.” Mitsu let out a small ‘huh?’ waiting for Akio to continue to explain. “I knew you were ‘Hana’ all this time and I kind of used that to my advantage.”

“Eh?” Mitsu squealed, his face as red as a freshly cooked grab. He pinched at Akio’s cheek. “You knew and let me carry on.”

It took a lot of strength for Akio get loose from Mitsu’ grasp. He ran his finger tips over the area Mitsu pinched, feeling the raised skin and coming to the conclusion it was most likely to bruise. “When the person you like approached you, even as a different persona, believe me you take the opportunity.”

Crossing his arms and turning away, Mitsu’s cheeks were puffed out, not caring to hear the excuses Akio was about to say. He ignored the shuffling behind him for a while until Akio decided to hug him from behind and held a small square shape and fondant covered cake at Mitsu’s lips. “Don’t stay mad,” Akio’s voice was husky and his breath sent a new type of shivers down Mitsu’s spine “I’ll continue to make you delicious sweets.”

Damnit, Mitsu cursed. This was the cool Akio showing again, the Akio that once intimidated him. He smiled to himself. This cool personality is what got his attention in the first place. He opened his mouth, taking a bit of the cake, a rush of sugar hitting his system in an instant as he turned to Akio with a cheeky smile. “If you bribe me like this,” He laughed. “How can I stay mad at you?”

Akio felt a small tear roll down his cheek but his smile never left. “I like you, Mitsu.”

“I like you too, Akio.”

The pair leant in, embracing in a longer much more passionate kiss that mixed with cream from the cake. This time, the kiss was certainly sweet.