Chapter 18:

Deal with it

Sharply Cold at Zone


I couldn't believe my ears. The devil in the red dress had made a pact with our opponent: Keno Yunai, the first-year team captain of Saint Arts Academy. Maybe I'm exaggerating, and I should give him a chance.

Sakai-san is our captain, and I should put some trust in her.

"We see that you all have a great time. It's time to let you know more details about the athletic contest that starts tomorrow morning," the committee said.

Everyone was silent to hear more about the contest.

"The first years will battle against the other first years, and the same applies to the other years. We will hold a capture-the-flag type of game in the jungle. Each team will have a flag that the other groups will have to steal and deliver to the middle of the arena on the podium. The moment your flag touches the stage floor, your team is out. By being the last team standing, you can win. Although your group can choose a 'rabbit,' this particular individual from your team lives on if your team does happen to fall out from the contest. That means even if your whole squad retires, this individual can still win it all for their team. The only job the rabbit has is that he has to find the golden carrot and deliver it to the stage." The committee explained.

Everyone was talking to their group about the info they had just heard.

"The rabbit isn't immortal and can only lose if their team is out and their rabbit ears are taken from him. Everyone will get a random two-digit number from 01 to 99. This is your power score. The higher the score, the more powerful you are. This doesn't apply to the rabbit, as his task is only to find the golden carrot. When you are attacking the other teams to steal their flag, you will have a showdown with the person that manages to touch you. These are the defenders. If the attacker has a higher number than the defender, then the defender loses the showdown and will have to come and collect a new number. They can do this at the top and bottom of the arena's layout. That means if the attacker wins the showdown from every defender, he has free passage to the flag. Will you leave a high-rated player to defend your flag, or will you go for the attack?" The committee explained.

So to summarize everything clearly in my mind:

First years against the other first years.

Capture the flag in a Jungle setting.

'Power score' the higher the number, the stronger you are.

Attackers and defenders of the flag.

An exceptional individual called the rabbit:

He doesn't have a power score and can't steal the flag as his only job is to find the golden carrot and deliver it to the stage in the middle of the arena to win the whole contest. The only way to eliminate a rabbit is if their team is out and by getting his ears off him.

A highly strategic game where speed is also a factor.

"That's all for the details. Have fun, and see you all tomorrow morning!" The committee said.

Sakai-san ordered us to group up so she could tell us something.

“I will think about our strategy and tell you the plan tomorrow. Do any of you want the rabbits position? The rabbit goes on his own path for the golden carrot.” She said.

“You should appoint me as our rabbit,” Matsuda-kun said.

The majority of the team was not against that idea when they heard that.

“I think that’s a great idea, speed is a necessity for the rabbit,” Sakai-san replied.

After that we stayed a little longer at the ball and left a bit earlier than the rest to go sleep.


I left my room to go take a drink from the machine at the main building.

Right before I arrived at the machine I saw Keno Yunai with Gohn Rubio. I hid behind the corner to hear what they were saying.

“Can you tell me why you made a deal to form an alliance with the captain from Avion Seven Academy?” Gohn-kun asked Keno-kun.

“That dumb bitch really thinks I will side with her. I only made that pact so she would not come at us. The moment I can throw them out of the contest, I will do so without hesitation.” Keno-kun replied.

So he plans to put a dagger into our backs. I knew that we should’ve not put our trust in this guy. But Sakai-san wouldn’t believe me if I said this to her.

I went back to our sleeping place. But before I entered my room, I went to Sakai-san’s room to talk with her.

I knocked on the lady's room where she and the other two girls slept.

“Nage-kun, why are you here?” Sashi-san said, half asleep, when she opened the door for me. She was in her pajamas. When she came to her senses, she immediately blushed and rushed inside.

Then Sakai-san appeared, and I told her I wanted to talk to her. She followed me outside her room.

“What is it?” She asked.

“Tomorrow, I will be the rabbit,” I told her.

She looked at me with a dumbfounded face.

“I already made Matsuda-kun our rabbit. Why do you want to be it?” She asked.

“I think I have a better chance of finding the carrot than Matsuda-kun,” I replied.

“Sure, do as you wish. Because of you, I have to change the whole plan,” She said before she entered her room.