Chapter 26:


Curiosity Killed The Cat

Reohn laid on his side on the cold ground of the dark church, unable to get up. By now, it must have been around two hours since both his brothers left him here. It was painful how his arms were pulled behind him, yet he laid still regardless. As his chest hurt with guilt, he wished he hadn’t said all that to Kothur. He could never stop himself from saying stupid shit when he was angry and he didn't think he ever could.

He stared up at the ceiling realizing the last thing Kothur went through before waking up was Reohn admonishing him for crying. Even though that was so rude of him, the first thing Kothur did when he woke up was smile at him. That means Kothur would probably smile the same at him for this time as well. He didn’t know if that made him feel better or worse. The sudden bright light of the opening door forced him out of his thoughts.

“Hey, milksucker. Sorry I took so long. Did you miss me?” Fehram smiled as he walked with one hand up to greet his littlest brother.

Reohn rolled his eyes and turned away to ignore him. Fehram was probably the last person he wanted to see right now. He wanted him to die and he meant it.

“Aw, don’t be like that. Let’s have a brotherly heart-to-heart. You look like you could use one. Let’s talk about your little girlfriend now. Oh yeah. You had two, so to be specific, your fiancé. Aren’t you popular.”

Reohn furrowed his brows at him. “What? How do you know about any of that? Oh. I get it. Let me guess, you have some kind of bullshit eye power like Kothur, right? Is that why you were here being a fucking creep? Who cares. Go to hell.” Reohn angrily replied, unable to ignore him anymore. He always let Fehram get under his skin so easily even after all these years. How pathetic of me, he thought.

Fehram clapped. “Yeah, that’s right! You got it faster than Kothur did. Gold star. Now hear me out; maybe this will make you feel better. Yin and yang. The masculine force of you shooting and the feminine energy of her receiving it. Similar to sex, but even more intense since it's permanent. If you put it that way, doesn’t it seem like the ultimate romance?” He gave a mocking smile.

Reohn barred his teeth at him and pulled at his restraints. “Shut the fuck up! I’m so fucking sick of you! You should have just killed yourself instead of starting that fire, you bastard! Mom died because of you!”

Fehram waved him off. “Yeah, yeah. I know what you think. You’re not exactly secretive about it. I have been thinking about that a lot since then. Men protect women, but to what extent should a man shelter a woman’s feelings? I don’t think we should have treated her like a little kid all the time. You can’t grow up properly like that.” He crouched down to Reohn. “In any case, do you really think she would have been happy at what you have done in your life? Aren’t you the bigger traitor here?”

“What are you talking about...? Traitor? I’m a powerful and respected man. This country exists because of people like me!”

Fehram shook his head. “That might be the stupidest thing you’ve said in your entire life, Reohn. How many of your own countrymen have you personally killed? Two? Or do you count three? Would dad have honored your decisions?”

Reohn sneered at him. “What the hell do you know about honor? Honor thy parents, right? I would have kept them both alive if you were never born.”

“Well, I don’t know about that. Maybe you should get yourself a 'what if' eye power and prove me wrong. But until then, it’s about time to go.” He pulled out the gun from his coat pocket and pointed it at Reohn. “Now you’re going to cooperate like a good little boy, aren’t you?”

Reohn just growled in response. He didn’t resist when Fehram freed him from the bench and helped him up, but yelled when Fehram put the handcuffs back on him. “Hey! What the hell is this?”

“Can’t have you try to pull a fast one on me. I know how you are. Come on. We’re going back to base.”

“...why.” Reohn looked at him with suspicion. He didn’t like where this was going.

“I’m turning myself in and telling them you’re the one that captured me! Yeah, special apology gift from me! Isn’t that your favorite? Taking credit for something you didn’t do?” Fehram happily dragged him along.

Reohn groaned at how ridiculous he’s going to look with Fehram leading him around handcuffed, saying Reohn had captured him. Not to mention how embarrassing the walk through town will be. “...fuck you, Fehram.”

Fehram sat with his foot propped up on his other knee, his hands cuffed together in his lap. Across from him was a table with three uniformed men. Reohn was among the men, thankfully no longer in handcuffs. Two armed guards were standing by the door, but Fehram didn’t seem concerned at all.

“Took you guys long enough to get this meeting for me. Didn’t I say I had important information on how to beat the Rydes?”

“You did and we’re here now. Stop wasting our time or we’ll throw you back in prison, you piece of shit traitor.” Major Heonse spoke harshly to him.

“Man, what a hardass. Ok, look.” He uncrossed his legs and leaned in closer. “I’m not going to give this kind of information for free, you know? I want to be cleared of being a traitor and any other crimes you might have given me. I’ll give you a little preview to make you trust me. I know where the Rydes’ true headquarters is located, not that fake one Mylise was giving you information from. Kothur and her are there right now actually. He’s defected and going to give the Rydes a huge advantage with a secret power of his.”

All three men reacted in shock, especially Reohn. Was that bastard really going to sell out Kothur's secret like that? They both worked so hard to protect it these past two years.

“...alright. We’ll give you your freedom in exchange of the rest of your information.” Heonse gave a signal to the guards and they removed Fehram’s handcuffs.

Fehram smiled. “Much better. Alright. See my eyes? That dael experiment gave me some strange future sight ability. It’s how I was able to avoid being captured for so long. Kothur has a similar power except it can see a person’s past. They are going to take his eye. With that kind of power, you wouldn’t be able to hide any military secrets from them. They’ll always know what you’re planning before you do it.”

“Has he always had that power? Did you know anything about this, Reohn?” Heonse asked Reohn who stumbled over his words not knowing what to say.

Fehram spoke up in his defense. “He didn’t know anything about it. How could he have? Look, they’re going to be taking his eye out tonight so you only have another day to get the drop on them before they put it another guy who can start using it against you. You guys can take my left eye and put them in someone more fitting for your needs seeing as I’m not soldier material. I’d personally recommend Reohn. He’s of the same genetic material as me and his public appeal has fallen recently with the dead fiancé things, hasn’t it?” He grinned. “Doesn’t that sound nice? Having a soldier who can see both future and past? If you wanted to, you could control the whole world.”