Chapter 0:



i am jaylen  edward and I can't stop blinking but I have no idea why I can't figure it out so i'm  forming a team of 3 detectives to figure it out  sophi a laid back girl with 9 arms.. or so they say

" hey I'm sophi wassup"

she's very very laid back then there's ruth they say... she has eyes in the back of her head very good danger sense.

" hey ruth here d-don't worry about protecting me I can kill you with a pencil."

she's a little scary... next up we have-

" hey! I'm kanzuo HAHAHAAHA I LOVE TO FIGHT... FIGHT ME!!!."

with these three I jaylen edward hayes will solve why I can't blink!

" h-hey I figured it out why you can"t blink!"

" ok ruth why?"

" well one night the legendary killer ketora yamazaki she snuck in and glued you eyes open marking you to  be killed."

" incorrect I only sleep in class!"

" awwww! b-but I was so confident *sniff sniff*"

"there there It's alright It as a plausible theory but it just wasn't true"

"y-yeah it was optimistic to think the first theory would be the right one" 

wow... that's all it takes huh she's easy to cheer up that's nice too bad she won't figure it out .

I glued my own eyes open because I wanted to see all the world.!


Le monkey