Chapter 19:

Thank YOU!!

Fantaschiel!! The Legendary Rom-Com without Romance or Comedy in it

Hello! I’m C’est JK, the author of this work. Hope you enjoyed reading it!

Thanks for sticking out with me until the end. Before we part our ways (hopefully, to meet in the future), I have a few more words to leave you with.

Fantaschiel!! is my first ever work gone public, so yay for that! The genre is a bit out of my field of expertise as I normally write darker Fantasy, but it was very enlightening trying out something new for once!

Initially, I wanted my entry to be in the ’school’ category, but after giving the original idea a couple of hours and a page total, I decided it was too heavy, boring and cringe.

Then, I decided to just write something I’d like and hopefully go from there. Boom, people fighting. Need a protag? Good ol’ brown hair joe will do. Need a female lead? One of my friends wouldn’t stop talking about yanderes, so let’s go for pink hair and red eyes… And it just snowballed from there.

The respective backstories and other character traits were developed later. At the start, it was just me messing around. Most of the plot was decided right as I was writing, only the latter parts were actually planned. Think of Fantaschiel!! as a dream- you only have so much power over it; and it only makes so much sense. Kind of keeps on going on its own, regardless of how nonsensical it may be.

I’d like to extend a thanks to all of the beta readers who test read the original three chapters! If you weren’t around, I probably wouldn’t have the balls to go into this project. Another extra special thanks goes out to my two friends, Mr. Schizma and Mr. Zeo, who stuck around giving feedback until the very end. And, of course, the wonderful Tomoyuki, who would comment on every chapter I posted. Oh, the family, friends and people who got me here too… etc. etc., you know the drill.

Another round of thank yous to the wonderful people who made the official Fantaschiel!! art. Thanks to @Jennie__889 (that’s her twitter handle) for creating the wonderful designs for Fantastasia and Dezechiel, which ended up becoming the cover of the novel! Another one to my friend Allky who spent a couple of hours designing the final version of the cover with me! And to @popotowari (also a twitter handle), whose art I’m still waiting on (as of writing this).

Did you think I’d forget about you? Nah. I have a few words of gratitude to leave you with. First and foremost, a big smooch on the forehead. Without you, the reader, writing would have no point. Having amazing people like yourself in the world allows me to do what I love doing. So a massive THANK YOU!!

I hope you liked what you read and want to see more- if that’s the case, follow me on Twitter @cestjk ! I have no idea where my journey will take me next, but I can assure you it’s only getting started!

As for the future plans, there’s a bunch. I’ve been working on this one Fantasy work for quite some time now and I’m planning on finishing the first draft soon. Another project I wanna try out is writing a visual novel- the project has yet to even reach the planning stage, but it’s definitely on the menu. I also wanna try to write another web novel, but god knows when.

For the immediate ones, I’ll probably post a weekly poem and some short story every now and then. If all works out, maybe I’ll do a monthly serialized work!

Once again, thank you to everyone who tuned in. You’re making my dreams come true. Until next time, Fantastards!! :P

by C’est JK

C’est JK