Chapter 0:


Controller of The World

Arveriana's voice is heard in a short 3-minute video footage, he is doing a mass live broadcast 

" Attention to the entire population of Santiago City you have only 10 minutes left before the bomb is detonated at the Santiago government office and kill all the important people there including the head of government, I want you all to gather in Metropolitan Santiago there is already my colleague (Alviano) who will help direct you all, our next goal is to master the Chilean system of government and establish it a new one, you guys heard it all"

The live broadcast managed to get most of the citizens to go to gather at metropolitan Santiago, while the rest, who were none other than supporters of the Chilean government, refused and denounced the acts of terror committed by Rian and Viano.

Soon Rian's voice was heard again

"For those of you who dare to oppose this Ultimatum, we will not hesitate to destroy you directly on the spot" Threatened Rian in his live broadcast

some residents some went to the mentioned location but there were also supporters of the Chilean government who remained in their place as if ignoring the Announcement, they did not even believe what Rian said

" Well, you guys who asked for it I will prove my words" Rian concluded with his evil smile

shortly after the live broadcast ended dozens of bombs were detonated at the location of residents who were watching the broadcast and killed many people, mass explosions did not only occur there, at the Chilean Government offices also the area there was successfully flattened by a number of time bombs that automatically exploded as soon as the live broadcast ended,  what Rian said proved to be the case that he was not joking with what he said, it was what made the entire population of the earth afraid and submissive to his every word and command

" That's what you get if you underestimate what I said" Rian moved out of his seat and put on the Manipulator Mask then walked out of the room. " It's time for us to act, Viano" Rian said as he walked quickly towards the corridor.

It's the story of a person who has never felt justice in his life and plans to create justice himself, Did he succeed?...