Chapter 1:



June 1st, 2097

6:18 PM


The makeshift elevator made its way to the ground floor. In stepped two hoodlums from the street gang Tokyo's Lost Ones. They were young, only being in the gang for about a year, but they made waves with their aggressiveness and attitude. One of them was named Jockey. Jockey was a young man born in raised in the old world but saw his life collapse when the bombs dropped at a young age. Now older and angrier, it was only a matter of time before he joined a gang. The other was his long-time friend Danze, a smart man using his wit to make it to the top.

Danze was Asian, stood at 6'2, had long black hair that reached his shoulders, and usually always had a hunch to him.

Jockey was shorter at 5'9, had shorter shaggy hair, and dawned a stubble that clung to his brown skin.

Both wore black and purple jackets with the flag of old world Tokyo on the back, proud to show the six-pointed sun.

Jockey pressed the button with his dirty fingers to lift the elevator up to the top floor. Jockey leaned against the stained and graffitied walls of the elevator, pulling out a small metal pipe to smoke. After a long exhale, he started to speak. "You got any cash on ya? I need more crystals."

Danze stood in the middle with his hands in his pockets. "Even if I did, I told you I wouldn't be supporting your habit anymore."

Jockey scoffed at his friend's concern. "You ain't my fuckin' mother."

The taller one turned to him, stone-faced. "And you still somehow disappoint me."

The doors reached the top floor, revealing the remains of a penthouse now taken over by the Lost Ones. The floors were rusted and busted, the walls were beaten and littered with vulgar sayings about the locals, and the flag of the old city lazily hung by the stairs, leading up to the bedrooms and smokehouses the members made by themselves. The ground floor was home to the main members playing games and doing drugs until it was time to be productive. That's exactly what the duo sees when they walk into the living room. Members EX and Grim were doing crystal and playing dice with whatever S-Credit they had left. Jockey wasted no time to hop over and join in their smoking and playing around. Danze rolled his eyes at his hopelessly addicted partner and wandered the ruins, hearing the sounds any gang pad would hear: Music, laughing, and lots of moaning from the hopefully consenting woman in the background.

Danze stumbled upon Saturn being guilty of the endless moaning, using the wonders of technology to have sex with another one of her flings ruthlessly on the kitchen floor. Danze laughed as he saw the action. "Shit, having fun?" Danze asked jokingly.

Saturn stopped abruptly and flipped Danze off, smirking. "Fuck off, virgin. You're not getting any." She had a rough, deep voice. Her lover looked at Danze, slightly confused due to her being high off so many drugs.

"I had her last week, bitch." He snapped back. They both laughed as Danze walked upstairs, seeing Manius rolling up some green magic on his own, bobbing his head while blasting techno music.

"Hey," Danze said as he reached the top. "Where's Riki?"

Manius looked up with his different colored eyes and shrugged as he finished his perfect roll. "Prolly in the main room. He loves to chill in there." He was always relaxed, and it showed in his voice.

They bumped fists, then Danze opened the doors to see Rikimaru The Ruiner, leader of the Lost Ones. His room had a view of the heavily polluted, advertiser-filled skyline. Riki turned to see one of his newer recruits and gestured to him to sit with the leader. Danze did just that. "Danze," Riki started, poised and bold as usual. "For the last few months, you've been making pretty good waves with Jockey. I'm pretty proud of your work, it's impressive. That's why I want you to lead our next raid."

Danze stood up in excitement. Raid leaders get a major cut of all the loot, so it was a big deal to be in charge of a raid. The only deal is that you have to look up and plan everything yourself. "Shit, really? Thank you so much, I'll do my best!"

Riki laughed. "Good. Now go celebrate, I know the crew would be happy."

Danze did just that, yelling out to the entire penthouse that he got the raid leader. The gang erupted in cheer, causing them all to funnel into the living room to party together. They drank, smoked, sniffed, and indulged their desires on Saturn's fling, taking turns.

Hours later, Danze was sleeping soundly on the floor nude, snuggling next to Saturn after she shared her 'gift' with him. His happy slumber was interrupted by Jockey, softly slapping him awake. He groaned in confusion.

"We're out of crystals man!" Jockey whisper yelled.

Another groan escaped Danze's lips. "The fuck...? Then get some..."

"I fucking told you, I'm broke!"

"Then stick somebody up..."

Jockey poked his forehead repeatedly. "That's why I need you, dipshit!"

Annoyed, Danze put his clothes on and got on the elevator with his dear friend. They scaled the crowded streets of downtown Tokneo to look for a prime target. They saw a little convenience store, with only two people in there. Jockey put a small EMP jammer on the side of the store to disrupt the cashier to call the cops. After pulling out their pistols, they kicked in the door and screamed. Jockey was leading the mini raid. "Hands in the fucking air! All I need is the money!" Jockey aimed the pistol at the cashier as he put the money in a bag. Danze was usually in charge of crowd control, but in this case, it was just a young man, wearing a bookbag and carrying school books. He looked angrily at Danze as he aimed the gun at him.

Danze was already in a bad mood; this didn't help. "Got a fucking problem?"

No answer.

"You don't think I'll ice you right here, bitch?"

No response.

"Matter of fact, Give me all the shit you got." Danze pushed him to the wall of snacks and emptied his wallet of all the S-Credits, throwing it on the floor as Jockey grabbed the bag to run. Jockey laughed evilly as he sprinted to the nearest dealer and spent his share. Danze spent some for party favors he'll share with the gang later.

Jockey smoked and laughed as they walked back. "What can I say, I'm a genius."

Danze rolled his eyes. "More like junky."

"Hey." Jockey stopped suddenly and stared at his friend, placing a hand on his chest.


"Fuck you." They both laughed and walked into the old hotel, planning another night of debauchery.