Chapter 20:


Sakuragami Syndrome

"Let me start by thanking you all for using your time to read my novel. To the members of my family that supported me, my friends that came home weekly to read and give me face-to-face critics, and to fellow HF writers who gave me feedback and nice and sincere words!! I’m very thankful for your support!!" My heart feels warm.

"Secondly, I want to apologize for my bad writing. As you may know, I’m not a native English speaker. So yeah, I feel kinda sad for myself for not being able to express myself perfectly in English, and also since I lack writing experience, it affected the novel for sure. This time I rely mostly on dialogs to describe everything. I know I should have used more prose. But sadly, time is limited!! It's not that I didn’t want to, but I was short on time (I had to write the 7 last chapters in 14 days!!). I had to use a different type of narrative tool." But I worked hard trying to chase one of my dreams, so I have no regrets!!

"As you see, this novel has an open ending. I would love to continue the story if I have the opportunity!! I have a really good plan to continue it. This time, a lovely female student may end up living with her father inside of him. I would have loved to continue right now, but the length of the contest, mixed with the 3 months of time that we had to write, my inexperience with writing and some personal reasons, is the perfect mix that didn’t let me write as much as I wanted!!" This novel was my second idea. So I started writing it when June started. I wish I had more time because I feel like I could have written more and better. And also, I started to love the story. I can’t wait to write about Kira and Manami’s childhoods from 500 years ago. The reason why she killed her family; who was the one who killed Kira’s parents… And so much more!!

"I also want to give a special thanks to HoneyFeed, MyAnimeList, Hivemind, and Kodansha for giving people the opportunity to fulfill one of their dreams of publishing a novel and maybe a manga in Japan!! Good luck to the finalists, whoever they are, and a super special congratulations to the winners of every prompt!! You guys deserved to win!!" I’m writing this before the contest is over, but I’m sure their novels are GOAT!!

"Finally, I would love to end with a final reflection. Not everyone has the life they want. Not everyone 'can' have the life they SHOULD have. Not all students have a happy and healthy life with their peers. Not all adults have a normal, peaceful life in their jobs. Of course, the way Kira acts is not right, but neither is keeping quiet the way Butagami does. Many people will try to control your lives, including yourselves, for fear of what others will say about you for not following the rules. Don't let yourselves be controlled; don't let fear control your decisions. Fight for what you believe is right. Fight for your dreams. Fight for your VALUES. Prove to others that they are wrong. Show them that you are better than they are, and that you are not intimidated by bullies who want to control your own life. Show them that you are not afraid of failure. And above all, show them that violence is not the way to happiness."

"Thank you for reading my novel. Till next time!!”