Chapter 19:



June 29th, 2097

5:20 AM

Kaos and M00N were in the armory, stocking up for another battle in their war against the Sons. The boss and her once-mighty family met their match, and to make it worse her shitty pet android has yet to answer his calls, and he went off the grid hours ago. She had to deal with him later, for now, she was wearing her old combat boots, jeans, a tank top, and body armor with fingerless gloves. M00N had the same combat jumpsuit from earlier. M00N chose to keep it simple with her pistol and combat rifle, fitted with the sonic booster, a scope, and armor-piercing bullets. Kaos is not a huge fan of guns, but she knew it was needed to survive. She had chosen an automatic pistol with the extended clip, something made in the Intro Wars. It was a crude ammo spitter, but the fire rate is like no other. It was simply dubbed ‘VII’ due to it firing out all its clip around seven seconds in. On her hip was her plasma sword, of course, customized to her liking, looking more like a katana than a usual broadsword design.

M00N stepped in front of Kaos as she put VII on her hip. “Hey, boss?”

Kaos looked at her, adjusting her belt. “Yeah?”

She placed her hand on her chest. “I…I love you.”

Kaos thought it was more of a platonic gesture. She was a taken woman after all. She pet M00N, ruffling her hair. “Love ya too, M00N.”

The android was a bit frustrated. She thought the only way to have Kaos see what she meant was to grab her armor, pull her close, and kiss her. Their lips intertwine, making Kaos groan in surprise, but not stop her. A part of her wanted this. M00N pulled away, face bright red from blushing. “I want to be your bitch, Kaos. I love you so much.”

Kaos awkwardly laughed, blushing as well. “M00N…You have a boyfriend. Why tell me this now? We’re gonna be in a battle in a few hours!”

“He was only my boyfriend to make you like me more! I thought you liked me once I seemed more human…but I want you, boss! You’re what a real woman is. I want to kiss the very ground you step on. I want you to take me and use me like a common doll!” She knew she was over-sharing, but she didn’t care anymore.

Kaos scratched her head. On one hand, this was a bad idea. This is a mentally unstable android. On the other hand, she was quite proud of herself for making an ultra-powerful android submissive. M00N was cute. She was small and willing. Why not? She placed a hand on her chin. “Break up with your boyfriend and if we survive this…I think we can make this work.”

M00N squealed as she moved to kiss Kaos again, this time the boss took control, pinning the android to the wall. They began to make out with Kaos exploring her body in that tight jumpsuit. If she had more time, she would’ve had her nude. She settled on shoving her tongue in her synthetic mouth, hearing her moans as let her hands grope everything in sight. Kaos stopped kissing to clash foreheads, letting M00N moan out with her face at a full red. Kaos groped her ass harshly, letting M00N shake in pleasure, whimpering like a bitch in heat. She massaged her ass in the jumpsuit, playing around with it since she knew whatever she did would make M00N absolutely melt. M00N started to grind her crotch on M00N’s knee, just doing what she could to reach that climax. Kaos saw that and took advantage, pinning her to the wall more and moving to put her fingers to work on rubbing M00N’s crotch. As soon as she started rubbing, M00N loudly moaned, feeling hands on her pussy from somebody she loved, as well as Kaos' lips on her neck. She came abruptly, shaking and yelling her boss’ name as she finished. Kaos did not need to finish, she liked it when others did.

The duo went to the floor, relaxing for another hour, thinking they had time before starting the battle.

They were wrong.

They were awoken by a large explosion, shaking the foundations of the floor. The pair jumped up, got their weapons, and went to the elevator. While they were heading down, an awkward silence brushed over them. They wanted to get the reason why they were so late out of the way and rectify their mistake. They ran outside the tower, looked down the stairs, and saw a warzone outside. Kaos Family members fight The Sons on the streets, using the cars as cover, dragging dead bodies or injured men to safety. At the bottom of the stairs, there was a truck on fire. Surrounding the truck was a mix of burnt and regular corpses. As Kaos started to walk down the stairs, she was rocked with a shot to the chest. She was saved by her body armor, but Kaos was too stunned to recover, tumbling down the stairs.

“BOSS!!” M00N yelled. She looked up to see a sniper from the rooftop across from them. She yelled as she aimed her rifle to shoot the man, killing him with a headshot. “I fucking HAD IT WITH THESE SON MOTHERFUCKERS.” M00N ran downstairs to drag Kaos into cover, letting her get her barrings back as she took care of the battle. The pissed-off android then took her attention to the battle, haphazardly rushing and shooting every son she saw. She hardly took cover, opting to shoot and hope for the best, since she was so angry. She racked up kills in the double digits before the Sons retreated. “THAT'S RIGHT, RUN PUSSIES! RUN…Oh shit.”

Another truck came rushing down the street. Two people were driving it, but the glass was bulletproof. M00N then aimed for the engine, shooting at it with all her rifle had in the clip, but it wasn’t enough at the last second she shot at the tires, having them burst as she was hit by the truck. It swerved out of control, driving it straight into another building.

As the truck slammed M00N into a building, Kaos woke up, gasping for air as she leaned against the car she was dragged to. She held her chest, feeling the vest that saved her life. The impact of the bullet was still present, as she attempt to shake off her stunned state. Her ears rang, as she heard the muffled sounds of gunfire and screaming. She dragged herself up, seeing the streets littered with bodies, and a truck lodged in a building. She ran into battle, Holding VII and firing it onto the Sons as soon as she was close. The battle had gone into the unorganized mess portation, where there were no battle lines, no cover, only shooting and running. In this environment, the VII shined as Kaos was able to quickly lay waste to her opposition with little effort. At the same time, The boss pulled out the plasma sword and sliced all she could. Kaos neared the burning truck, she heard the sound of her employee.

“Fuck!” M00N yelled.

“M00N? You in there?” Kaos ran in, breaking the window down and entering the place. Once she stepped in, she saw it was an arcade. She saw M00N, scratched up and limping after taking a truck head-on. There were two Sons on the floor next to the truck, their heads split open. She hugged M00N and brought her out into the open. The fight was over, with the Sons running away. That doesn’t mean that Kaos didn’t exactly win. There were maybe 4-5 men still living, and 3 were injured. She kicked a car in frustration. Yelling out as she lost yet again. She panted while M00N looked on in concern.

They needed to end the war. Soon.

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