Chapter 25:

Betrayal & friendship ( 2/2 )

Chaos' Game

     Paling, inspector Idonosoko barely dared to look anew at this young though broken soul.

“Marnie… I didn't want to unveil it to you that way, but you have to know the truth… The mayor-”

     Unfortunately he wasn't able to end his sentence. A savage lateral kick sent him roll all over aside.

“This is for Yin and Yang. How did you even dare to spoil them… I will not forgive you.”

     With a sharp voice, Ling Zhen scowled at Kiseki Idonosoko. She was back, and even more determined to put an end to the festivities. Beholding the scene for a moment, Marnie then turned her back to them, beginning to move away.

“Oh. I forgot to tell you. The poison in your veins will kill you within half-an-hour. Our leader is the only one to possess an antidote. However, the more you move, the most it is likely to kill you sooner.”


     A vain demand, as the little girl already vanished.

     Approaching, Ling didn't spare him time no more, grabbing him by his hair she lifted Kiseki's head before crashing it with her utmost strength in the dust.


Witnessing the whole scene from the stage, Woodle softly caressed his patchwork scarf.

“Today is insanely entertaining.”


The manticora approached his opponent, step by step. Taking back his human form, Kazuya swept off Koff's blood dropping from his mouth with the back of his right hand.

“Long time no see, Reisig…”

     The oldster, meters away, had an indecipherable expression. His strayed hat covering his eyes as ordinary, it was all the more impossible to glare into his soul.

“It took us twenty-four years for our great reunification. Though… I never thought this would be in such circumstances.”

     Both reminded their old memories. One in particular couldn't fade. That one of the violent quarrel between Kazuya and Shiro. Reisig did need to interrupt them and then… They left, remaining on their own path. And, also, that one of Reisig knelt, holding the lifeless corpse of Shiro… The moment Kazuya learnt about his death, horrified…

“Are you sure you want to go this far? There's still time to stop this madness.”

“Both you and I now that's false. I have always been loyal to my team and now, I am part of that of the Players. Hence, I can't dishonour them.”

     Kazuya squinted his eyes as he heard these words.

“In this case, be ready. I won't hold back.”

“Come over here.”

     Without losing time, he got back to his bestial form, his thick and furry paws settling into the ground before pouncing on the oldster.

     The latter didn't delay to twirl on one feet faster and faster, pinwheeling. Kazuya sprang out claws extended towards Reisig. Though the elder Player was soon shrouded in a green beam before leaving place to a gigantic black turtle shell.

“Uttermost Shield!”

     Landing on its prey, the manticora's claws scratched on the shell albeit as the paw touched it, the rotating movement ejected the beast on the side.

     The next second, the turtle whirled towards him. The manticora jumped aside but the turtle gave it no respite. To the left, to the right, endlessly zigzagging it darted after the mythical beast.

“There is one thing I wanted to know Kazuya… Why. Why did you abandon your dreams, your friends, if it was to make of your son a rotten symbol of justice, unable to enjoy his own life?!”

     Gaining momentum, Reisig momently outstretched his back paws so that he could propel himself into the air. Reaching his climax, he began his spinning descent on Kazuya who widened his eyes.

“…What?! How can you- It was his dream to become a policeman! I've just encouraged him to do what he truly wished for!! He-”

“He helped Merlish in her dubious researches by hijacking police prisoners convoy!”

     The manticora stepped aside to avoid the attack, though Reisig wasn't done. He began zigzagging during his fall so it was impossible to predict where he would land.

“Dude seriously… When did you see your son for the last time?? Did you unconsciously ignore the voidness of his gaze? Dreams may change, so did he!”

     The shock was dreadful. Reisig collided on the manticora while it instinctively tried to escape him at impact. Whirling against his side, the repeated move finally notched its thick skin. Dragged back, Kazuya grumbled before rotating his head so he could close his three-layered jaws on the black spinning shell. It screeched before slowing down. At this moment, the beast tightened his grip.

     A fissure appeared. However, the shell wouldn't broke that easily. Untying with the painful contact, Kazuya made a sharp move of its head, letting Reisig fly in the air to falling back afar.

“Shut up moron!! I did my best as a father… But after his child supposed death, he avoided me.”

     Reisig rolled on the ground and, unfortunately, got stuck the back of his shell to the ground. Extending its paws, he waved them in the air trying to flip to its normal position.

     Not missing that opportunity, the manticora hurled on its prey extended its deadly claws. Pouncing into the air, he projected it towards the softest part of the turtle's shell, its belly.

     At the latest moment, it was however a human hand that tried to stop it. As he turned back to his human form, Reisig gritted his teeth, putting all his strength to resist the dreadful one of the beast. Multiple veins inflated in Reisig's arms and neck due to the blood pressure.

     His black and white strayed hat fell behind him, revealing his turquoise eyes. He was frowning.

“So what are you waiting for, now that you realized the truth! Help him correct his life!! YOU HAVE TO DO YOUR UTMOST!! FOR SHIRO!!!!”

     The manticora widened his eyes. Under his weight, Reisig's arm began to emit worrisome crackling and to tremble. He coughed blood.


“So beat me. Beat me if you can Kazuya!”

     His encouragements filled with sincerity startled Kazuya who withdrew his paw, moving back. Shrinking, his animal attributes disappearing, he took his human shape.

     Astonished, Reisig stood up, a dangling arm.

“Don't get the wrong idea. I simply wanted us to be on equal terms. Let's fight as who we are Reisig, men of conviction defending what is precious to them.”

     Reisig got back his hat, pulling it back on his forehead. He had a large smile.

“Alright. Let's do it.”

     Resuming their confrontation, they ran into each other, chaining the punches tirelessly. Although Reisig couldn't use his left arm anymore, he compensated for with wild headbutts.

     Kazuya was dizzy for a while, what allowed Reisig to lift him up and toss him on the ground, putting a foot on his rib cage.

     Precluded of making any move, Kazuya grunted. But, then, he clutched the ground to his left and his right and tightened his teeth. No, he couldn't abandon. No matter what, he would win this duel. Kazuya pushed on his elbows the harder he could, releasing loud shouts of determination.


     Surprised by Kazuya's strength as he managed to raise up even against all his weight, Reisig at last drew back, unbalanced. Kazuya stood up again, jerky breathing.

     However, he did make no pause before hurling on Reisig, catching him by the waist and running until making him collide into the benches.

     Making a few steps back, Kazuya tried to catch his breath. Reisig hardly stayed conscious, but as hard as he tried, he didn't achieve standing up.


     It was the moment to give him the final knock-out blow. Though, as he intended to draw closer, he heard an  odd noise and turned his head to foresee a silver armoured silhouette rushing far too quickly on Kazuya, floating in the air. Its left hand was extended to Kazuya, sparkles of light randomly emitted round it. Kazuya couldn't escape it, it was too late…

     Albeit, at the moment the unknown silhouette should have collided him, a dark oval mass blocked it.

     The metallic glove rammed the turtle black shell at full speed, expanding the fissures.

“Reisig!! Fool, what are you doing?!”

“You know Kazuya, I still can't forgive you what happened in the past. Though, I could not forget that I am your friend.”

     Then, the glove began to glow more and more intensively, the sparkles spreading all over the shell until emitting a violent energy discharge.

     Crackling from part to part, the turtle shell fell into pieces.


Fragments of the past. Of a blessed past.

     Kazuya and Shiro running through the playground while they should be in class, abruptly stopping as Reisig suddenly appeared in front of them, hands on hips. Albeit after a while he changed from his harsh expression to laugh noisily. Then, checking promptly if no one saw them, he made a gesture to incite them following him. And taking a secret passage, they went out of the school, wandering through the streets.

     Their smiles, their laughs…