Chapter 18:



June 29th, 2097

9:45 AM

The gang stared at the android, unknowing of who or even what it was. It looked like Danze, but it was clear to Jockey that he was shot in the head, dead as soon as he hit the ground. It was impossible that he was revived in any way, so Manius was on his laptop, wires connecting from Lamb’s head to the computer. He typed away, attempting to see how much of Danze was in the android.

Grim got up from sitting next to the beaten android and attempted to lighten the mood. “Come on, we got Danze back! We should be happy.”

Riki shook his head. He was standing up, smoking a cigarette. “We don’t know what that thing is. He looks like an AKM.”

EX was on the couch comforting Saturn when he nodded. “Yeah, he has a point. He has to be a copy or something.”

Saturn disagreed. “They took his body at the morgue. What’s the point of taking a body if you’re not going to use it?”

Jockey was on the floor, hugging his knees and staring at the android. “That’s Danze. He looked at me. He said my name.”

Rikimaru was tired of the discourse. “Manius, how close are you to finishing?”

Manius with his fixed smart eye and the computer had got the information about Lamb. “He’s…Danze. That’s his brain. It has to be. But the rest of his body is artificial. Looks to be AKM-4 era parts. The brain is damaged to hell, looks to be mainly modified in the…hippocampus. I wonder why.”

Grim looked confused. “Hippo wot?”

Manius rolled his eyes while unplugging the wires. “The hippocampus. The part of the brain that helps with memory. They got something in there. I can’t dig too deep in his head without hurting him, so we’ll have to…Wait.” He turned to Jockey. “Didn’t you say he was shaking after he said your name?”

Jockey nodded.

“Fuckers…They put a memory block in. It sounds like whenever he remembers, It’ll hurt. Maybe kill.”

Riki stepped over the body, inspecting his old gang mate. “Can we…Somehow force him to remember safely?”

Manuis shook his head. “Maybe if we drug him It’ll keep him from dying, maybe numb some of the pain, but it’ll feel like your brain is getting hit by lightning from the inside. It will hurt.”

Riki nodded, understanding the risks. “Get some NUM. We prep the body.”


While Rikimaru and Manius tended to the android, Jockey went to the patio to smoke outside alone, EX and Saturn were in their rooms, cuddling and thinking of that day’s events. Saturn at that point had gotten some hair on her face, patches with fuzz. Her breasts had reduced to look more like pectorals. EX didn’t mind, but he could tell that Saturn did. He looked at her with worry as she popped another F-Tech in her mouth. Her body shook as the testosterone surged, and out of her her clitoris grew a massive penis. She sighed and went back to relaxing with EX.

“...You know we aren’t fucking, right?” Ex questioned.

Saturn nodded. “Yeah. I figured.”

“Then why’d you pop F-Tech?”

The woman shrugged. “I like having a cock.”

“You want to become a man?”

Saturn scoffed. “No. I hate the fucking side effects. Being a man blows.”

EX tilted his head curiously. “But you want a dick.”

“Yeah. It’s better than having a pussy.”

EX sat up as the conversation got more serious. “What do you mean? You have a good one. I love your pussy.

Saturn couldn’t help but to crack a smile. She looked at him with appreciation and kissed his cheek. “Of course, That’s why I like it when you do it to me. I trust the gang. It’s just that everyone else will get the pill.”

“If that’s the case, then why take it now? You feel that uncomfortable with a vagina?”

Saturn nodded as she rested her head on the big man’s chest. “Well…You know I got raped. I felt really unprotected after that. It was really the main reason I joined the Lost Ones. I felt safe just being around you guys. I just couldn’t shake this feeling of hate. I hated my pussy. If it wasn’t for the fucking thing, I would’ve never gotten raped.” A few tears fell down her face as she recalled the events in her mind. She pushed on regardless, ignoring the pain in her crotch area. “So I started taking F-Tech. I felt amazing. Cumming on my own terms. I took more. But now I fucking look like a dude. I don’t want to be a dude. But I hate this fucking thing between my legs. I just want to rip the fucker out.” She had anger, a hint of pain in her voice.

EX petted the weeping woman. “I don’t know what you’re going through, but I like you regardless, ok? I want you by my side, Sat. You’re more than just a cock or a vagina or whatever the hell you got. Ok?”

Saturn nodded, tears still streaming down her face. She moved to press her lips against EX. He was surprised, but he gave her the same energy, turning his head to deeply accept the kiss. After a bit, Saturn pulled away. “I never had a man like you before.”

EX chuckled. “You have me?”

“I know you got me.”

“Then I guess I got you then.


With Lamb’s mind set up for the memory dump. Riki and his crew watched with a mix of excitement and fear. They didn’t want to lose what was left of Danze. Manius, with a sigh, pushed the button, allowing the wires in his head to start the memory dump sequence.




Mom and Dad always had plans for me. School. College. Doctor. I just went along, they made me think this is what I want. One day I asked myself a question: What do I want to do?



Manius saw the errors, the body shook and vibrated. “Fuck, I need NUM tool!”

Jock ran to push the NUM syringe between the eyes, hitting the bit of the skull having it seep into the brain. Once the syringe was empty, Manius cleared the errors and continued the dump.


Mom and Dad didn’t make it to the bunker in time. I was alone for once. Nobody to tell me what I could do, What I had to do. What was important. I didn’t know what to do, so I was just lost…Until I met Jockey. He was this short, decent-looking black kid. What made him different was the fire in his eyes. He was so motivated to take on the world after he lost everything. I just listened. He told me to follow, I did. I followed him right into the Lost Ones.



Once again, the pain was getting too much. Manus was looking at his screen frantically. “NUM! I need more NUM!”

EX and Jockey loaded the syringe, ready for another dose, but suddenly Manius gasped. “He flatlined! Holy shit he’s dead!”

Grim had lifted his shirt and stuck a needle filled with adrenaline right in the center of his chest. After a few minutes of the room getting silent, Lamb thrashed around on the couch, alive again, but far from well.

Manius typed quickly to get the memory dump back working. Wiping the sweat from his brow, he hit execute, waiting with bated breath.


God is a machine.

He is unmoving.

He is wired up and cannot speak.

I felt my heart stop, it finally gave up.

The metal almighty stared at me.

And I stared back.

It was technology that saved me.

Technology will be my rebirth. For I am the Lamb to it’s slaughter.



Lamb finally stopped moving. He laid there, unmoving. The gang sighed in unison and unplugged the wires from his head, letting him rest. But who knew when he was going to wake up…