Chapter 1:

A OneShot

Containment Man: Last Stand Of The Amanaza

During the interwar years, both French speaking and Japanese regions were completely obliterated during the bombing raids by French and Japanese loyalists, which caused the majority of the damage to New York and San Fransisco Bay area, with minor outlying territories being initial safe havens for the Amanaza. It was quite a sight for onlookers on the beach to observe Japanese vessle patroling the open sea for French infantry men, both of whom had previously been allies before the dissolving of the US government.

Initially the people that offered to help drive off the occupying Japanese and French forces, had themselves aided in the French incursion into Mexico, and the Japanese bombardment of San Francisco Bay during world war II, but went into hiding during the later cold war years, only finally emerging after Antifa and Proud Boys were a thing of the past. Many people whom were part of Antifa would later apply their skills in the Amanaza as a decentralized militia.

At first these were minor mass shooting events, but eventually evolved into bombing banks, and eventually nuclear terrorism using microton bombs to blow up and burn bridges. Many of those who aided them were beheaded by Katana in the Japanese controlled territories, or put in the national razor. Japan adopted a Crusafix shaped guillotine, known as the Curusatine, to specifically persecute Korean supporters of the revolution, along with their Catholic allies.

France in turn retaliated by capturing Japanese immigrants to French controlled territories, and guillotined them with Torii tower shaped guillotined, so that they disrespect their Kami before they are executed.

In total, the casualties eventually rivaled the scope of the first American civil war, which totalled upwards of 600,000 military personel.

Franz Riviere remembered vividly narrowly surviving these purges.

Franz Riviere Suzuki is working at an art studio desk, while observing Maria Tanaka at the other side of the cubicle. Carefully he jots down notes about her appearance, and waited for lunctime to begin drawing. At that point, he noted the gentle slenderness of her neck, and carefully trimmed overgrown bob cut that was dirty blond, and the color of her dress which was an off black tone. Then finished up his Omulet Sushi. In the office, he shows his friend, a fellow animator, the sketches of the woman nude while her and Amas were taking a shower in the provided bathrooms of the government run facility.

"What if she ends up finding out." his friend asked.

"Don't worry, it's always outside the bathroom entrance where I sneak glimpses. I tend to be at the men's restroom, drinking from a water fountain."

Maria Tanaka overhears the conversation, but pretends not do out of politeness, and comes over to greet them Bonjour:

"Have you seen the river outside the window, it's like an impressionist painting is it not?" She carefully religns her flowered beret, then sneaks a wink over at Frans. "I'd like to see your sketches later."

Franz liked using Sumi brushes and reed pens, although the rest of the animation department was using digital drawing tools. But he prefered blending traditional and digital techniques. And he would uses a limited set of shades and pigments, because the brighter colors tended to hurt his eyes, even when scanned on a computer of his chosen operating system. Franz was primarily a Linux user, although initially he had mainly used Windows, but do to his boss being unsatisfied with the way the company was running shop, he eventually permitted him to switch to whatever operating system that he preferred.

It was Franz first girlfriend that he had met during the interwar years, back when they visited a river in Tennessee, before it was occupied by the colonial forces of Marine Le Pen. He would dress like a Courtesan in a river boat, but with a cowboy hat, and his wife the gentlest of frilly white wedding dresses, as she would pluck flowers from the grass. They would visit the river usually during the night, but she had always been scared of the darkness, but was simply to polite to say this when they were dating.

But one day they arrived, when France was fending off invading Japanese guerilla forces, and she was caught in the cross hairs of machine guns. And the memory of her choking on her own blood continued to this day to gave him nightmares and required him to seek counseling. And it was with that why eventually gave up his life was artist, initially, and becoming an accountant for the science division of the French military regime.

They promised him free access to medication in exchange for his duties, but it always troubled them that when accounting for records, that in the reports included DNA swaps from local Korean residents, whom had always been treated more kindly by the French than the Japanese forces.

The facility was always under lock down, which made leaving for his sleeping quarters to retrieve his mades a tricky task, but eventually he had a hard time taking pressure from his job.

Izumi, this wasn't the life I wanted,

and I still wish you were here.

One night he worked late to keep up with finances, and found a runaway Korean family that was being lead by a French girl armed to the teeth, and hiding inside of an open military garage. Somehow they had broken through the protective barbed wire fence. He briefly entertained the idea of calling his employer, but instead the girl pointed a machine gun at him.

"Do not tell anyone where we are." she demanded.

"Relax, I'm on your side. And I can prove it to you."

He allowed them to sleep in his sleeping quarters until the morning, and then gave them a map for where to locate other Korean refugees. Part of this was because his fear of the French army not being entirely forthwright about their general acceptance of refugees. This girl would later go on to become a candidate for local elections after the interwar years.

Elsehwere factions of the Amanaza were beginning to reemerge from hiding, with their rebel flags still waving. And it was this conflict they fled from, whom had previously been safe havens during the interwar years. They would ambush the patrolling Japanese and French forces, by attacking civilian targets, and this evolved into a police operation that caused a permanent stalemate, until eventual the descendant of Marine Le Pen offered a pardon for all survivng combatants, a grant of semi-autonomy.

Franz Riviere eventually became overwhelmed with his duties, and broke into the lab for which he had to account for their finances, and discovered that, instead of being a safe haven for Korean refugees who had fled the Japanese forces, instead the French were conducting science experiments on ones who had died, with their body parts being used to create cyborg body guards, whom would obey their every command during police operations.

It was this, that he had found his girlfriend, Maria Tanaka, who had been one Japanese woman who had tried to convince the French not to create these abominations to use against the most vulnerable among us. Together they took the survivors, who had been in captivity for a very long time, and caught up with the one French advocate of the Korean, Anna La Sauveuse.

Eventually they managed to hitch a ride on a truck, operated by a faction of the Amanaza who had been operating in the area in order to recruit locale Korean, French, and Japanese for their resistance.

Finally Maria and Franz could apply their talent to one area they always knew that they could apply themselves in, propaganda for the Amanaza, the resistance to Japan and France. With the Tri-color flag and the red center dot waving true.

Eventually military jets attempted to intercept the truck, but the Amanaza gaurillas were able to toss Molotov Cocktails at them in overwhelming numbers. Eventually they were able to hide once they reached the Os Azusacos, whom had ben developing a new sanctuary city underground.

After many years of service, they moved to California, where both would create overlapping autobiographical animated movies, and talk about the interwar years that tore America apart after the fall of the US government. Franz and Maria would eventually marry, with both wearing Kimonos in the early hours of the morning, while drinking cups of coffee, watching reruns of their collaboration.

And with that, Franz was able to have the peace he always wanted.

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