Chapter 18:

Like I Said, The One Who Can Kick Balls

Corruptions Are Best Exposed In The Autumn!

“So, is it a done deal?” Elias asked while placing Sesame and his cage behind him. He was only inches away from the open window. “You let me record you saying those words, and then Rin kisses me.”

“Don’t be ridiculous!” Rin interrupted. “Why did you even make us climb all the way up here just for that? How about you just give us back the cat already?!”

“That’s quite the easy answer,” Elias pointed down to a pile of glass, which sat next to him against the wall with each piece layered on top of each other. “I planned to show you this, if you didn’t comply.”

“Huh?” Both Rin and I replied simultaneously. The room itself didn’t feature many decorations, but that pile of glass was hardly noticeable until Elias pointed it out. If anything, they looked like windowpanes. He then grabbed the first piece of square glass from the top and held it out for us to see. A clear black ink etched on top, reading:

Rin Miya, Women’s MVP Award.

With a small note saying “Congrats, Rin! - Coach Meyer” at the bottom right corner.

Rin grew speechless, but her arms dropped to the sides of her torso. After a few more seconds, she spoke.

“Wait, what’s going on? I was never told that I had -”

“You were selected to win,” Elias explained, and then pointed at me. “But because of that man’s father, who tampered with the matches and even betting against who would win this prestigious year-end MVP award, nothing was ultimately given to you, and thus this piece of glass was stowed away in this attic all summer long.”

I couldn’t help but glance away at the ground, ashamed. Ever since I began living my own life with the new debt, the impact of my old man’s actions has constantly returned to haunt me, no matter where I walked. I was always being reminded that I was partially responsible.

“If you don’t do what I say, I will throw this glass award out the window!” Elias warned. “But don’t worry, I’ll make sure not to hit anybody.”

“Meeooow!” Sesame continued to struggle within the cage behind him.

Fuck, I have to help fix this.

Rin gritted her teeth; a look of defeat covered her face. I sighed and placed my hand on her shoulder. “Don’t worry, I’ll record this video.”

“B-But Kai!”

“It’s fine, I don’t mind a single bit,” I lied. Of course, I did; despite the accusations piling on my father and his jail status, part of me just hated the idea of renouncing our family name.

“Are you ready? I’m pressing ‘Record!’”

Elias had my back pinned against a wall. He held up his phone with one hand, ready to record my speech. In his other was Rin’s glass MVP award, just seconds away from being destroyed to a hundred pieces. Behind his feet was Sesame, who watched on from the small cage.

My hands clenched into fists behind my back. My arms wouldn’t stop trembling. Despite how ridiculous this request was, if it meant saving Sesame, then I was more than happy to do it. Taking a deep breath, I opened my mouth:

“I, Kai Darak, would like to condemn my own father, Kevin Darak, by admitting that he is the reason why Rin Miya was unable to capture the title last year, along with the MVP award. I no longer belong to The Darak Organization and would like to renounce my family name.”

“Bahahahahaha!” Elias finished recording and burst into tears. “You killed it, man! I can’t believe it was that easy. What a fucking loser!”

He clutched his stomach, unable to contain his laughter. All I could do was breathe a sigh of relief and close my eyes, begging to get this over with.

“Now, Rin, if you kiss me on the lips like you used to, I will return this stupid cat.”

“Okay,” Rin complied, and walked up to Elias. Sesame’s cage was tightly secured in between his feet and the wall. Rin brought her face closer to Elias’ and I couldn’t help but look away while they did it. Besides, who would want to see their crush kiss someone they used to love? I squeezed my eyes shut; I just couldn’t bear it.

“H-Hurry up,” I muttered. “Are you done-”




Never in my life have I heard such a high-pitched scream, causing flocks of crows to fly out from treetops nearby, and even echoing beyond the tower to the rest of campus. Right after was a massive shattering noise, which rattled the entire room - Rin’s MVP award had shattered to pieces on the hard, concrete floor. Thankfully, no pieces ricocheted in our or Sesame’s direction, which was my first concern.

Elias slammed onto the floor while clutching his crotch. His eyes were crossed, and his mouth squeezed shut while biting his lips. Without a doubt, Rin kicked his crotch as hard as she would’ve kicked the winning penalty of a soccer match.

Oh man, even if he was my enemy, my own balls cringed at the sight I was witnessing.

Rin picked up Elias’ phone from the floor. “Let’s delete the video.”

“Are you fucking insane?!” Elias shrieked while wiggling around on the floor. “That’s your MVP award which should’ve been given to you! Do you really not-”

“Shut the hell up, I don’t want to see you ever again. I couldn’t give a rat's ass about that award,” she explained. “You really mistook me for an idiot.”

Once Rin deleted the video, she tossed the phone onto Elias’ back, and grabbed my hand.

“Let’s go, Mr. Barista.”

I picked Sesame’s cage up with my other hand, and the two of us darted out of the room, leaving the wimping Elias behind on the floor.

“Well, that was quite anticlimactic, don’t you think?” she asked, smiling back at me while we ran down the stairs. I couldn’t believe she was still gleaming on the outside despite what had happened.

“Y-Yeah,” I replied, struggling to smile along with her. “I’m… I’m sorry about that award along with everything else.”

“Let me talk to you about it once we reach the bottom?” She suggested without glancing back.


The climb down the tower was certainly easier than the climb up. Dashes of cold air grazed against my face once we neared the entrance, and I began to shiver. We had left the golden double door wide open when we entered, turning the first floor into the Arctic.

“It sure has gotten cold these days,” muttered Rin as we took our first steps back outdoors.

“Um, yeah…” I couldn’t handle any small talk; the weight of guilt I bore from earlier still filled my mind.

Turning back around at me, her chestnut eyes glimmered under the moonlight once more. Her burgundy hair, which she let lose by taking out her hair tie, danced in the cold breeze.

She then walked up to my face while bearing a large frown, causing me to step back. This woman was most definitely angry at me.

“Wait, I’m really sorry about all of this!” I panicked, bowing in front of her. “I had no idea about that MVP award… you should’ve received it, if not for my -”


It’s safe to say I probably should’ve seen it coming, but man, having not kissed in years, a tinge of lemon remained, making it seem like it was my first ever.

Well, you could say it was most definitely one of the best.

“T-There, that’s my answer.”

I swore I could’ve fallen in love with her all over again at that very moment. Rin’s entire face became cherry red. Her eyes avoided mine, but I could tell her arms were trembling behind her back. Her attempt at acting cool was way too easy to read.

I just couldn’t let her do all the heavy lifting, could I?

Thus, I lifted her chin up, which startled her. Even the slightest bit of contact made her quiver.

“H-Hey, at least let me prepare myself-”

Bringing my lips to hers, this time I avoided any hesitation, and made sure to keep them glued for as long as I could. After another 10 seconds, she pulled away.

“It must be kind of weird to kiss the girl who acted the way she did with that douchebag just a few months back… I’m sorry again for that.”

I grinned, surprised she was calling herself out like that. “Then, you better make it up to me by kissing me again.”

We brought our lips together for the third time, and this time I was ready for my tongue to dance around in her mouth.

Ring ring!

“Shoot, sorry…”

“No worries, go on and answer it.”

We stopped smooching, and I reached into my pocket to check who was calling my phone this late at night. The screen showed the Caller ID as Julian.

Huh? What could Julian want that would disrupt Rin and I…

I answered the call –

“Kai, what the fuck happened here?!”

Julians voice blew my eardrums into pieces: “Where’s Sesame? Why is his cage still here? And who broke our expensive jingle bells?!"

Ah shit.

This was going to be a fun Christmas.