Chapter 25:



August 22nd, 2097

12:17 PM

With the boat in the dock, hailing all passengers, one of them being an AKM-4.5. He turned to face his gang members, his family. He gave Manius a hug. “See you later, man.”

Manius squeezed tight. “You better come back. America sucks, you’ll be back.”

“I will.”

Saturn joined the hug. “You really leaving for a few years man, what about a few months?”

Danze shook his head. “I wanna help people. And I think I can do that in America.”

EX pat his shoulder. “We should follow his example here. We should help people as well.”

The group let Jockey get his space. He looked at Danze and offered his hand. “We’re going to the pleasure district when you come back.”

Danze chuckled as he shook it and hugged him “We will, Jon.”

Jockey scoffed. “I’ll kill you.” He laughed out.

The android waved and got on the boat, letting it sail to the United States of America. He looked at the gang he lived in for years at that point. He couldn’t help but shed a tear. He’ll miss them. A lot. But he has to do this.

Ready to change?

“Yeah.” Danze leaned on the railing of the boat.

You sure you wanna share?


Well, we will be named…

“Shepard.” They named themselves.

Perfect. Our name is Shepard.