Chapter 22:


The Garden Of Dreams

Some of the wards had won against the COUNCIL troops while some had lost. But after the leader's disappearance, the COUNCIL was dissolved. The members neither had a purpose nor a leader anymore. 
The military conducted various operations and won back the lost Wards. 

It took some time, but the world somehow fell in order again.     

The Garden of Dreams had taken Nathan's place in the real world and started living in Nathan's body. And Nathan's soul had taken his place in the void and started living the life of a god.

Nathan never got to meet the ones he loved for the last time, he couldn't even say a goodbye to them. 

Nathan had lost his world, but his world hadn't lost Nathan. 

Captain Mathew and late detective, Rey Jr. were both awarded with "The Medal of Valor". 

Emily gave birth to Jake's daughter, they named her Marie. 

The G.O.D was very happy in Nathan's life. He adopted it very quickly. 

Nathan and Tessa got married two years later, and they often visited Aunt Linda. 

Life continued as years passed by. The world wasn't perfect, but it wasn't so bad either. 

The world government had introduced some new schemes regarding employment to uplift the people living in the lower wards, and the people were more than ready to work. 

10 years later, Nate visited the G.O.D. in his sleep. 

"How are you finding human life?"

"I'm finding it rather interesting."

"How's everyone?"

"They're all doing great."

"I'm happy to hear that."

"What about you? How are you finding a god's life?"

"I've changed the things a bit around here. Unlike you, I don't show up every year and I don't take someone with me. I even freed all the other souls who were living here, except one."

"I see. What do you plan on doing now?"

"I don't know...Maybe create a world for myself, and live a life in there."

"You wanna know more about the world?"

"No, I'm fine."

"I understand. Hearing about this world would only make living there harder for you..."

"I should go now...Have a good life my friend."

"You too."

Nate continued his life in the void. He could always watch the world, he watched his friends and loved one live happily and die. 

He couldn't be a part of their lives, but he lived every moment with them. 

After 900 years, he freed Thomas's soul. 

Now he had become all alone in the void. He watched this world die and be born once again, but he never took in someone ever again. 

The Garden of Dreams was forgotten, never to be seen or mentioned again.