Chapter 6:



June 15th, 2097

8:45 PM

It was time. With everything scouted and set up, the raid was a go. This was the only time the crew was completely sober since any screw-up could spell death for the Lost. This one was especially dangerous, with them robbing and taking something that Kaos owned. This was the first mission that the group decided not to wear the six-pointed sun, wearing basic black jackets or jumpsuits. They also dawned gas masks to protect themselves from the AWL and to cover their faces.

The plan was simple. They head into the TZ compound under the cover of night. Manius and Saturn sneak to the side to plant the EMP on the wall to disable communications and cameras. Once the lights flickered, the rest would storm in. While Saturn and Manius climbed to the roof to get rid of those enemies, Jockey and Danze would take the lobby and head up, with Jockey taking control of the AWL. EX, Grim, and Rikimaru would head into the basement areas to deal with the labs, robbing them of all AKM parts to make the biggest money. With 12 floors to cover and 4 extra lab floors on top of that, they had a lot of ground to cover.

Danze zipped up his jacket, thinking of his plan. He had doubts. Especially after his battle with the AKM, the last thing he wanted was to fight another battle with any model of them, even a model 5. He had to stay strong. During his sober hours, he made sure that the plan was flawless. If he was going to burn any bridges, he wanted to do it right.

Rikimaru was adjusting his gas mask. Out of all the raids he’s done, this would be the biggest. Not only was he robbing the Yakuza Queen, but he was also getting AKM parts, which were so valuable that millionaires could go broke after buying two arms. He only planned on filling the bag and hoped that Danze wouldn’t get too greedy. Nobody knew how effective an EMP was on a Tech-Zero building except for Kaos, and of course, she wasn’t planning on telling the town anything. Riki had his worries, but he trusted Danze as a capable man, full of potential.

Saturn, Jockey, Manius, and EX were fine with the plan. They were excited to storm something new, and really get their hands on some expensive tech.

Tokyo’s Lost Ones rode once more, driving down the city in their motorcycles, all black as a team. A family. The Lost.

They head into the compound, cutting their engines as they neared the entrance. The team parked on a hill yards away, with Manius using his eye to see what the competition looked like. “Shit…” Manius said. “These ain’t Kaos’ men. Who the fuck are these men?”

Riki moved up beside him. “They’re a gang?”

“Yup.” He pulled up the database, seeing the symbol of Bishamonten on their back. “Says they’re the Sons of Bisha. They must be new but from where…” As he continued to look into the database, suddenly Manius was kicked out, causing great pain in his eye. He held it in pain. “I’m out. Somebody kicked me out…” He said, panting in pain as his eye teared up. “Impossible! What the fuck!”

Danze ran up. “What’s the deal? We gotta do this now!”

Riki looked on and updated Danze on the situation. After a bit, he made his choice. “We gotta do this. If they lost that in a fight, who knows what Kaos is coming back with.”

Riki gritted his teeth, but he agreed as they went along with the plan. Manius was still recovering from the hard boot, so Saturn took the lead as she snuck by and shot a few men in the head with a silenced pistol. She led the dazed Manius to the side and helped him set up the EMP. She finally pressed the button, letting off the pulse that made the lights turn off for a few seconds. After it turns on. Saturn looked on and excitedly yelled. “Yeah! It’s showtime!”

The rest of the gang begin the raid with a bang with EX throwing an extinction grenade that chucks out shrapnel, shredding into the Sons that guard the door. Jockey kicks in the door to shoot the Angel Waste, having the gray mess spill all over the floor. The men in the lobby were melting, with their skin slowly disappearing in a painful display of chemical warfare. While Danze and Jockey went in to finish the opposition off, the other three ran over to the lab entrance doors. Grim planted a single breaching charge, blowing the door wide open for the lab team to rush in. Jockey and Danze eventually went into the elevator and pressed the second floor. They took off their gas masks, with the smell of burning leather and flesh wafting in the elevator. Danze opened comms... “Status.”

Manius picked up, gunfire spraying in the background. “We’re on the twelfth floor. Almost-shit!-almost done here.” Danze hears a few more shots before he shuts comms. As the elevator floors open, the duo duck into cover and shoot at the crowd waiting for them in the office. Danze narrowly avoids a shot in the head as he ducked for cover.

Grim picked up. “We got some fucking loot here mate! We also got a map with all the shit on it, but it’s encrypted. It’ll take a bit.”

Jockey leaned out from his cubicle and popped at a few with his pistol, missing all of them. Danze took a chance, running forward and diving while he shot his rifle, killing a few men as he landed, crashing through a cubical wall. Jockey took it as an opportunity to shoot at the rest, clearing the room. Unfortunately, the rest of the building found out, as the elevator opened to reveal an AKM-5. Danze gulped, then shook his head as he fired at the android. The machine buckled as Jockey joined him on his assault, but the AKM ran forward and knocked the gun out of Jockey’s hand. He punched him in the face, sending him flying. Danze ran over to Jockey’s body, picked up the AWL, and launched it at the AKM. At first, he looked around as he has never seen the substance. Soon, the skin started to melt, revealing the artificial blood and bones as this operating system eventually shut down due to all the damage. Once he killed the AKM, he smacked Jockey awake. They ran to the elevator, pressing the eighth floor on accident in their panic.

The duo gasped for air, smiling as they did so. “We fucking did that?” Jockey asked.

“Yes. Fuck. Yes.” Danze replied.

At once they hugged each other. Getting ready to take over the next floor. The elevator doors revealed…

Dead Sons.

As they wondered who killed him, Danze stepped out first to receive a shot in the head by a lone gunman. As his body collapsed, Jockey hopped out to grab the pistol held by the gunman. He knocked him down and proceeded to waste the entire clip into his body, hearing the gun click several times after pulling. He threw the gun and dragged Danze out, holding his lifeless body in his arms. He shook his head repeatedly, starting to feel tears in his eyes. He heard somebody speak in comms. It was Saturn.

“Status? Hello? Jockey, Danze?”

“C…” He had to force himself to speak. “Come in.”

Saturn could feel it. “What’s wrong?”

Jockey stammered, but he made it come out. “H-He’s dead.”

Saturn remained silent.

So did Jockey.