Chapter 10:


The Guardian

   The next day after he meet Alice near the forest, Eric woke up in the morning as usual. He got to the kitchen, made some sandwiches, and packed them. He made many more this time because he thought that he needs energy since he planned to practice magic today, and left the house shortly after.

   Yesterday he was at a loss about what to do because he didn't know any other spell but after thinking a little there were many ways to overcome this problem. He could train in combat with that spell or he could throw an unlimited number of swords, even developing new spells by himself was a good idea. He also wanted to experiment how many swords he can summon before he run out of mana. There were many things he wanted to try today so he come prepared.

   Eric was heading towards the forest but halfway he stopped and looked back. There were just some fruit trees that were scattered on the way to the forest. He narrowed his eyes then raised his voice and spoke in a confident tone.

"I know that you are here, don't hide anymore and come out!"

   He looked at a near tree but no one answered so he continued.

"Alice, I know that you are hiding behind that tree so come out already and don't me come to you!"

   It was quiet for a moment and Eric was ready to leave but right then Alice come out with an annoyed expression.

"How did you know that I was here?"

   Eric looked at her with a serious face for a moment and started to laugh.

"Ha, ha, ha! Oh, God... I was kidding just now but I can't believe that you were really here!"

    He really didn't know that Alice was here but he thought that it was a possibility so he wanted to make sure. Because he was randomly guessing he now couldn't stop laughing and because of this, a vein almost exploded on Alice's forehead. She looked at Eric with an angry expression, summoned a dagger, and threw it near his feet. He stopped laughing and shallowed his saliva while looking at the dagger that almost cut off his finger.

"Oh, seems like I missed... I promise that you won't be as lucky this time!"

   After the end of those words Alice summoned another dagger and was ready to throw it, and Eric tried desperately to stop her.

"Wait, wait, wait! Let go of the dagger, is not my bad because you let yourself be fooled by something like that!"

    Alice was ready to throw the second dagger, but somehow contained her anger, and made it disappear. Eric breathed a sigh of relief after the dagger disappeared and wiped the cold sweat from his forehead. Now, they were looking at each other with an awkward silence between them. Eric tried to say something to break the silence but Alice stopped him.

"I'm sorry for... what happened... yesterday!

    Eric was surprised that she was apologizing but smiled and answered in a carefree mood.

"Oh, don't worry about it, I don't mind! Since you are here now I guess you feel better and that's all that matters!"

    Alice's face was a little red from embarrassment but she was still staying there and didn't show any intention to leave. Eric looked at the bag full of sandwiches and sighed.

"Come with me!"

    He then started walking towards the forest and Alice reluctantly followed him. She was still suspicious of him so she had her guard raised and followed him.

"Where are we going?"

"Just come with me and shut up! You will see when we arrive."

   Eric entered the forest and Alice followed him. He walked until he found a glade, let the bag down, put on the ground a blanket and took out from the bag the sandwiches and a thermos. He poured in a cup coffee and handed it to Alice.

"I'm sure you didn't had breakfast yet, come and sit down!"

    Alice looked at him with a suspicious look and said that she isn't hungry but the stomach growls betrayed her. She finally sat down and took the cup.

("Irra said that he should be alright so I guess I don't need to worry that much...")


"And why the heck is this thing so good!?"

Alice was so surprised that she said it out loud and Eric laughed proudly.

"Ha, ha, I'm glad that you like them! Since I'm cooking by myself for some years already my cooking skills developed quite well."

Alice started to quickly eat the sandwiches and Eric was amused by that.

"Eat slowly, no one is gonna take them from you!"

Alice was a little embarrassed but cleared her throat and explained herself.

"Ahem! Sorry about that... it's been a while since I ate something so good. Since most of us are from noble families no one from the camp knows how to cook."

 "Then how did you survived so long?"

"Since we are always on the run, we mostly live on dry food and so on..."

"Oh, that's horrible..."

"Yah, but you get used to it at some point."

"Well, if is helpful to you I can cook for you when I have time..."

Alice noded and didn't said anything about that. They continued to eat their breakfast in silence with Eric occasionally asking some random questions and after they finished eating Alice took her leave.

   After being sure that she wasn't there anymore Eric finally started his training. He tried everything he wanted to try and the day quickly ended.

   Eric thought that it was the last day when he would see Alice but the next day they took breakfast together again and so the other day until two months later.