Chapter 23:


I Turned Into A Boy

Those 6 people go to the marked building in Meddler( Lily Rose’s ) Caravan.

Maim Meddler Driving, Kruger sitting beside him…Sohel, Joey, Jeremiah, and meddler sitting behind talking stuff.

They reach the location…

Maim: We four should surround the kids…We can’t let them harm…

Joey: Now, I understood why He told me to get a sleeping spray.

Maim: You hit and I will spray him.

Kruger: I think something is hiding on the top floor.

Kids you both look who will come…with your scopes.

Jeremiah: Yes…Sir.

Meddler: Kruger: 4 o’clock.

Kruger smashes him.

Joey: sprays the sleeping gas.

Jeremiah: Wow! You guys are a great team.

Meddler: Miam 10’o clock! Sohel 1 o’clock…

Sohel: I can see my 1’o clock kid…

Joey: Spray’s it and done…

A group of 20 people comes from the back.

Kruger: You both go…I think there is something you guys need to do, He told us to get weapons to them these people…I guess that was the reason.

Jeremiah: Okay sir. We will go and see.

Meddler: We won't let your sacrifice go to waste…You four.

Joey: Hey…We are not dead.

Jeremiah and Meddler go to the 1st floor and there they see a door… On the right side of the door, there is an iris lock and a Qr scanning.

Jeremiah is this an Iris lock…

Keeps his eyes and the door opens, But when Meddler tries to come…The door closes back.

Meddler keeps his eyes it shows Invalid…

Meddler: Jeremiah says it's invalid.

Jeremiah: Try to use that Lily Rose card.

Meddler: Yeah I will try.

*door opens*

Jeremiah: There is another door…

Meddler: I guess we need to open it the same way.

*The door opens automatically*

A robotic voice from the background:

“ Welcome, Jeremia Halidiya, Father Emerson Halidiya, and Mother Lina glass Halidiya…Take your seat.

Welcome, Lily Rose, Father Scar Meddler, and Mother Alex Rose…Take this seat.

Meddler: Who’s voice is this??

Jeremiah: Who are you…

Robotic voice: I'm Jerry his assistant of him. He programmed me that at this moment there will be few guests…He gave me all information about you and your partner and the other 2 guests, I don’t think the other two have arrived.

Jeremiah: How did you have my iris? I have never come here till now in my life.

Jerry: you have come here…When you were born, He kept your Iris in this.


Jeremiah: Jerry…Who is this He…Like so many people are talking about it…

Meddler: Yeah! I can’t wait till I get to know, who this he is!

Jerry: I’m extremely sorry sir, That information is private…I can’t reveal it to you…But you will get to know.

*A Helicopter sound comes from the Terrace *

2 people come down and open the door opens…An adult man and a woman come walking…That woman comes running towards meddler and hugs him.

Meddler: who are yo—

Jerry: Welcome Scar meddler, Father of Lily Rose, and Alex Rose Mother of Lily Rose.

Jeremiah: What! They are the parents of Lily Rose…But Her parents died in a car accident, right?

Tears coming from Meddler’s eyes…

Meddler: Mom…Is that you….Mommmm….Daddddd what happened!! How can you leave me alone like that …I was so sad…Lonely, I had no one…How can you do that…That was such a bad thing to do…You guys are not responsible parents!

Scar comes and hugs meddler: We are sorry kid…But you will know in the future why we left you…It was the only way, That’s what He said.

Meddler: Dad…Dad….Your aliveeeeee….I'm sooo happy!!

Jerry: Sir I guess we shouldn’t interrupt…

Jeremiah: And that’s how you interrupted…

Scar: Sorry, We don’t have more time…we need to leave quickly we are on a run…

Alex: Yeah…He told us once we come, seeing the helicopter the cops will come…We need to hurry,

Meddler: Mom…Who is this “He” you’re talking about…

Scar: Before we leave Lily just remember what we are doing is something is for a good cause and we trust him to the fullest so just believe in us…

Alex: He was right…He told us when we meet you again, you won’t be the same…You will be drastically changed… But we got the antidote what that…

Scar: I'm so happy everything went as planned…He cracked this in the most limited possibility…

Meddler: For God’s sake just tell me who this “HE” is

*A thunder Struck*

Scar: He is Mad.

Alex Rose: Mad… The most successful scientist to date.

Both of them look at Jeremiah and say

It’s your dad.”

Jeremiah: What do you mean it’s my dad…Where is now…Did you meet him? How do you know about him?? Tell…

Scar: Oh…Shit, the police are coming…We need to go.

Both of them climb the stairs and then Scar throws a capsule toward Meddler…

Scar: Kid opens that and drinks that serum you get your body back…

Jeremiah: You didn’t answer even a single question of mine…

Scar: He just said one thing… “ When he will return, it will be chaotic but he told you both to be together…When He will come back don’t worry he will be the same person when he left you.”

Alex: Take care of yourself, Lily! Eat properly, sleep properly, and don’t leave his side…He seems to be a good guy…Bye, Need to go.

*Both of them leave in a helicopter*

Meddler: What was that just now…Did my parents just come to life now…

Jeremiah: They never died…

Meddler: But what that car accident thing…

Jeremiah: The faking death in his letter that might be your parent’s thing.

Meddler: Now they give these Capsules then I will turn back to Lily Rose…But won't you miss Meddler…Jeremiah.

Meddler throwing that capsule in the air and catching it back…But By mistakenly he threw it really high and it cracked after hitting the roof, But Jeremiah catches that liquid with his mouth.

Jeremiah goes near Meddler and Kisses him…Slowly giving the serum from his mouth to the meddler’s mouth.

Meddler swallows the serum…His body slowly shrinks, He turns back into a girl…

Lily: Wow…These clothes are really loose.

Jeremiah goes into her t-shirt and they both kiss.

Jerry: Sir…This is embarrassing stuff for me to watch.

Lily-Rose: That’s how my story ends…These 20 days were weird…Awesome, sad but they were special.

I just wanted to say I’m Lucky

Black screen

Jeremiah: Dad is that you…Dadddddddd.

Caïssa: Lets go.


Author’s Note: I Really appreciate you have read this till the end…If you Reading “ I turned into a boy” But Didn’t Read my other novel Novel M.A.D… I would say please give Mad a chance its present on Honeyfeed and There are a lot of connections between Both the novels, both the novels happen in the same universe…

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