Chapter 1:

The school entry

The best part of everyone's life

"My name is Itsuki Takahashi, I am 17 years old and I go to Hiroshi Highschool. It has been 3 weeks since school started. And there is new student coming this morning. Oh-oh I forgot to tell something very important. I don't have a girlfriend."

So I was on my way to school. I have to walk for 10 minutes to the railway station, and it takes 5 minutes to reach my school after I board the train.

I had reached my school and school was about to start in 10 minutes. My classroom is 2-B.

I opened the door of my class and went inside.

I sit in the last bench of the class with my two friends.

"Hey, Itsuki did you know that our new student is a girl and I also heard her name is Miyoko Tanaka. May be you will be able to get a girlfriend this year."

"Huh, if I could I would have gotten a girlfriend way before Akiyoshi."

His name is Akiyoshi Yamamoto and he is very good friend of mine. He studies really well that he ranks in the top 3 in our class. He sits beside me.He is a popular guy. He has got a ton of proposals from girls but he turned them all down, because there is a girl he likes in our class but he has not yet confessed his love.

"Wait, how did you know that our new student is a girl and also know her name?"

"Well our P.E. teacher told me"


"What are you guys talking about?" Asked Miyu. She sits beside Akiyoshi.

Her name full name is Miyu Nakamura. She is one of the most popular girls in class. She is a cheerful and really a fun person to talk to. She has short and smooth black silky hair. Some of the guys have a crush on her. Well I don't, it is because I like long haired girls. You know the girl I was talking about that Akiyoshi has a crush on. Yeah, Akiyoshi has a crush on Miyu.

And Miyu is single but she had gotten some proposals in the past, she had turned them down saying that she has someone she already likes and never spoke to him again . Well I don't know who she likes, well no one in our class knows about it and she had never told anyone about it.

So the boys in our class are finding a way to impress her and make her fall for them. But nothing really impressed her. I mean they tried everything from giving flowers to making portrait paintings but she turned them down in an instant. This made the boys really upset and they also tried to ask about the guy she loved so that they could beat him up but when they asked about it she would blush and say nothing and most probably run away.

"Hey guys, I asked what you were talking about"

"O-oh we were talking about the new student who was about to come to our class. And also that Itsuki might have a chance to get a girlfriend this year."

"You are talking as if you have girlfriend yourself. You are still trying to impress Miy.."


"What sorry I didn't hear you?”

"Nevermind Miyu he said nothing important."

"Oi Itsuki that was close. What did I ever do bad to you that you are trying ruin my love life."

"I just didn't like the way you said that I didn't have a girlfriend."

"Okay, I am sorry about that. Just don't do anything like that again. Please."

"Okay okay."

"Huh, I get it now may be Akiyoshi has a girl he likes but he has not yet confessed yet. Is that right Itsuki?"

"Well, that was accurate."

"So whom do like Akiyoshi. Tell me tell me"

"Ahh I can't tell"

"Don't worry I won't tell it to her. I will also help you out. Come on tell me."

"I still can't tell it to you. Sorry."

"You don't trust me. You meanie."


"Fine. I will just figure it out myself."

"Okay guys. Settle down." It is our P.E. teacher.

"I will introduce your new classmate. Her name is Miyoko Tanaka."

Whoa this girl has to be the most prettiest girl I have ever seen in my whole life. She had a long black silky hair and the most cutest smile ever.

"I am Miyoko Tanaka. Nice to meet you all. And I hope we all can be good friends." She said that with smile that was way more enough for a boy to fall for her. Well not only me I am pretty sure that now alot of guys will want Miyoko as their girlfriend.

"Okay, Miyoko, you can sit beside of Itsuki. He is the last bench."

" Hmm okay."

"Oh man. I feel like the luckiest man one earth. I am going to beside of an girl as pretty as an angel from the heavens. Oh I haven't thanked you enough. Thank you God. From now on I will believe in God."

"Okay class. I have something to say. You also have a new homeroom teacher who will be teaching you math from now on. She will come tomorrow. That is why I am here as substitute today. If you have any trouble today come and ask me. Okay I will be leaving now."

"Yo Akiyoshi."

"This year is going to be the best."

"Yeah I know. Our previous math teacher is the worst he would always tell at us for the smallest things."

"Yeah I just hope we have a good and friendly teacher this time."


"E-Ehh excuse me."

"Huh. I am Miyoko Tanaka. Can I know your name."

"E-ehh." She had a really cute expression that I couldn't even speak.

"Oh I am Miyu Nakamura. His name is Itsuki Takahashi. And he his.."

"Akiyoshi Yamamoto.."

"Nice to meet you all."

"Oi oi Itsuki you are spacing out.. wait are you into these type of girls ?? Huh !! "

"What no?" Man I could not stop blushing. Miyoko is too much of an angel.

It was a pretty long day at school, But finally it was over.

I had headed home straight after school. I had to go to Shoku restaurant as soon as I could, it is not because I am hungry but I work there part time. And I had been working there for a month now.I work there 4 hours a day and 6 days a week.

"Hey, Itsuki so you are finally here."

"Yeah Take Kobayashi grandpa." He is the owner of this hotel. He is a really nice guy. He is very kind guy. He also sometimes yells at us when we mess up. His son and daughter-in-law don't want him to work since he is old. Take and his wife work here since their marriage. Take grandpa's wife passed away 8 months ago and this makes him feel lonely as son, daughter-in-law and his granddaughter have to go to their respective office and school everyday but when he is here it makes him feel as if his wife is still alive and he doesn't feel lonely. The employees in the restaurant say that Take Kobayashi grandpa and his wife were a lovely couple and they have never ever fought. True love sounds sweet.

I went and changed my dress in the changing room. I went to the kitchen and there was someone I haven't seen before. It was a girl. When she turned around I was in a shock. It was Miyoko Tanaka.

"Huh, Itsuki do you work here."

"H-huh yes. "

"Oi Itsuki do you know each other."

"Yeah grandpa he studies in my class."

"Ohh I see"

"Wait g-grandpa did you say grandpa??"

"Yeah Itsuki, she is my granddaughter. Isn't she a cute lady."


"Okay now start working."


He said that and he went off.

"Oh man I don't think I would be able to work properly with Miyoko around. My eyes keep rolling towards her. And more importantly, her pony tail is the cutest thing ever."

"Itsuki you did not add enough salt to that.. let me help you.. Give the spoon."


"What happened?? "

"Ah nothing."

"You are quite funny Itsuki."


"Man she touched me. She actually touched me. Wow, her hands are so soft just like baby. I don't think I have ever touched a girl's hand before."

"Good thing that I decided to work as a part time chef. I feel like the luckiest man alive. Thank you God.."

"Itsuki here is the order."

"Ahh ok"

For some reason I felt that we were getting closer.

It was 9 P.M. and I was about to leave and go to my house.

"Bye Itsuki. Let's meet in school. Okay!"


I went to my house and my mom and dad were yet to come from their office. They sure work alot. It might take another half an hour before they came so I decided to lock the door and go to sleep they each had a spare key anyways.

The next morning I hurried off to school. And I was excited to meet Miyoko in school. And I almost forgot that our new homeroom teacher is going to come today. I was curious. After 15 minutes I was at school. I had come just in time.

"Seems like our new homeroom teacher has come."

"Ok everyone please take your seats."

"My name is Yua Aiuchi and I will be your homeroom teacher from now on. I also will be taking maths. Your previous homeroom teacher resigned due to personal reasons. And I look forward to teaching you all."

She looked like a 26 year old woman. She had long black hair and had the prettiest eyes that I have ever seen. But I don't know whether she has a boyfriend or not. But her voice is so sweet, not only that, her smile is so divine that any man would fall head over heels for her. So my conclusion is that she might have a boyfriend.

"Okay since your first period is math. Let's start doing some."

"Even though this teacher is cute I still want school to end quickly so that I can to go work in my part time job with Miyoko. Ahh I always wished a that I get a girlfriend, seems like I am going to get this year for sure and I will also marry her. And after marriage we will have alot of romance. Wait what am I even thinking. I have to stop my imagination." I thought to myself.

School had ended. And I said bye to Akiyoshi and Miyu. And sprinted to my house as fast as I could and got a little refreshed. I took a quick bath and then brushed my teeth. And added a little scent to my body. I was doing these things as is I was going on a date but I was just trying to keep a good image infront of Miyoko. I then went Shoku restaurant. As soon as I entered I went to change into my uniform and then I had finally gotten and was about to enter the kitchen when…

"Hey Itsuki you are on your own today. Miyoko has gone to ask for supplies for the kitchen."

"Oh. Wait, you could have ordered it by just calling."

"Yeah, we tried that but no one was picking up the phone. So she just went to order it directly."


I went inside the kitchen.

"Ohh man. Why does this have to happen??. Anyways it is just for the day anyway. Okay there is always a next time."

After saying that I had continued to do my work.

After 4 hours of working in the restaurant.

I was so tired that my back started to ache. Thankfully it was about time to go home.

I went home. The next morning when I was about to leave my house gate. I saw Yua teacher next door.

"Wait isn't that Yua teacher. Woah I have a goddess nextdoor."

"Wait…Wait…. Isn't this a bad thing. She is my home room teacher and also my math teacher, so that means whenever I get low marks in my math she can easily complain to my parents about it….Crap....Crap…"

"Okay I will just have to run to my school." Just when I turned to start running.

"Hey wait. Itsuki."

"Wait, she knows my name? .B-but we never got to introduce ourselves yesterday. Then how does she know my name.. May be she already had a conversation with my parents."

I turned around slowly and kept my face looking surprised as though I never saw here there.

"Huh, Yua teacher when did you move here. I have never seen you here before."

"Yeah I had just moved here yesterday night. And had talked to your mom. They asked me where I was working and I had told them that I work in Hiroshi highschool as a homeroom and a math teacher and then they had told about you."

"I knew it."



"Shall we go together."

"Okay teacher."

"Oh no this isn't going good. If my mom and teacher got close then most probably I will have a really bad year. If they got close then Yua teacher will tell everything about what's happening in school. Starting from homework to essays which I copy from Miyu and Akiyoshi in school during lunch. And I can't lie that I didn't have any homework in Sundays.... Oh Crap.. O crap…."

"Hey you look worried."

"Huh no no nothing."

"O-okay. Really?? seems like you are worried about me staying next door to you."

"She found out." I thought.

"No I have no problem you being next door to me. I mean it is great since you are my math teacher and I can easily clear my doubts."

"Okay then."


"Hey Itsuki your 17 years old right??"


"Have you had your first kiss yet."

"What? We're did that come from??"

"T-tell me. You h-haven't have you??"

"Of course not."

"Wait that also means you aren't capable of getting one."



"Then tell me do you have a boyfriend or at least have you kissed someone yet?"

"What sort of questions are asking your teacher??"

"You started it first. Teacher why are you running away."

"Seems like you haven't."

"And it also seems like you are single too.Single at the age of what? You are 30 years old right!!"

I immediately noticed a punch coming my way I tried to dodge it but I got hit right in my stomach.

"I am 26 years young."

"Sorry 26 year young lady."


"Okay you are single aren't you…"

She was about to punch me again but I quickly fell on my knees to apologise.

"S-sorry I won't ask any more questions, just don't hit me teacher."


"So you are single". I said that and ran away from her.

"Oi get back here. Anyways I am going to meet you in school. If you don't come back now I will hit you as much as I like there."

"Crap I forgot that." I went back slowly to her and to apologise.

"Sorry teacher."

"Fine I will forgive you."

She punched me.

"Hey didn't you say that you will forgive me."


"Anyway lets head to school Itsuki."

"How are these 2 years going to go for me??."

We were in school and went and took my seat.

"Itsuki you don't seem so we'll. What happened?"

"Something bad happened Miyu."


"Yua teacher lives next to my house."

"W-wait you are a lucky guy."

"You don't understand this. Do you?."

"How is that unlucky?. You can clear doubts easily."

"Ahh. Allow me Miyu."

"What is it Akiyoshi?"

"Hmm I see to understand what is going on. If teacher is going to be Itsuki's neighbour then he will have trouble telling lies."

"What sort of lies?"

"Say for example- mom we didn't get any homework today so I going to watch TV. Since our teacher is his neighbour, Itsuki's mom can verify whether-"

"Whether he is telling the truth or not."


"That also means I can't copy homework here."

"That seems bad for you. But in my opinion I think that is great. I can easily ask Yua teacher for help."

"Ohh class is about to start."

"Itsuki can you come to my room for a bit."

"Why is teacher calling you Itsuki?."

"I have no idea Akiyoshi."


"Yes mam."

I was going to Yua sensei's room while preparing myself for the worst. But a sudden thought strikes me.

"Wait I haven't done anything wrong till now. So it's probably some thing to do with school work."

"Itsuki could you please take these history textbooks to class 3-B."

"I was correct." I thought.

"Wait..history? This isn't your subject."

"Yeah your history teacher asked me for help but I had a little bit of work to finish Soo please help me."

"Fine I will do it."


"No problem."

"But I still remember the punches you gave me though."

"Ah come on, those were just for fun."

"Huh you are my teacher so I will help you. I teased you too. I am sorry about that."

"H-huh there is no need to apologise to me."


"I am sorry too. For saying cruel things like that you don't have a girlfriend and that you didn't have your first kiss yet." She said that with a teasing smile. So I decided to play along.

"Yeah I am sorry for saying that you don't have a boyfriend at the age of 30 and still haven't had you first kiss."

"Punch. I am 26 years-"

"Yes. You are 26 years young. I know sorry."

"Okay off you go to class 3-B."

"Yes mam."



We giggled a little and I was on my way.

"Ouch man that really hurt."

"Hmm for some reason I feel like Yua sensei likes me."

"Wait I have to go to class 3-B right."


I kept the books on the table of class 3-B and I had finally returned to my class.

"So Itsuki what happened?"

"Don't worry nothing bad happened. She just asked me take some books to class 3-B. That's all."

"Oh I see."