Chapter 30:

Undesirable Encounter

Royal Princess of Blood

Now then, how to mend the situation?

I just left the shop and I was contemplating how to handle my dear brother. I can already imagine him panicking as he searched for me. He must be in despair realizing his failure to guard me and how he lost me.

Perhaps he might even be confused as to why I vanished.

What role should I take?

Maybe I should take the role of being a stubborn and obstinate girl and leave the spot where I should be since I found something interesting. Should I begin to rebel a bit? Perhaps, hm. But most importantly, I should be utterly apologetic.

I touched the sling bag.

I should hide it under the cloak but…

I had to take off the hood of the cloak to put it over my shoulder. But of course I don’t really need to do that.

I took off the bag that was over my cloak and then hung it by my right shoulder. The sling bag hung straight towards the ground from my shoulder. A bit inconvenient for me, but it will work. I pulled my cloak to conceal myself even more along with the bag.

It was ideal not to reveal I had this bag, but if it was to end up being discovered, oh well… I’ll manage.

Alright, I hope you’re still at the plaza, dear brother.

He could be searching for me, so there was a chance that he was no longer at the plaza and was searching for me all around. But it would be troublesome to find him, especially when I am personally unfamiliar with the city.

Perhaps you were wondering if I could go home on my own. Of course I can, what am I? A five year old?

I’ve memorised every route I have taken, so I could just use the route I used earlier to return where I was to begin with. In addition, as long as I know the direction of where the palace was, I will be completely fine.

I’m not gonna get lost, if I did, then my lifetime of training was put to complete waste.

As I went on to return to the plaza, my footsteps were rushed since it wouldn’t do good to take long. Of course not too fast since I don’t want any attention to myself. I already did something unplanned at the blacksmith shop, I don’t want to anymore.

I have another problem left that was my dear brother.

I don’t want him to go calling the knights now to find me. But I imagine he wouldn’t do that immediately since it was his responsibility to watch over me. And failing that would be a disappointment, not just to everyone, but most importantly to father and mother.

If we were to meet father and mother later, I have to tell my brother to keep everything a secret before that. I just hope he agrees, which I was seven five percent sure. Well, let’s just see how everything goes.

The most important thing was that I already have my precious daggers.

Just then, I instinctively froze in my tracks. My heart beat fast as I immediately went on high alert. A chilling wind just went around me, this was no normal wind. I was surrounded by different buildings, and this type of cold wind was different, and its movements were circling me.

“Princess of Blood.”

I instantly sneaked my hand into my bag when I heard that voice. Dammit, it was out of the blue. The daggers were wrapped in cloth and at the bottom of the bag. It would be stupid to take them out now, then I just had to take the dagger from the box.

I immediately turned to look at the source of that sound.

There in a small alley by the road, a man in dark clothing covered in robes from head to toe, but I could see his face. It was a man in his forties, his amber eyes stared at me, his dark hair blended with the faint dark fog that surrounded him.

What does this person want with me?

And Princess of Blood? I had no idea what he was talking about.

He smiled when our eyes met.

“Indeed, you are alive, I doubt it no more now that I see you with my own eyes this closely.”

He spread his arms with a smile as he spoke as though in celebration.

I was puzzled as to why he was acting this way. It was then at this moment that I had realized that I could only hear his voice, and everyone else, and anywhere else, I couldn’t hear them.

I still feel the chilling wind, it must be what was blocking the sound. This must be another kind of magic. I was irritated that an unknown power was being used on me.

“The prophecy told otherwise, and your survival changed the flow of the tides, or changed what we initially expected.”

Oh? I smirked inside.

I’m sorry, did I fuck up your prophecy or something?

I wanted to chuckle in amusement. That said, I know nothing about this so-called prophecy. But I did get that it seems the prophecy spoke of my death. Or to be precise, Estelia’s death.

Well, she is dead, and I am here.


In their eyes, Estelia was still alive.

“Please do not misunderstand, we are overjoyed to see you alive and well, O esteemed Princess.”

He bowed his head deeply as though bowing down to a monarch.

“W-Who are you?”

I took on the Estelia facade as I spoke. Reason? It seems that this person was familiar with me, it would be best not to show who I truly am in front of him. But it made me wonder if he saw what I did in the shop. I hope not.

“We are not your enemy, Princess.”


Hm.... I processed his words, trying to decipher the deeper meaning behind it. What he could be doing… I had a faint idea, but it was uncertain.

“We have been watching you, your Highness. We have been protecting you from others that threaten you, even more so now.”

From what he was saying, it seems he had no intention of attacking me. But I still sneaked my hand to grab hold of the dagger from inside the box which I opened during the exchange. It would be foolish to believe him.

Even though he had magic, and I do not, that didn’t mean I am not going to fight if there was no other choice. If I were to fall, it would be fighting to the end.

But, this entire conversation, it gave me a bad feeling. Like, everything was going to change.

What I was experiencing recently, all of it would slowly change in the future.

A strange emotion began to creep into my heart.

“What do y-you mean?”

“Be careful, for various beings have their eyes on you. Be wary of your surroundings and those around you. Even to your allies and ranks, for your enemies will also be among them, that even we are unable to determine which.”

A betrayer?

“Always be on guard, don’t easily trust anyone. Please live, Princess of Blood.”

He sounded like he was pleading, but I was not in the mood to be empathetic, nor did I have any intention to do so.

But what was this?

I was holding the dagger tightly, so tight that my hand began to tremble. A violent emotion swirling in my heart. My facade threatened to break.

I wanted to explode in anger.

“Farewell for now. But know that we are also here to watch over you. And oh, I suggest you keep our conversation a secret in order to keep everyone around you safer,” he faintly smiled. “Take care, your Highness.”

He turned into a fog and ascended until he disappeared. The abnormal wind that covered me vanished as well.

I took in a sharp deep breath as my pure and innocent masquerade broke apart.

I gritted my teeth as my burning eyes of anger peered around, looking for enemies.

I was furious. So furious that my heart pounded heavily.

They… They would ruin my peace?!

My face contorted into anger as I wanted to shout. The dagger held even more firmer as the raging emotion inside me wanted to blast out. I want to slam my fist into a wall. I want to kill. I want to slaughter. I want to execute those who wanted to obstruct my desired path.

What did I ever do to them for me to end up in this situation?!

I knew nothing about them. I knew nothing about everything. Who they were, what was going on, what was about to happen…


And now they dare threaten the peace that I have?!

My days of peace, the days ever since I became Estelia. It came to my mind. They were peaceful. Those were the things I so wanted to have. The freedom. The flowers. The cookies. The lessons. The dancing. The learning. The music. The plan to fish. Eating grilled food. Leisurely walks.

A place to call home.

B-But… this was going to happen?!

It felt like everything would crumble apart. All the things I only experienced for a short time.




I took a deep breath. Losing my calm wouldn’t help anything.

I closed my eyes as I slowly regained my composure.

Fine then. Anyone who wants to destroy my peace, come at me! I will face you down. I will take you all. No matter how many you are. Even if it's the entire world. I will eliminate all that dares to take what I longed for. What I wished for... I will have a life of peace.

I have made my resolve.

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